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Top rated Wedding Choreographers in Los Angeles, California

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3rd Street Dance

Wedding Choreographer

3rd Street Dance has been choreographing unique wedding dances for over 40 years in Los Angeles. They provide couples with a customized and personalized experience, as they help you create your own individualized dance to suit the occasion.

Address: 8558 West 3rd StreetLos Angeles, CA 90048

Ballroom Dance Academy

Wedding Choreographer

The Ballroom Dance Academy is a Los Angeles based, internationally recognized dance school that exclusively teaches ballrooms and latin dances. The professional teachers have years of experience teaching all levels from beginner to advanced so you can learn with them.

Address: Los Angeles, CA 90036

Dancify DanceSport Center

Wedding Choreographer

Dancify DanceSport Center offers a variety of classes, including wedding dance lessons and youth programs. Students praise the environment at Dancify for its relaxed atmosphere where they can learn from highly skilled instructors in an intimate setting with many other likeminded learners.

Address: Redondo Beach, CA 90278

Dancing for Life

Wedding Choreographer

Kathy Levyn, the head instructor at Dancing for Life in Van Nuys has over 25 years experience teaching technique and footwork of various styles. Her background includes ballroom dancing as well as swing or country style dances which she can teach to you so that your next event will be a hit.

Address: Van Nuys, CA 91401

L.A. Tango Academy

Wedding Choreographer

The L.A Tango Academy is a welcoming dance studio in North Hollywood that offers programs for beginners and seasoned dancers alike, from thorough beginner classes to drop-in fitness sessions. They also provide specialized tango lessons like wedding dance instruction with an emphasis on fun.

Address: North Hollywood, CA 91601

Latin Dance Pro

Wedding Choreographer

Latin Dance Pro is the perfect place to learn how well your loved ones dance! Owner and professional dancer, Sergio Leal specializes in Latin dances such as salsa, bachata (Spanish version), cumbia or merengue. He offers private lessons for singles or couples with different levels of experience who want an unforgettable experience worth remembering at their wedding dinner celebration.

Address: Pasadena, CA 91107

The Dance Doctor

Wedding Choreographer

The Dance Doctor is a Santa Monica studio that offers dance lessons for all levels. From beginner to expert, their experienced instructors will teach you everything there’s need-to know about rumba and cha chas! The school also provides performance opportunities at weddings or events with an impressive list of clients including Hollywood Reporter magazine who featured them in 2017 as one of Los Angeles’ top studios doing “Wedding Dances.”

Address: Santa Monica, CA 90401

The Dance Family Studio

Wedding Choreographer

The Dance Family Studio is a dance academy that provides group and private coaching for kids, teens, adults in the Pasadena area. Their instructors Francisco & Stacey Martinez have over 20 years of experience teaching ballroom dances such as salsa or bachata while knowing how to choreograph wedding events.

Address: Pasadena, CA 91001

The Lindy Loft

Wedding Choreographer

If you’re looking for a fun and interactive place to dance, then the Lindy Loft is your new home. The studio offers classes in lindy hop, balboa/shaggy dog Jazz style dancing as well as open group sessions perfect if want learn from experienced dancers or take someone else’s turn at bat! Studio co-owners Dax Hock & Sarah Breck have both won mirrorball trophies on Dancing With The Stars so they know what makes an amazing performance.

Address: Los Angeles, CA 90013

You Can Dance

Wedding Choreographer

You Can Dance is the perfect place for anyone who loves ballroom and Latin dances! They provide classes to beginners, intermediates or advanced students in Hermosa Beach. The instructors are experienced dancers that teach sassy routines on how you can do all those fancy footwork moves like rumbaing around without breaking your neck.

Address: Hermosa Beach, CA 90254

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