Wedding Cake Bakeries in Cincinnati, Ohio

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Top rated Wedding Cake Bakeries in Cincinnati, Ohio
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Top Rated Wedding Cake Bakeries in Cincinnati

3 Sweet Girls Cakery

Wedding Cakes

The bakery is known for its large variety of desserts and flavors. The team also offers catering work because their high-quality products, as well as top-notch customer service, make them stand out from other bakeries in the area.

Address: Cincinnati, OH 45236

A Spoon Fulla Sugar

Wedding Cakes

The taste of a sweet is something that irreplaceable. If you’re looking for an unforgettable experience, look no further than Spoon Fulla Sugar in Cincinnati, Ohio. This family-owned bakery was founded by Marian Keith in 2008, specializing mainly in cakes and providing other edible treats.

Address: Cincinnati, OH 45249

Cakes by Reva

Wedding Cakes

Cakes by Reva is the perfect destination for any wedding cake lover. From its soft and buttery taste to its attention to detail in crafting each masterpiece, Cake Bosses will not disappoint.

Address: West Chester Township, OH 45069

Cincinnati Catering

Wedding Cakes

Cincinnati Catering was founded in 1934 by the late John G. Koerner, a father who wanted to provide top-quality food for his guests and show them that with hard work anything is possible. The family owns and operates this business today under three generations of leadership.

Address: Cincinnati, OH 45225

Jessica has been a cake designer for over ten years, and her artistic vision is on display in every delicious design. She pays attention to detail so each client gets exactly what they want, be it custom designs or personalized creation of one-of-kind treats.

Address: Cincinnati, OH 45238

DessertWorks Cakery

Wedding Cakes

The business of DessertWorks Cakery has been providing high-caliber artistic wedding cakes since 2000. The company is the premier provider of outstanding customer service, with their attention to detail and professionalism being consistently praised by clients alike.

Address: Sharonville, OH 45241

Happy Chicks Bakery

Wedding Cakes

Happy Chicks Bakery is the best place to get cakes, cupcakes, and other sweet treats. They provide their products in-house for customers or via arranged parties such as weddings with consistently positive reviews from all over.

Address: Cincinnati, OH 45223

Home Grown Cakes

Wedding Cakes

Homegrown Cakes is a small business located in the Ohio area that bakes delicious cakes for weddings and other special occasions. They use natural ingredients to create their products, which have been made by professionals.

Address: California, KY 41007

Maribelle Cakery

Wedding Cakes

Maribelle Cakery’s desserts are so beautiful and tasty that customers have praised them for their attention to detail, artistic vision, and commitment.

Address: Cincinnati, OH 45211

McHale’s Events and Catering will help you plan your next event with their vast experience in catering for all types of events, from large festivals or celebrations on down. They’re committed to meeting customer needs and exceeding them by providing high-quality food at affordable prices.

Address: Park Hills, KY 41011

Patricia’s Wedding Cakes is the best place to get your dream wedding cake. With years of experience and an eye for detail, we can create anything you want, from Brigadeiro filing frostings or fluffy German chocolate cream cheese buttercreams.

Address: Reading, OH 45215

Sweet Lucy’s Catering

Wedding Cakes

Sweet Lucy’s Cakery is the perfect place for all of your sweet tooth needs. With a dedicated baker on hand in owner Melissa, who loves nothing more than creating beautiful desserts, you have no excuse not to satisfy that craving today.

Address: Fort Thomas, KY 41075

The BonBonerie

Wedding Cakes

Have you ever had a carrot cake? The flavor of the carrots is so thick and rich, that it’s hard to imagine how anything else could compare. The BonBonerie specializes not only in weddings cakes but also in hand-cut cookies from scratch every day.

Address: Cincinnati, OH 45208

Tiers of Sugar

Wedding Cakes

Tiers of Sugar is a bakery that specializes in baking specialty wedding cakes for customers’ special events. To ensure freshness, each cake will be baked just before your big day so you can enjoy an excellent taste with no last-minute anticipation or worries about quality issues.

Address: Dayton, OH 45449

Tres Belle Cakes and Coffee Shop specializes in producing top-quality desserts, with a wide variety of flavors. They are known for their wedding cakes that will make any celebration complete.

Address: Cincinnati, OH 45215

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Top rated Wedding Cake Bakeries in Cincinnati, Ohio
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