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Top rated Wedding Choreographers in San Jose, California

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Bud Ayers Dance

Wedding Choreographer

Dedicated to giving students the best dance experience possible, Bud Ayers Dance provides a variety of classes for all levels. From casual dancers and beginners looking at learning some moves in their spare time; competitive couples eager not only win but also impress during wedding formal trials – no matter what you’re goals are there is something here that will suit them.

Address: San Jose, CA 94087

Dance Boulevard

Wedding Choreographer

Dance Boulevard is the perfect place to learn how to dance for your big day. From beginner lessons with dedicated instructors, custom music that matches every student’s style and level of expertise-you’ll be sure not only look good but feel great when it comes time take out those important first steps at your wedding.

Address: San Jose, CA 95124

Dance Vita Ballroom

Wedding Choreographer

Dance Vita Ballroom is a welcoming San Mateo dance studio that offers classes for all levels of experience. Whether you are just starting out or looking to refresh your skills, they have everything from beginner-level choreography with an emphasis on footwork and coordination through more advanced routines like Foxtrot & Jive in addition their classic favorites such as Lindy Hop and Swing.

Address: San Mateo, CA 94403

Dream Dance Choreography

Wedding Choreographer

Dream Dance Choreography is the premier place for adults to learn how move like pro’s. You’ll be able take lessons in Ballroom, Tango , Swing and Viennese Waltz as well ethnic styles such a Bollywood or Lindy Hop . This dance company also offers customized programs so you can mix it up with some vintage moves too.

Address: San Jose, CA 95110

Park Avenue Ballroom

Wedding Choreographer

Park Avenue Ballroom is the place to go for dance lessons! Whether you’re a beginner, experienced dancer looking at taking classes with friends or family members (or even just learning on your own), an aspiring ballerina who wants some extra help in pas de chat techniques- they’ve got it all. And their prices can’t be beaten either.

Address: San Jose, CA 95126

Starlite Ballroom

Wedding Choreographer

Starlite Ballroom is an intimidating place for those who are new to dancing, but it’s also the perfect spot if you want a dance class with friends and fun music. The instructors make every person feel welcome no matter what level they’re at thanks to their friendly attitudes that encourage people of all shapes/sizes get up on stage.

Address: San Jose, CA 95129

The Dance Affair

Wedding Choreographer

Dance classes in the Dance Affair’s studio are led by experts who have over 25 years experience teaching dance. instructing children and teens on a variety of styles, including Cecchetti Method ballet for aspiring young performers or fun pre-K programs full with arts stimulation that also includes plenty social interaction to keep them excited about it all.

Address: San Jose, CA 95128

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