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Top rated Digital Marketing Agencies in Salt Lake City, Utah
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Top Rated Digital Marketing Agencies in Salt Lake City

360 Marketing & Advertising

Digital Marketing Agencies

If your business needs a team of dedicated professionals who are talented in account management, brand planning, research, and PR/government relations with creative services ranging from copywriting to design, we got you covered. At 360 Marketing & Advertising, we help you in web development for digital marketing campaigns alongside video production capabilities to stay on top. Our diverse skill set will help ensure every aspect meets expectations – big picture thinking isn’t just our tagline; it’s how we operate daily.

Address: 80 East Antelope DriveLayton, UT 84041

Akers Digital

Digital Marketing Agencies

The marketing agency Akers Digital is a Salt Lake City-based company specializing in the outdoor industry. They have been working to increase brand awareness and web traffic for their clients since 2015 by using SEO, landing pages, and email campaigns across various platforms such as Google, Facebook & Instagram. It’s clear from the passage above about what they do at Aker’s digital, which also includes social media management. If your business needs help managing its online presence, this could be just who you want doing it.

Address: Park City, UT


Digital Marketing Agencies

Axis41 is a digital marketing company in Salt Lake City specializing in branding, campaigns, and management to help businesses reach their goals. The agency offers content system implementation and Adobe Marketing Cloud support for those who need it most. Axis41 is a company with many clients, and they all trust them to maintain their brands. They work closely together on projects that require an expert touch, such as those related to Adobe or AT&T service providers like VISA, who rely heavily upon what the agency can offer in customer care services.

Address: 175 W 200 S Ste 4100Salt Lake City, UT 84101

BarkingFrog SEO

Digital Marketing Agencies

Barking Frog SEO is an experienced Park City company that provides digital marketing services to help businesses rank highly on Google, Bing, and Yahoo through link-building campaigns and optimizing web designs with multimedia content writing. Barking Frog is the team to call if you’re looking for an agency that will work tirelessly with your every need. They have managed successful PPC campaigns and designed websites as well. If social media management isn’t enough, then their online reputation set-up service can help get rid of any negativity before it starts – contact them today so they can take care of everything from A through Z.

Address: 136 Heber Ave Ste 204Park City, UT 84060


Digital Marketing Agencies

Understanding your target audience is critical in the ever-changing world of digital marketing. BWP understands this, which they demonstrate through their years’ experience providing services to clients across Salt Lake City since 2000. The agency works with its clients on developing a brand identity that informs our strategy and helps us find an interested yet targeted audience online. Then the team designs custom websites for them, not just one where we can show off what kind of company/businesses exist but also ones tailored towards meeting customer needs by using keywords from Google’s search algorithm.

Address: 654 W 100 SSalt Lake City, UT 84104

Concept Marketing Utah

Digital Marketing Agencies

The marketing company, Concept Marketing is a digital solutions provider located in Park City and serving businesses throughout Salt Lake City. They offer SEO services as well as search engine optimization for your website or social media management to help increase visibility on various platforms like Facebook & Twitter. In addition, they provide reputation management which helps build trust among potential customers by removing negative reviews from sites such as those found gratification with their work while giving positive feedback about other companies products/services. The team at Concept Marketing can also produce content creation, including written text and graphics design with professionally crafted images that communicate ideas effectively via photographs.

Address: 2700 Homestead Rd Ste 120Park City, UT 84098

Digital Media Group

Digital Marketing Agencies

Digital Media Group is a Salt Lake City-based company that specializes in digital marketing services. From website rankings to public relations, they have you covered. Managing print and web-based strategies have become an integral part of their content building or social media management. They also offer technical SEO audit support depending on each client’s needs — all tailored towards improving search engine results in pages through better optimization techniques specifically designed around local searches (elevating the client’s business’ presence).

Address: 8191 Wood StreetMidvale, UT 84047

Done For Me

Digital Marketing Agencies

Done For Me is a digital marketing agency specializing in Facebook, Instagram, and Google advertising. The company helps customers increase their brand awareness or social following through this platform. They are also helping them sell products for an easy sale by using email campaigns with personalized messages promoting what’s available at the client’s store. Done For Me applies CRO tactics to get more value from each visitor/customer–minimizing costs but maximizing returns on investment.

Address: 255 N 400 WSalt Lake City, UT 84103

Dragonfli Media Technologies

Digital Marketing Agencies

The company provides a wide range of marketing services, including video production. It aims to connect traditional brand storytelling with digital media resources through its live-streaming capabilities and distributes videos across various channels such as fiber or satellite connections to engage players from different platforms. A leading provider on the West Coast is Dragonfli Media Technologies, whose mission is to provide world-class service that sets them apart, utilizing cutting-edge technology while maintaining professional relationships they have built over time.

