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I am interested in getting a single-line tattoo on my leg. Something like the cat here:×720.jpg

So my question is:
Do you guys specialize in these kind of tattoos?

And how much does it cost to get a tattoo like that?
Size – 3×3 inches

Is it possible to get colors in the tattoo, like in the example?

Happy to hear back from you guys,

I also have some other questions, so feel free to answer those:
1. What ingredients in the ink you’d use for the colors in the tattoo?
2. Does color ink causes an itchy rash? I have kinda sensitive skin.
3. Can you perform a patch test?
4. Are you a licensed tattoo artist?
5. In case you did some single-line tattoos, can you share some examples?


Black Coffin Tattoo

Black Coffin Tattoo

Score: A

Black Coffin Tattoo offers a professional, clean environment with sterile equipment. The safety of their clients is of utmost importance at Black Coffin Tattoo. They ensure that all items used during your session are either properly disposed of or sterilized in an autoclave for protection against infection from outside sources like dirt particles which can carry disease into your skin while healing (and possibly cause scarring). Their artists can complete almost any design you might imagine—if there’s not something on their plate already!

Website  Address  (651) 641-4099

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Hung's Tattoo Parlor

Hung’s Tattoo Parlor

Score: B+

Hung’s Tattoo Parlor is knowledgeable and provides excellent customer service. The artist will ask for your opinion during the drawing phase to make sure that you are satisfied with their work, which they believe in doing because of how much hard work goes into each tattoo session at this parlor! Hung’s Tattoo Parlor is unparalleled when it comes to the art of tattoos. This artist’s professionalism and care he provides for his clients make him an exceptional artist in this field, which can be seen by how well your work will turn out on you!

Website  Address  (651) 330-2937

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Port & Starboard Tattoo and Piercing

Port & Starboard Tattoo and Piercing

Score: A

The ancient tradition of decorating one’s body with ink and iron has been passed down through generations, evolving in meaning over time. It’s Port & Starboard: a sailor’s left and right. The moment you walk into this tattoo parlor, it’s clear that they have something special. From the minute their doors open until your last conversation with reception—whether to schedule another appointment or just to say hello!—their goal is simple: to give each of their customers an unforgettable experience in body art so they can proudly wear their new piece forever as part of themselves.

Website  Address  (651) 774-0533

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Black Sheep Tattoo and Art Collective

Black Sheep Tattoo and Art Collective

Score: A

Black Sheep Tattoo and Art Collective is a private, artist-owned tattoo studio in St. Paul, Minnesota. Here at Black Sheep, they strive to make sure the shop has an environment that’s welcoming for both clients as well artists by providing pleasant surroundings where people can get work done without distractions—this includes you! They believe it’s important not only what goes on your skin but also how you feel while getting decorated with ink.

Website  Address  (651) 493-1326


Weird Ink Society

Weird Ink Society

Score: A+

Friendly service with a side of ink—for all your tattoo needs, check out Weird Ink Society! There are no judgmental attitudes here; whether it’s in the front or back room (or even both), they provide an inclusive and supportive environment where everyone can feel at ease and express themselves artistically without fear of discrimination or abuse from others who do not share the same thoughts on skin art.

Website  Address  (651) 204-0600

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Email Response

Hi Drew,

Most of our artists use Eternal Inks –

Some people have more reactions to red ink. The healing process definitely gets itchy.

Check with your artist when booking an appointment. Our artists want to create the best tattoos, so they’ll often be willing to do a patch test to make sure your skin handles the ink well.

All of our artists are licensed

You’ll have to check the artwork posted by our artists

Additional Information

To schedule a tattoo appointment with one of our artists, please visit the Artist page on our website. Each artist is in charge of their own scheduling, appointments, and pricing.

Steps to book a tattoo:
View artwork by the different artists
Find an artist with a the style you want for your tattoo
Contact them through their preferred contact method (if they’re currently accepting appointments)
They will coordinate the appointment

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