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Top rated Bicycle Repair Shops in Los Angeles, California

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Beverly Hills Bike Shop

Bicycle Repair

Beverly Hills Bike Shop is a well-established Los Angeles area bike store that has been serving the community for over 50 years. The staff at this iconic location provides complete bicycle service, including repairs on anything from flat tires to brake malfunctions within minutes! You can also rent bikes or purchase accessory items like lights, so you’re always prepared when hill climbing season rolls around again.

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We are open 7 days a week from 11:00 till 7:00, you could come by any day at your convenience and we should be able to get the bikes back to you within 3 or 4 days.

As far as the shifter goes there are several reasons that could be happening none of them are very expensive to repair.

See you soon 

Address: Los Angeles, CA 90064

DTLA Bikes

Bicycle Repair

The DTLA Bikes shop in Los Angeles has over 500 bikes for sale and rentals, with a selection that ranges from $25 up to $500. In addition, they offer repairs on all makes and models of bicycles, including tune-ups or complete overhauls depending upon the needs you’ve expressed through your request form online! You can also get an estimate free of charge when asking them about it directly too, whether it’s quick maintenance work like changing out some parts or just basic repair.

Address: Los Angeles, CA 90013

Just Ride L.A.

Bicycle Repair

Just Ride L.A.’s family-owned bike store in downtown Los Angeles is dedicated to providing customers with high-quality bicycles and accessories at affordable prices, as well as offering professional fittings for those who need help riding their new purchase. The business also rents bikes out on site so you can experience all of its benefits firsthand! There’s always something fun going down there with events happening every day, so visit them today! They even offer free adjustments when you buy your first new bicycle from them.

Address: Los Angeles, CA 90015

Metropolis Bikes

Bicycle Repair

Metropolis Bikes in North Hollywood is a one-stop-shop for all your biking needs. Whether you want to buy some new wheels or have them custom painted, this store has everything from the most basic kid’s bike up through the mountain and hybrid models with electric-assisted batteries! With an experienced staff that can fix anything starting from flats, there isn’t much these guys won’t take care of – so stop by today and get your bike needs now!

Address: North Hollywood, CA 91602

Located in Woodland Hills, Santa Monica Mountains, cyclery is your one-stop-shop for all things biking. The staff here will help you find the perfect bike to suit any need – whether it be an adventurous ride through open spaces or just relaxing around town with friends on two wheels! They also offer complimentary adjustments and maintenance services as well so that every customer can enjoy their new purchase free of charge during the 1st year of purchasing from us too! Come by today if this sounds good up because we’d love to see you soon!

Address: Woodland Hills, CA 91364

The Bicycle Stand

Bicycle Repair

The Bicycle Stand is a community bicycle store that provides repairs and restoration for vintage bikes. They also offer daily commute services and casual cycling instruction to help people of all levels enjoy this fun form of transportation more often!

Address: Long Beach, CA 90803

The Bike Man is a business specializing in bike maintenance and repairs. They have been working with bikes for over 25 years, and they sell new models and second-hand ones that are guaranteed to be safe and of high quality!

Address: Los Angeles, CA 90044

The Bike Palace

Bicycle Repair

The Bike Palace in San Pedro is a well-established bike retailer that offers customers the latest models from top brands like Cannondale, Electra Schwinn BionX, and more. They also sell best-sellers like Specialized S-Works with professional repairs available, including custom frame adjustments by experienced mechanics who have worked on these bikes for over 20 years! ! You can find tons more information on our site, including links leading directly into other sponsored businesses of The Bike Palace.

Address: San Pedro, CA 90731

The Path Bike Shop

Bicycle Repair

Path Bikes is a bicycle store that specializes in repairs and sales. They offer services such as tune-ups, suspension overhauls (including upgrading your saddles), broken bolt removals, and installation of new parts for customers who need them as soon as possible. They also offer custom builds from what you’ve gotten hold of so far at prices competitively affordable against other shops around town! You’ll even find biking accessories like apparel and parts there as well, so visit them today if you have any cycling needs!

Address: Tustin, CA 92780

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