Address: 1435 S State St.Salt Lake City, UT 84115


Digital Marketing Agencies

Faktory is a marketer’s dream come true. It can research and scientifically prove which ads work best, so you know your money will be spent wisely. Plus, they offer digital content creation services that can boost customer engagement through social media channels or even develop new products from scratch if needed – all while driving more leads into sales engines. Founded in 2005 by two University graduates who saw an opportunity within this rapidly growing industry, Faktory quickly became one of Utah’s most successful consultancies, with over 150 employees worldwide across North America.

Address: 702 W Porter LnCenterville, UT 84014


Digital Marketing Agencies

If you’re a business in the Salt Lake City area, GCommerce can help improve your online presence. The agency specializes in web design and social media marketing for businesses looking to increase sales through customer acquisition efforts like Facebook ads or Google Adwords campaigns. These target audiences with tailored messaging about what they need help purchasing (or want). They can also develop video advertisements intended to grab people’s attention when scrolling through videos on YouTube–which is especially important nowadays given how many folks watch these types of prerecorded content.

Address: 1612 Ute Blvd Ste 200Park City, UT 84098

I4 Solutions

Digital Marketing Agencies

I4 Solutions is a cutting-edge digital marketing agency specializing in helping businesses of all sizes achieve or surpass their target sales and improve website rankings with SEO services, including Google AdWords campaigns. I4 Solutions also provides content optimization for increased visibility online. With over 18 years of experience working closely alongside clients every step – from developing custom photography/videography products such as print material to hosting websites on servers- this agency has repeatedly proven itself. They can help companies exceed goals while maintaining excellent customer service at any given moment.

Address: 707 West 700 SouthWoods Cross, UT 84087

Linear Design

Digital Marketing Agencies

In need of a digital marketing agency? Linear Design is the place for you! The professionals at this company can help clients develop strategies and optimize existing ones. They offer social media management services by posting ads on different platforms like Facebook or Twitter. They have copywriting expertise so that your content stands out from competitors’ websites by including keywords throughout each article/blog post, maximizing its visibility online. More importantly, they enable clients to stay up-to-date with their marketing reports and ad accounts.

Address: 9160 S 300 W Ste 5Sandy, UT 84070

Number Six

Digital Marketing Agencies

Located in Salt Lake City, Number Six is a digital marketing agency that assists businesses with promoting their brands through advertising, SEO, and social media marketing.

Address: 90 S 400 WSalt Lake City, UT 84101


Digital Marketing Agencies

The digital marketing agency, OmniLeads is a leading provider in the industry. They focus on improving search engine optimization and website listings for Google My Business and creating additional web pages listed in relevant directories all over town. Their content creation services include researching keywords with high intent with long-term relevance. Hence, your company can rank higher than ever before while generating more traffic from potential customers looking online when they need help or information about what you offer.

Address: 307 W 200 S # 5002-118Salt Lake City, UT 84101

Redhead Marketing & PR

Digital Marketing Agencies

With a team of digital marketing experts, Redhead Marketing & PR is the best choice to take your company’s online presence from good enough into extraordinary. They have you covered from logo design and website development through email campaigns or social media strategies. They also offer traditional advertising services. Redhead Marketing & PR specializes not just in creating beautiful websites–they’re experts at helping clients find new ways to reach people both locally and globally through different platforms such as Google Adwords, PPC campaigns, etc.

Address: PO Box 3522Park City, UT 84060


Digital Marketing Agencies

Redirect is a local company that offers digital marketing services to assist clients with building their brands and increasing their online presence. Industries served to include health care, education, food service, property management, and many more. They provide SEO content creation and keyword implementation for increased traffic on websites and video advertising through platforms like Facebook Ads. You can target potential buyers based on age range, gender, location, and more.

Email Reply

Let me answer your questions, and then if it makes sense we can schedule a follow-up call to review capabilities more thoroughly.
1) Done any work in the fintech niche?
We haven’t done any work recently in the fintech space, but we’ve previously worked on tech solution that provided ABL loans through an accounting software integration, and we worked for over a decade with Celtic Bank on their online SBA program.
2) Would you please describe your agency’s process?
Like most agencies our process changes a little with every client, but I would say the most common engagement looks something like this. A) Define goals and objectives with the client; B) Conduct quantitative or qualitative research; C) Develop a strategic comms plan; D) Campaign development; E) Campaign execution; F) Campaign optimization; and, G) Campaign Measurement.
3) How much of the work will be outsourced?
Our internal team includes most of the resources we need day to day including: creative; account planning and management; development; content creation.  The one area that we pretty consistently outsource is research, and we do that for a couple of reasons.  First, we have some amazing research firms here in Salt Lake City, and second, it’s good for all of us to have an outside independent perspective.
4) How will you measure success?
We work with every client to determine KPIs and then we work and build to meet them.  Again it varies quite a bit.  For some clients it’s about driving traffic to physical locations.  For others it’s about driving traffic to a website or converting those clicks into leads.  Others still simply want to build awareness of the brand or product with a target audience.
Hope this is helpful.

