South Dakota

The Louisiana Purchase of 1803 saw South Dakota (with its 78,000 square miles and the Missouri River) being given to the U.S. It was subsequently explored in greater detail by Lewis and Clark between 1804 and 1806. The river divides the state in half, and the land is mainly made up of badlands, plains, and farmland. Although it’s mainly flat, South Dakota is also home to the Black Hills. These are a group of mountains that are the highest east of the Rockies.

The famous Mount Rushmore (where the faces of Presidents Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson, and Roosevelt are carved into the rockface) is located there, attracting many visitors throughout the year. The state’s economy is driven by durable goods manufacturing and other private services. It’s also the second-largest producer of sunflower seed oil in the country. Potential small businesses without much start-up capital would do well to base themselves here.

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