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I am interested in getting a single-line tattoo on my leg. Something like the cat here:×720.jpg

So my question is:
Do you guys specialize in these kind of tattoos?

And how much does it cost to get a tattoo like that?
Size – 3×3 inches

Is it possible to get colors in the tattoo, like in the example?

Happy to hear back from you guys,

I also have some other questions, so feel free to answer those:
1. What ingredients in the ink you’d use for the colors in the tattoo?
2. Does color ink causes an itchy rash? I have kinda sensitive skin.
3. Can you perform a patch test?
4. Are you a licensed tattoo artist?
5. In case you did some single-line tattoos, can you share some examples?


Electric Sabbath Tattoo

Electric Sabbath Tattoo

Score: B+

Electric Sabbath Tattoo is a great place to get inked. The staff is friendly and experienced and will walk you through the entire process of receiving your custom-piece. The shop has a chill vibe, and you’ll feel welcome as soon as you step into their studio! They also offer unbeatable prices, and as their shop is one of the cleanest in town, peace of mind that you’re not putting yourself at risk of infection.

Website  Address  (970) 573-1589

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Lyons Den Ink, LLC

Lyons’ Den Ink

Score: A

Lyons Den Ink, LLC is a tattoo parlor with a focus on custom work. They DO NOT offer piercings, but exclusively specialize on designing and executing your very own masterpiece to last a lifetime! Their skilled team of artists finds satisfaction in doing an amazing job for their clients by following these three guidelines: artistic freedom, sanitation and hygiene standards, and customer satisfaction.

Address  (307) 514-5966


Email Response

Hello Drew,

I will try to answer your questions to the best of my ability.

No one here specializes in those because they are not super common, but both Deacon and Skittles would be able to do that tattoo very well for you.

For that you are looking at $80 to $110 for it depending on artist and details. That quote includes colors.

The inks are proprietary so I could not tell you what they use for ingredients, but all the inks we use are FDA approved.

Some clients have reactions to color, but it is not common. We can do a patch test before your tattoo.

All the artists at our shop are licensed.

I don’t have any specific examples, but if you go to our Facebook page you can look at our portfolios.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


Painted Moth Tattoo

Painted Moth Tattoo

Score: B+

With a unique and diverse selection of artwork, Painted Moth provides some of the best custom tattoo designs around. Whether you’re looking for something traditional or more modern—they’ve got you covered! Their friendly staff will be happy to help with any questions you may have, so stop by today and see what sets them apart from other shops on your block.

Website  Address  (307) 514-5099

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The T.R.I.B.E. Zoo, LLC Tattoo

The T.R.I.B.E. Zoo, LLC Tattoo

Score: A

Sick of tattoo shops giving you the same boring designs from unimaginative artists who just follow trends? If you want a truly unique tattoo from amazing artists in your own personalized style, then The T.R.I.B.E. Zoo, LLC Tattoo is your go-to! They offer everything—whether you’re interested in photorealistic portraits, lighthearted cartoon images, modern designs, or traditional styles like biomech or watercolors, this shop provides their customers with a vast variety of options to choose from. They will always welcome any style of art you have in mind!

Website  Address  (307) 426-4008

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Twizted Needle Tattoo

Score: B

Twizted Needle proudly fulfills your tattoo and piercing needs in Cheyenne, WY. They have a wide range of artists with different styles that will suit your every need, from custom art to traditional needlework. The friendly environment at their shop is complemented by clean and sterile facilities—everything you see when walking through their doors has been disinfected, so no worries about picking up an infection!

Address  (307) 287-0198

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