Wedding Choreographers in Dallas, Texas

We contacted 6 Wedding Choreographers in Dallas, Texas and hand-picked the best for you to choose from.

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Top rated Wedding Choreographers in Dallas, Texas

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Dynamic Dance

Wedding Choreographer

Dynamic Dance is the perfect place for anyone who loves dance! You’ll be able to learn from some of today’s greatest instructors in your own home with our online lessons that can fit into any schedule. With a variety available, whether it’s ballroom or Latin fever – you’re sure find something special at this studio.

Address: Dallas, TX 75201

Gocha and Shorena Center of Dance

Wedding Choreographer

The mission of Gocha and Shorena Center for Dance, located in the heart of Dallas is to provide fun innovative dance lessons. The studio offers private or group classes that include salsa dancing with an emphasis on footwork as well as cha-cha’s different variations like sprinting which makes it easier than ever before possible learn these exciting routines quickly.

Address: Dallas, TX 75219


Wedding Choreographer

Studio 22 is a great place for anyone who loves dancing. You can find many different types of classes, from private lessons with highly skilled instructors to group practice sessions and social parties. Studio22 offers everything that someone could need in their pursuit towards becoming the best dancer they possible could be.

Address: Dallas, TX 75254

The Rhythm Room

Wedding Choreographer

The Rhythm Room is an organization that provides a wide variety of dance classes for all levels, from beginners to experts. They offer private lesson plans in addition their group programs so you can find the perfect class depending on what kind or style dancing suits your needs best.

Address: Dallas, TX 75206

United Dance Academy

Wedding Choreographer

United Dance Academy offers a variety of dance classes, including Zumba fitness and hip hop. They also have custom choreography for exclusive events or private coaching with their certified instructors available daily to teach the best moves.

Address: Dallas, TX 75204

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