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I am interested in getting a single-line tattoo on my leg. Something like the cat here:×720.jpg

So my question is:
Do you guys specialize in these kind of tattoos?

And how much does it cost to get a tattoo like that?
Size – 3×3 inches

Is it possible to get colors in the tattoo, like in the example?

Happy to hear back from you guys,

I also have some other questions, so feel free to answer those:
1. What ingredients in the ink you’d use for the colors in the tattoo?
2. Does color ink causes an itchy rash? I have kinda sensitive skin.
3. Can you perform a patch test?
4. Are you a licensed tattoo artist?
5. In case you did some single-line tattoos, can you share some examples?


Rose Gold Art Gallery

Rose Gold Art Gallery

Score: B

Rose Gold Art Gallery offers a wide range of tattooing and piercing services for the modern-day connoisseur. Rose Gold has you covered, offering black-and-gray, colorwork designs with traditional styles to custom pieces in any size or shape imaginable! The artists at this shop take pride in maintaining sterilizing conditions both inside and out so that each client can be confident knowing their design will come out just right.

Website  Address  (469) 647-5188


Select tattoo studio

Select tattoo studio

Score: A+

To Select Tattoo Studio, tattooing is more than just a job. They are part of a new industry and want to take it as far into the future by creating an upscale studio that cares for artists so they can provide high-quality work every time! All tattoos and piercings are done in a sterile environment by professionals who have received the necessary training. The studio complies with state health standards, so you know your body is safe from any blood-borne pathogens!

Website  Address  (469) 647-5044

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Email Response


So for that tattoo, it would be around $300-$400 with color.

To answer your next questions:
1. We use top quality ink brands, if you’d like to look at the ingredients you can ask the artist to see the ingredient on the bottle at your appointment or look into some of the common brands we use such as Radiant, Dynamic, etc.
2. No specific color ink causes a rash. Rashes usually come from more aftercare of the tattoo.
3. Of course! Just let us know before hand that you’d want a patch test to test how colors work with your skin sensitivity and it can be done.
4. All of our artists are licensed
5. We do not have examples at the moment of that specific style of tattoo as our artists do not take photos of every tattoo they do. All of our artists are capable of completing the design for you.

Let us know if you have any other questions for us!

Mohan’s tattoo inn

Mohan’s tattoo inn

Score: B+

The name of this studio is Mohan’s Tattoo Inn, and they offer tattooing by appointment only. To make an appointment, don’t hesitate to contact them with your desired design before coming into the shop, as it will mainly depend on what type of art you want to be done! If you would like to bring your design or choose from thousands of designs, they have on display, that’s possible too.

Website  Address  (347) 990-9572

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Iron Ink Tattoo

Iron Ink Tattoo

Score: A

Iron Ink Tattoo is a custom tattoo studio, which means they will work with you to design and draw your unique one-of-a-kind piece. The artists offer top-quality tattoos at affordable rates so that everyone can get their ink on! All tattoos and piercings take place in a highly sterile environment, which is why Iron Ink Tattoo complies with the Texas Department of Health standards. All equipment is sterilized correctly for your safety as well as ours!

Website  Address  (972) 986-5064

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