Address: 1336 S 1100 ESalt Lake City, UT 84105

Results Marketing

Digital Marketing Agencies

Results Marketing is a full-service digital marketing agency with experts who work quickly and efficiently to ensure that their clients are online marketing strategies. The agency offers services to clients across the country. They specialize in online strategies such as SEO, SEM, web development, and offline campaigns such as video productions or direct mailings for their customers’ needs for those who prefer not to have their logo projected onto walls all over town.

Address: 3465 Huntington DrBountiful, UT 84010


Digital Marketing Agencies

Richter7 is an innovative marketing agency with expertise in social media campaigns, conversion tracking, and engagement. They also provide database management services for their clients to help them maximize ROI through analytics. They are also utilizing industry-leading technologies like audience profiling which profiles audiences based on gender or age range so you can target specific groups during campaign launches.

Address: 150 S State St Ste 400Salt Lake City, UT 84111

Salty Block Pictures

Digital Marketing Agencies

Salty Block Pictures can produce high-quality videos tailored to your specific needs. They’ve got you covered, whether it’s a brand film, commercial, or online digital content! Their marketing services include custom web design and SEO, giving an edge on search engine rankings while increasing exposure through social media platforms like Facebook & Instagram. If you have a story to tell, they can help. From pre-production through post-production and beyond – the team will be there every step of the way with an eye on quality assurance, so your film is nothing short of flawless.

Address: 740 W 1700 SSalt Lake City, UT 84104

SEO Kangaroo

Digital Marketing Agencies

SEO Kangaroo is a family-owned company, and a successful digital marketing agency that has been helping start-ups and small businesses succeed since 2011. They take pride in their ability to offer expert guidance for search engine optimization (SEO) and conduct detailed analysis on competitor sites, determining how clients can outrank their competition with the best possible strategies. They provide website design and management and content marketing services that will help you create a professional look for your business.

Address: 143 Louise Ave S, SouthSalt Lake City, UT 84115


Digital Marketing Agencies

TheBrandBalloon is an innovative digital marketing agency with a mission to help Utah businesses grow and succeed online. We offer web design, development, and SEO services for both new companies starting or established organizations looking at ways they can increase their business’ sales-driven off of the internet. The company’s goal is to make sure the client’s business gets found by potential customers using search engines like Google.

Address: 2373 E Falcon WaySandy, UT 84093

TMD Marketing & Advertising

Digital Marketing Agencies

TMD Marketing & Advertising is a digital marketing agency that offers services to clients in the automotive, manufacturing, and medical fields. It helps businesses reach their target audience through social media advertising to increase brand awareness and lead generation, reducing costs significantly while still maintaining quality results. In addition, the agency has countless years of experience in SEO and PPC management. Additionally, it provides website design assistance and cross-channel campaign guidance for companies looking to take their marketing efforts online or offline.

Email Reply

All services are performed in-house!

If you’re interested in a conversation its best if we understand your business and see if we are a good fit, is there a time you’d like to meet and discuss?

Address: 476 Heritage Park Blvd Ste 104Layton, UT 84041

Twistlab Marketing

Digital Marketing Agencies

At TwistLab Marketing, we understand that small businesses need help with every step of their digital marketing journey. Our team has the knowledge you’re looking for, from website development and SEO to trade show management or competition research. A top priority at TwistLab is ensuring all clients receive personal attention to be successful in this increasingly competitive marketplace. They also specialize in branding and public relations, web development & design, and campaign management. Their previous clients include hospitality companies like hotels or restaurants, financial institutions such as advertisers with campaigns running over social media channels, and education providers who use their services for creating online courses/blogs.

Address: 2825 E Cottonwood Pkwy Ste 500Salt Lake City, UT 84121

Uinta Digital

Digital Marketing Agencies

Uinta Digital is an innovative, full-service digital marketing company in Salt Lake City that uses creative methods and technology to help small businesses grow their brand online. The agency’s experienced staff members offer various services, including content creation, graphic design, PPC advertising, and social media management. They create websites that reflect the client’s business style and are responsive to user needs. Clients include some of the top law firms in this country, health care systems, and merchant advisors.

Address: 50 W Broadway Ste 300Salt Lake City, UT 84101

Utah SEO Pros

Digital Marketing Agencies

Utah SEO Pros is the premier digital marketing company in downtown Salt Lake City, providing clients with a team of experienced and knowledgeable marketers. They specialize in various services such as search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click advertising, or social media strategy. The agency also offers reputation management solutions for enterprises on top of their already comprehensive list, including content creation & design via website building packages depending upon what best suits clients’ needs. Utah SEO Pros have achieved Google Partner Certified Agency status and received a Facebook blueprint certification award.

Address: 1935 E Vine St Ste 440Salt Lake City, UT 84121

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Top rated Digital Marketing Agencies in Salt Lake City, Utah
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