Wedding Cake Bakeries in Memphis, Tennessee

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Top rated Wedding Cake Bakeries in Memphis, Tennessee
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Top Rated Wedding Cake Bakeries in Memphis

Draper’s Catering has been providing delicious food for 25 years. With their vast experience, they are able to offer a variety of different menu options and cupcakes that will suit any taste bud.

Address: Memphis, TN 38134

Frost Bake Shop

Wedding Cakes

If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind wedding cake, look no further than the Frost Bake Shop. With over ten years in business and an excellent reputation among clients – who can blame them? All baked goods are made from scratch here.

Address: Memphis, TN 38117

Harriet’s Creations

Wedding Cakes

If you’re looking for a cake to celebrate your wedding, look no further than Harriet’s Creations. The experienced baker and decorator have been providing cakes since 1998 with options including chocolate ganache icing or marzipan filling that will be sure delight all those who taste it.

Address: Collierville, TN 38017

J’s Cakes

Wedding Cakes

J’s Cakes is a private cake studio based in Memphis, TN founded by Jamaica which offers three-layered wedding and custom cakes with different flavors to choose from. The wide range of sizes available includes both rounds as well as square tier tall.

Address: Memphis, TN 38118

Kipp Cakes

Wedding Cakes

With a focus on beautiful design and delicious taste, Kipp Cakes provides wedding cakes for those looking to make their big day extra special. Cakes can be custom-designed with options such as different flavors of frosting or toppings specifically to the bride’s specifications.

Address: Memphis, TN 37501

La Baguette French Bread & Pastry Shop is the perfect place for a wedding cake. The family-owned bakery has been creating desserts to match special occasions, and they still use recipes created by late founder Ruth Howse’s work with some of France’s finest pastry chefs.

Address: Memphis, TN 38111

Miss Muff’n Bakery

Wedding Cakes

Mississippi-based Miss Muff’n Bakery is the only bakery that offers custom cakes with flavor combinations, including vanilla bean poem filling or raspberry chocolate cream cheese frosting.

Address: Germantown, TN 38138

Sweet Scentsations Bakery is a family-owned bakery in Atoka that has been creating wedding cakes for over 17 years. The shop uses recipes passed down through the generations, and everyone orders their special designs and classic flavors as well as multi-tiered creations.

Address: Atoka, TN 38004


Wedding Cakes

Twinique Cakes is the perfect place to get your wedding cake fixed. With flavors like banana Nutella or carrot cheese, you’re guaranteed not only a delicious dessert but also one that will be memorable for years after.

Address: 6870 Hillshire DriveMemphis, TN 38133

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Top rated Wedding Cake Bakeries in Memphis, Tennessee
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