Bicycle Repair Shops in Columbus, Ohio

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Top rated Bicycle Repair Services in Columbus, Ohio

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Baer Wheels

Bicycle Repair

The Baer Wheels bicycle shop in Columbus is known for its excellent service. The staff has serviced over 3,500 bikes and can fix any issue with your ride, including derailleur adjustments or bottom bracket work! They offer individual services, too, like gear tightening that are available at reasonable prices, especially when compared to other shops, so make sure to stop by today! They’re open Monday – Friday from 10 am until 7 pm!

Address: Columbus, OH 43214

Bicycle One

Bicycle Repair

Bicycle One is a family-owned shop established in 1974 with only eight bicycles for sale. They have since grown into an inventory of over 200 bikes, including ones suitable to beginners and professionals alike! Free maintenance assessments let you know what your ride needs without breaking the bank, while tune-ups are affordable at $47 (including adjustments) or even less if it’s just some minor adjustments – like inflation on tires.

Email Reply


We would be more than happy to check all of those bikes over in the store. Bringing the bikes in 3 at a time would be easiest for us, that way we can look over each of the bikes individually and determine what they need. Minor repairs could be left in the store, but full tune-ups would need to be brought back on a scheduled date.

E-Bikes tend to be more difficult for us to work on and often require higher service fees, but we’d be happy to look it over and tell you what services we’d be willing to offer for that bike specifically.

Also rainy or cold days tend to be our least busy, whereas sunny warm days are often packed.

Thanks for emailing us! Hope to see you soon.

Address: Gahanna, OH 43230

Bike Doctor

Bicycle Repair

Bike Doctor is the only place to go for all your bike repair needs! They offer services that include sales, restoration works, and even accessories. With over 20 years of industry experience, it’s no wonder they’re Central Ohio’s number one choice when you need something done right away or want someone with knowledge on how everything works before buying anything new in-store today. Their Saturday hours are from 10 am – 6 pm (until 8 pm during summer) so call ahead to ensure availability when you come by!

Address: Heath, OH 43056

Bikes For All People

Bicycle Repair

Bikes For All People is more than just a bike shop. It’s home to experienced mechanics and casual riding enthusiasts who are dedicated to helping people get on their bikes and stay active outdoors through positive reinforcement of their healthy habitation technique! Bike enthusiasts will find all types of bicycles for sale alongside accessories such as helmets or pothole repair kits. Our skilled staff can fix any problem you might face when utilizing these devices, all at an affordable price point of $55. The company also offers community rides around the area every Sunday morning!

Address: Columbus, OH 43206

Breakaway Cycling

Bicycle Repair

The mission of Breakaway Cycling is to provide access and opportunity for people in the city by providing bike sales, repair services, as well as community rides. They have achieved their goal with over ten years of experience, which was established through collaboration between Church and Community Development For All People (CCDPA). This Ohio-based organization sells bikes focusing on social justice issues like affordable housing or economic development projects while also repairing them so others may use them too.

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We can often do flat tires while you wait. If you think the bikes need more than that we and are about 10 days out due to the spring rush.

You could bring a couple at a time or make an appointment for our next available date as our storage space is getting to capacity.

Thank you.

Address: Delaware, OH 43015

Cyclical Nature Bicycles

Bicycle Repair

Cyclical Nature Bicycles offers various services to keep your bike in top shape. From tune-ups, functionality, and safety checks, as well as cleaning or wheel truing, they can take care of any need you might have! Our mechanics are experts on all things cycling, so stop by today for quick service at affordable rates. The store is open 11 am to 7 pm on Monday through Friday, and 10 am to 4 pm on Saturdays. They also offer tune-ups for $60 per hour.

Address: Hilliard, OH 43026

Cyclist Connection

Bicycle Repair

The friendly staff at Cyclist Connection are dedicated to offering customers the best cycling experience possible. From tune-ups and repairs, they’ll help you find your perfect ride! The store offers lifetime free labor for bicycles purchased on-site and low prices guaranteed with their policy. If something goes wrong after the purchase, they will fix it without charging more than what was paid originally, regardless of what may have happened. We also offer performance and tune Up services available at $189, where our technicians come out every year just before spring training begins to make sure all parts will fit perfectly for your needs!

Address: Canal Winchester, OH 43110

Paradise Garage

Bicycle Repair

The Paradise Garage is a full-service bicycle shop in Columbus that offers bicycles for every cyclist. They have been providing high-quality repairs since 2008, with prices ranging from the minor touch-up service at $39 to their comprehensive tune-ups, which cost just under 200 dollars per year! Stop by or book an appointment online today if you want your ride looking its best always or if it needs some help maintaining!

Address: Columbus, OH 43201

Ride Home

Bicycle Repair

Ride Home in Worthington offers a great cup of coffee and delicious baked goods to go with their bicycle repair services. They focus on helping every family member enjoy the pleasure ride while offering an affordable price point for tune-ups, overhauls, or any other service that may be needed by customers who stop into this friendly shop! Their basic tune-up costs only $55 and includes everything from cleaning your bike’s components, including housing and adjusting brakes. They’ll even put new tubes onto tires if needed!

Address: Worthington, OH 43085

Trek Bicycle Store

Bicycle Repair

The Trek Bicycle Store offers various services to keep your bike in top shape. For $40, you can get the quick tune-up that’s perfect for riders on the go who don’t have time to spend at their bicycle store. Comprehensive repairs are also offered here by professionals skilled with all types of cycling equipment, from mountain biking bikes or road racing supercompacts – whatever gets you out there riding! The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, so even if it isn’t something as essential as new tubes, customers will leave satisfied knowing precisely what needs fixing before heading home after an enjoyable day here at our store!

Address: Westerville, OH 43082

Westerville Bike Shop

Bicycle Repair

Westerville Bike Shop is the go-to spot for all your bicycle needs. With a selection of bikes to suit any taste, you’re sure to find something that will fit into both work life and leisure time seamlessly! The store offers services like tune-ups or overhauls with complete rebuilds as well if needed – there’s no job too big or small at their shop. They’ll take care of everything from wheel builds right down to adjusting saddles so riders can enjoy their new ride for as long as it lasts!

Address: Westerville, OH 43081

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