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Top rated Bicycle Repair Shops in San Diego, California

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Adams Avenue Bicycles

Bicycle Repair

Adams Avenue Bicycles is a full-service bicycle company that offers tune-ups, wheel builds, and repair services. The shop also sells new bikes to high-level cyclists at reasonable prices, with brands like El Jefe or Niño overhauls available as well!

Address: San Diego, CA 92116

Bike Medic Plus

Bicycle Repair

Bike Medic Plus is the go-to shop for all your bike repair needs. Whether it be an alignment, cleaning, or safety inspection – they have you covered! They also offer rental services and shipping on bikes. They strive to educate all riders about the importance of safety and properly functioning equipment, which includes providing cleaning services and derailleur hanger alignment advice. If that’s not enough, stop by their location in Carlsbad, where one of us will take care of what you need right away!

Address: Carlsbad, CA 92009

Black Mountain Bicycles

Bicycle Repair

Black Mountain Bicycles is a family-owned and operated business serving the San Diego area with bike repairs for almost 45 years. They have certified technicians who can work on all makes of cycles. They also offer regular training sessions in collaboration with factory service technicians throughout the year – no matter what season it may be! Customers are warmly welcome to come by anytime without an appointment necessary, and they’ll even give you an estimate before starting work, so there are no surprises once the bill comes in.

Email Reply

Thanks for contacting BMB for your service needs, I’ll do my best to answer your questions:

1.When is the best time to drop my bikes off?
-We are currently booking appointments a little over two weeks out. For six bikes we would want to split them into two separate appointments. Drop off three, when they are ready and you come to pick them up drop off the second three.

2.I have a throttle grip shifter on one of the bikes, but it is very tight to shift; what are the reasons?
-A grip style shifter can feel stiff or tight for a few different reasons: The shifter itself could be damaged, the shift cable and our housing could be corroded or damaged, or the derailleur that the shifter is attached to could be in need of service or replacement.

3.One of the bikes is an E-bike, I guess that won’t be a problem? Nothing wrong with the battery.
-At this point in time we are only servicing E-bikes that are equipped with drive systems that we currently sell, even if we aren’t doing any drive system work. We are currently accepting E-bikes with the following drive systems: Shimano, Bosch, Specialized/Brose. If your E-bike is one of these three we are happy to service it for you.

If you have any other questions or want to set up setup service appointments please reply or give me a call.

Address: San Diego, CA 92131

California Bicycle

Bicycle Repair

California Bicycle is your go-to place if you’re looking for a bike in the San Diego area. The family-owned business has been serving La Jolla locals since 1976 and now offers both new bikes as well as rental options so that riders can try out different styles before they buy! They carry lifestyle bikes and electric or road varieties depending on what terrain you’re going on. In addition, they also repair and maintain all types of bicycles with expertise gained over four decades worth of service routines – no matter how big or small an issue you may be having!

Address: 7462 La Jolla BoulevardSan Diego, CA 92037

Cycle Quest

Bicycle Repair

Cycle Quest is a small business in the San Diego area that specializes in bicycle repairs. They have been around for years, and they can help you with anything from basic tune-ups or quick fixes on your favorite bike to buying new cycles or retrofitting current ones.

Email Reply


We can totally help you out with services on all your bikes.

The only thing we ask is would you bring them in one at a time. Our shop is small and very FULL, space is our biggest concern.

The good thing is I’m still doing a 24 hour turnaround time, and if I get the bike right when we open at 10 am I should be able to
get is back to you by 5 pm the same day.

Any questions just let me know

Address: San Diego, CA 92121

Edison Cycle Co.

Bicycle Repair

Edison Cycle Co. at Del Sur is a San Diego bike repair company that offers mobile services, including Single Speed Tunes and Premium Tunings. They also offer repairs on bikes of all kinds, with the option for pickup or delivery available throughout town! In addition, they have accessories you need in stock as well as trade-ins if your old ride isn’t cutting it anymore. You’ll even find all the latest parts and accessories for your bike here to make sure it runs smoothly on the road!

Email Reply

Which shop were you thinking of bringing them to? We have 3 locations.
If you have a bike that just needs a flat change, we generally knock those out same day.
If you have bikes that need a tune-up or a tight shifter (may need overhaul or replacement), we definitely recommend scheduling an appointment to drop off so the mechanic can fully assess the bike and let you know what it needs to get rolling again. 
Please let us know if you have any other questions!

