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Top rated Bicycle Repair Services in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Bike King Cycling

Bicycle Repair

Bike King is a family-owned and operated bike shop in Morrisville that specializes in bike sales and repairs. With over 35 years of experience under their belt, they are known for having one of the best selections while also providing professional service with mechanics who can have your ride back up within 48 hours if necessary! Bike King has even created a races club so that everyone gets some racing action every now then – military personnel can also receive 10% off when buying here.

Email Reply

Good Morning,

You can drop them off any days we are open no appointment necessary. Space is limited her at the store so I would suggest dropping 3 off then drop the 3 off when we finish the first 3.

I will work on E bikes as long as they do NOT have any electrical issues. The shifting issue I am guessing is a 6 speed shifter which will have to be replaced, we have seen a run on these in the past month. The shifter stops turning and can not be rebuilt.

Address: Morrisville, PA 19067


Bicycle Repair

Bikesport is the go-to shop for any bicycle repair needs you might have. They offer a wide range of services, including basic tune-ups and overhauls to more elaborate super-size jobs with drivetrain cleaning or replacement! You can also rent bikes if your own isn’t available (at an affordable price), plus there are tons of opportunities through their partnership program that supports various non-profit organizations across town.

Address: Trappe, PA 19426

Breakaway Bikes

Bicycle Repair

Breakaway Bikes has been providing top-notch bike repairs in the Philadelphia region for over 20 years. They offer personalized attention from sales to services, including several à la carte options and silver and gold tune-ups with faster turnaround times than other places around town! In addition, they have an indoor cycling session called RPM that offers performance training using biometric testing equipment so you can get your heart rate up while also improving the necessary measurables.

Address: Philadelphia, PA 19103

Brewerytown Bicycles

Bicycle Repair

Brewertytown is a bicycle repair shop in Philadelphia that offers tune-ups, assembly, and overhauls for bikes. They also come with unlimited replacements during three years of use! Brewer Town’s hours are open Monday through Friday from 8 am – 6 pm; however, they also offer online reservations so that you can rent one out available at your preferred time slots.

Address: Philadelphia, PA 19130

Cycle Sport

Bicycle Repair

Cycle Sport is a professional bicycle shop specializing in high-quality service for customers. Employees are continuously educated with training seminars on equipment from Campagnolo, Hayes, and Shimano, to name just a few of the companies they work closely alongside – all while providing top-notch mechanics who can fix any problem you might come across! Clients also have access to bicycles and accessories like tires or seat posts, so there’s no need to go anywhere else whenever your ride needs fixing.

Address: Media, PA 19063

Cycles PHL

Bicycle Repair

Cycles PHL is the go-to shop for all your bike needs. From repairs and maintenance to installations, they’ve got you covered! You can also learn how to install accessories on your ride using their tools or get help from one of our mechanics if needed. Their inventory also includes new bikes as well as refurbished models. Cycles PHL provides over 1 million different types, so there’s something suitable no matter what type or make you need!

Address: Philadelphia, PA 19121

Doylestown Bike Works

Bicycle Repair

Doylestown Bike Works is a store that specializes in bicycle repairs. They have three different service packages. The Standard, which covers everything from brake and gear adjustments to complete drivetrain cleaning; The Complete, which includes bearings overhaul as well as lube chains; and The Deluxe, which provides test rides for those who want them without any commitment or obligation on their end should you find the perfect ride! In addition, this business also offers restoration services where they take your old bike back into shape so it can be enjoyed again through workshops given by experienced mechanics specifically trained to maintain all manner of bikes.

Address: Doylestown, PA 18901

Exton Bicycles has been a family-owned bike repair shop in Exton since 1974. The company provides major tune-ups, drivetrain cleanings, and complete overhauls, as well as baby seat installs, handlebar lights, and front-end replacements. Customers can also buy new bicycles, which they offer with a lifetime service policy on all purchases made at their store. Additionally, if anything goes wrong with your product within three months of the purchase date, then they will take care of fixing this issue quickly without charging any extra fees, unlike some other shops.

Email Reply


You can drop bikes off any time. Our only issue right now is that we are very packed with repairs. I know it is kind of a pain but would you be able to bring them in two at a time?

We do work on E-Bikes but in order for us to take them in they have to be charged and we need to test ride them prior to dropping them off. The tight shifting could be any number of issues: broken cable or stuck shifter.

We can look at the bike when you drop it off. We have 2 locations; only our Exton store can work on E-bikes.

I can answer more of your questions if you want to give me a call. My name is Pat and I am here almost every day. (besides this Thursday and Saturday)


Address: Exton, PA 19341

Fairmount Bicycles

Bicycle Repair

Fairmount Bicycles is your one-stop-shop for all things bike! Whether you need a tune-up or an entire overhaul, we’ve got it covered. You’ll also be able to find new bikes and rental equipment at our store in case that perfect ride isn’t available right now – ask around town before going elsewhere because chances are good there’s something here worth looking for! They also provide new bikes for customers and refurbished models to make sure everyone can find something they like!

Address: Philadelphia, PA 19130

Firehouse Bicycles is a local bike shop specializing in repairing bikes and providing maintenance services. They have been around since 2001, servicing customers’ needs with quality work at affordable prices for over 15 years! Since Wolf Cycles purchased them last year, they’ve expanded their range of products to include tires and tubes, as well as vintage cruisers parts such as brakes pads. You can now find this excellent place just near French Creek Park.

Email Reply

Hi, at this time we don’t work on Ebikes but we would love to help you with the others.

Bring them by anytime that we are open and we can set you up with estimates.

Sounds like the one with the grip shift might just need a new cable but I definitely can’t tell for sure until you bring them by.

Let us know if you need any help when you arrive with getting them up the stairs.

Happy to help. Thanks, see you soon.

Address: Philadelphia, PA 19143

Firth & Wilson Transport

Bicycle Repair

The Firth & Wilson Transport shop is a one-stop destination for all your bicycle repairs in Philadelphia. They specialize in transportation and cargo bikes, offering services such as tune-ups or flat tires with replacements on demand! You can also purchase new bicycles from their vast collection of models, which are ready within three days unless parts need ordering – so don’t worry about waiting around forever. They’re also renting out accessories like headsets which may sound novel but trust us when we say this isn’t just some ordinary rental service.

Email Reply


We can definitely help you with that, but not sure we want all 6 at
once. Even though we have a large shop we do not have a lot of storage
space. Do you actually have a vehicle large enough to bring all 6 at
once, or can you bring 2 first, then bring 2 more when you pick the
first 2 up, etc?

What is the issue with the ebike? Just normal mechanical stuff like a
regular bike? No matter what though, we would like to have the key to
remove the battery while we work on the bike.

The grip shifter probably just need a new cable and housing.

You can drop bikes off any time we are open, 10-4 Tuesday – Saturday,
closed for lunch between 1-1:30 each day.

Let me know.

Address: Philadelphia, PA 19125

Frankinstien Bikeworx

Bicycle Repair

When you need a bike repair, this is the place to go! Frankinstien Bikeworx has been in business for more than 20 years and specializes exclusively in single-speed or fixed gear bicycles. With their expert knowledge of these types of vehicles, rest assured that they can help with everything from changing tires and tubes right down to tuning up your gears so that every ride will be faster than ever before, bringing absolute satisfaction at its best!

Address: Philadelphia, PA 19102

Keswick Cycle

Bicycle Repair

Keswick Cycle is the oldest bike shop in Philadelphia, and they have been repairing bikes since 1933. Services include complete overhauls, basic maintenance work like installing saddles or adjusting brakes on your old steed, component lubrication for those who need it, and lastly, wheel alignments to make sure you’re getting all of its power back while pedaling around town! In addition, they can work on both vintage or new rides making Keswicks Cycle an excellent choice for anyone who wants high-quality repairs at affordable prices with knowledgeable mechanics who care about what they do best which is fixing cycles!

Address: Philadelphia, PA 19104

Philadelphia Bike Smith

Bicycle Repair

Philadelphia Bike Smith is the go-to shop for all your bike repair needs! They provide walk-in and appointment-based service, ranging from minor repairs to adjustments or overhauls. With over 20 years of experience in these fields, they are able to fix virtually any problem you may face with a two-wheeled machine, so stop by today if this sounds like something that would interest you too.

Email Reply


The best time to drop bikes off is earlier in the morning as we are the least busy at this time of the day. We open at 10am, weekdays we close at 6pm and weekends we close at 5pm. We do most of the bigger tune up work during the weekdays as our weekends are usually pretty busy with minor repairs. If you are dropping off 6 bikes for tune up services/repairs, we would request you drop them off with our mechanics who will take some notes on what needs to be done to each bike individually and we will get back to you about the repairs. With 6 bikes it will take some time to look over all of them in depth to ensure we don’t miss anything and we would let you know what we find via email or a phone call.

The throttle style grip shifter may be tight to shift because it may need replacement cables and housing, or a replacement shifter or possibly more. It’s really hard to say precisely why it may be feeling tighter than normal to shift without seeing it in person. We generally have all the parts to fix this if it can not be fixed with fine tuning.

We do work on E-bikes as long as it has no electrical issues. We typically can tune them up and fix all of the bicycle components on these with no issues. If they need replacement electronics and they are from a brand we sell, we would be happy to help source those parts. If it is not a brand we sell and it requires electrical parts, we would be able to install them if the parts are provided and do NOT need any soldering to get them attached as thats where we draw the line with electrical parts replacements.

If you have any more questions, feel free to reach out to me here, or call the store at 215-324-5910.

Address: Philadelphia, PA 19130

Scooter’s Bike Shop

Bicycle Repair

If you’re in need of a new bicycle or just want to get your riding skills up to par with the latest technology and styles, then Scooter’s Bike Shop is where it is at! They’ve been serving Souderton Area residents since 1975. Their repairs cover anything from general maintenance work like tuning up bikes, chainrings grime removal, full overhauls on roadsters, and flat tire fixes when all else fails. Whether you need general maintenance or an overhaul to make your ride run smoothly again, they have what it takes on whatever you may need!

Address: Souderton, PA 18964

Wheelies Bicycles

Bicycle Repair

Wheelies Bicycles is a full-service repair shop serving the Medford community for over 40 years. The company can work on all bikes’ makes and models, including electric bicycles and scooters. They’re also offering tune-ups, chain repairs, flat tire fixes, upgrades, and overhauls, among many others! They also sell secondhand merchandise so that you can choose your bike or helmet at affordable prices. They are open every day except Tuesday, so give them a call today if this interests you.

Email Reply


We cannot assess what is wrong with the bikes without seeing them because the issues could be caused by a number of different things.

For the e-bike, please still bring the battery, charger and Keys (if applicable) in. We have a device to check them to guarantee they are in fact ok. It is part of the service for e-bikes.

Address: Medford, NJ 08055

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