Address: San Diego, CA 92127

Holland’s Bicycles

Bicycle Repair

Holland’s Bicycles is the go-to shop for all your cycling needs. From repairs and services to new cycles, they’ve got what you need! You can also get started with their online community forum or rent bikes on-site if needed. The shop dates back to 1924, and they offer repairs by factory-trained technicians who deal with tune-ups or overhauls as well as accessory installations depending on our client’s request.

Address: Coronado, CA 92118

MJ’s Cyclery

Bicycle Repair

MJ’s Cyclery is a shop that specializes in bicycle repair. The two owners have spent their lives involved with bikes and offer everything from small adjustments to basic tune-ups for the San Diego community at large! They also sell various brands of bicycles as well as accessories, so you can get your ride back up on point if it needs anything extra – starting from tires or frame repairs all way down to handlebars. They even teach cycling classes in addition to selling gear at affordable price points.

Email Reply

It would be easiest for us if you brought just 2 bikes at a time, we’re a small shop and limited on space. Maybe align your trip here with one job that’s just a flat with something you suspect is bigger, that way we’re not overwhelmed with two big jobs in one day, if that makes sense.

Keep in mind that some of the more involved bikes we may have to schedule out a little further anyways, but you’re welcome to bring them by for an assessment any time.


Address: San Diego, CA 92103

Moment Bicycles

Bicycle Repair

Moment Bicycles is the home for all your biking needs. Whether you need a quick tune-up or are in need of new wheels, this shop has got it covered with their full menu options available seven days per week at any time! You won’t be disappointed by what they can do – from adjustments and tube installs right down to custom builds using high-end parts that fit just right – all thanks to our Dynamic Fit Unit by the Guru System, which provides accurate measurements based on body types, so no one walks out unhappy after buying something from our store!

Address: San Diego, CA 92106

Pulse Endurance

Bicycle Repair

Your bike is an important part of your life. If you’re unhappy with how it runs, Pulse Endurance can help! The shop offers safety check services to diagnose any problems and gives suggestions on fixing them before moving on to more intensive tune-ups or overhauls if necessary. They also handle rentals for those who need their bicycle temporarily fixed while waiting. In addition, this store also sells new bikes as well in case you need one.

Email Reply

Lead time is currently 2 weeks. Standard tubes are $7 each and labor is $10-$12 per wheel depending on type (bolt-on or QR).

If possible please bring in 2-3 bikes at a time. We’re short-handed and don’t have much space.

E-bike inner-tube replacement may cost $15-$30 depending on how it’s mounted.

When is the best time to drop my bikes off?
-Shop hours are Tuesday-Saturday 10-5

I have a throttle grip shifter on one of the bikes, but it is very tight to shift; what are the reasons?
-Possible broken spring or just gunked up shifter and cables.

Address: San Diego, CA 92111

San Diego Bike Shop

Bicycle Repair

San Diego Bike Shop is the premier provider of bike repairs in San Diego. Their services include Mini Tune-Ups, Regular Tune-Ups, Premium Tune-Ups, and complete disassemblies with degreasing and washes where they replace new cables or housing for your ride. With one day turnaround time on most repairs, you can easily stop by anytime without an appointment necessary.

Email Reply

Hello. Drop off the bikes anytime: Mon to Sat 930am to 6pm. Work orders on bike repairs/ maintenance time frame is 4-6 days currently.

Please bring in your bikes at your convenience, but it would be easier to bring in 2/3 bikes at a time.

As far as the shifter issue the suspect is the cable and housing if not anything else.

Address: San Diego, CA 92101

SD Wheel Works Bicycle Garage is a San Diego bike repair company that specializes in performance-oriented designs. This team of cycling enthusiasts has been known for its innovative brands and accessories, including trekking bikes with fat tires to help riders cover more ground on their outdoor adventures or mountain biking trails near the area. The website also lists all of the shop’s basic services, but customers can personally come to see what else they have available by booking an appointment today – all complimentary as part of their commitment towards customer satisfaction!

Address: San Diego, CA 92126

SoCal Bike

Bicycle Repair

With over 40 years of cycling experience, SoCal Bike is the go-to place for all your bike repairs. They offer mobile services on any make or model and training sessions if you want to be an official mechanic like their team! Their prices are always competitive with SOMEC frames imported from Europe as well, so don’t hesitate before coming here because we’ve got all your needs covered at an affordable rate!

Address: Oceanside, CA 92054

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