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Top rated Speech Therapists in Houston, Texas
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Top Rated Speech Therapists in Houston

ABA Therapy For Life

Speech Therapists

Speech Therapy For Life provides speech therapy services to those suffering from language delays, stuttering and other articulation issues. The professionals at this center deal with childhood injuries or strokes that have injured their vocal cords as well as anyone on the spectrum who needs extra assistance learning how to communicate properly again.

Address: Houston, TX 77027

Child Language Center is committed to help every child to reach their full potential. It is done by providing speech therapy not only for communication improvement, but also in order to create healthy relationships between children and their parents through the process of healing that can last into adulthood. In their practice they offer customized services tailored specifically towards your needs.

Address: 2600 South Loop West STE 140Houston, TX 77054

Cole Health

Speech Therapists

Cole Health is a leading provider of pediatric services in Houston, Texas. They offer physical therapy and occupational therapies for children with communication disorders such as vocal tics or stuttering who have difficulties in expressing themselves properly due to auditory memory problems that prevent them from understanding what they’re saying when they speak back-and forth among each other clearly (receptive language).

Address: 16835 Deer Creek Drive #220Spring, TX 77379

Cutting Edge Pediatric Therapy

Speech Therapists

Cutting Edge Pediatric Therapy provides speech and language therapy services to children in Katy. The center specializes in treating special needs, spectrum related disorders or sensory integration dysfunction with a team of certified therapists who can help to solve your child’s problem. Services are available for both public schools as well as private ones through insurance coverage by cutting their edge (Blue Cross/Shield).

Address: Katy, TX 77450

Faith Pediatric Rehabilitation

Speech Therapists

Faith Pediatric Rehabilitation offers comprehensive speech therapy services in Richmond that are available to children of all ages. Services include voice, fluency and articulation improvement as well as rhythm & pitch production through breathable deleted instrumentation or parenthesized vocalization techniques with an emphasis on non-verbal methods like body gestures or sign language along side traditional verbal communication skills.

Address: Richmond, TX 77469

Kids Developmental Clinic

Speech Therapists

Kids Developmental Clinic is a licensed Pediatric Outpatient Rehabilitation Facility that provides speech therapy to children in needs. The clinic offers treatment for language and communication disorders, focusing on receptive or expressive grammar among other things with an emphasis on pragmatic skills like using proper vocabulary when speaking about everyday topics more easily than before.

Address: Houston, TX 77055

Nancy L. Foreman & Associates

Speech Therapists

Nancy L. Foreman & Associates is the center for speech disorders in Bellaire, Texas that has been servicing patients since 1998 with a focus of Evaluation and Treatment of Language delays as well as stuttering treatment among other things like oral-motor dysfunctions or voice issues which are all treatable through therapy sessions tailored just for them.

Address: Bellaire, TX 77401

Open Door Pediatric Therapy

Speech Therapists

The Open Door Pediatric Therapy is a speech therapy center in Houston that offers services to help children with delays or disorders. These include language struggles, sound difficulties and oral motor coordination problems by using the “floor time approach.” A CCC-SLP has been trained for behavioral modification techniques combined neuro biological based intervention methods which can improve with their struggles greatly.

Address: Houston, TX 77070

Pediatric Helping Hands Therapy’s speech therapists work to prevent, assess and diagnose both pediatric patients with communication disorders as well as adults. They offer treatment plans that target voice issues including resonance or fluency problems in addition oral motor difficulties which can be seen across all age groups from newborns up to senior citizens.

Address: Houston, TX 77006

Pediatric Therapy Center

Speech Therapists

Pediatric Therapy Center is a clinic in Houston that has been providing speech therapy services since 1982. They offer state-of the art equipment and treatments for children with language disorders or motor control issues who are unable to communicate properly. They also help those suffering from oral feeding difficulties as well as sensory processing disorder symptoms like crayfish.

Address: Houston, TX 77074

Reach Pediatric Therapy

Speech Therapists

Reach Pediatric Therapy is a speech therapy clinic in Texas since 1987 that has helped numerous children with communication and feeding or swallowing disorders. The group assists via Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs) or SLP Assistants who work either at home or on site as part of their specialized equipments that they feature for viewing pleasure.

Address: Houston, TX 77054

Speech Therapy Unlimited

Speech Therapists

Speech therapy is a crucial part of helping your love ones to learn how to speak clearly. With the help from this team, they will be able to do that. They provide services at local daycare centers and schools as well as in rehabilitation facilities or senior living communities. You don’t have to worry about their vocal needs because they will take care everything else– Assessment or Diagnosis treatment compliance related counseling private speech pathologist will be available immediately.

Address: Sugar Land, TX 77478

Spero Rehab

Speech Therapists

Spero Rehab is a Katy speech therapy center.

Address: Katy, TX 77494

Oftentimes people don’t know what’s wrong with them until it becomes too late. What if you had the chance to get help early on? That is exactly where speech pathologists come into play. They can identify issues before they become major problems and offer treatment plans tailored just for your needs–whether that would be a pain relief or functional restoration.

Address: 950 Echo LaneHouston, TX 77024


Speech Therapists

The Therapy Department at TDLC provides children with speech, language and behavioral difficulties the individualized care that they needed to reach their full potential. With 17K square feet of space for treatment rooms as well as an open play area, kids can explore fun games on mobile devices or interact digitally in our virtual world – there’s no other place like it.

Address: Houston, TX 77092

The Learning Sphere

Speech Therapists

In 2018, three speech-language pathologists founded The Learning Sphere. They have 45 years of experience in providing learning opportunities that suit the specific needs for children with delays or disabilities like autism spectrum disorder (ASD), Down syndrome & cerebral palsy among others. Additionally, they offer occupational therapies services which includes feeding difficulties due to bloating caused by food allergies or intolerance.

Address: 7670 Woodway DriveHouston, TX 77063

The Speech Dynamic

Speech Therapists

Speech Dynamic is a local speech therapy practice that’s been providing innovative services for children since 2003. They specialized in early intervention and have offices all over the town, including at home visits with parents or preschoolers.

Address: 2055 Colquitt StHouston, TX 77019

Thera Kids Associates

Speech Therapists

Thera Kids Associates is dedicated to the well being of your children. They offer speech therapy services that includes evaluations and screenings, consultations with school professionals at both home-based or institutional settings (depending on what’s best for kid), individual sessions geared towards each client’s needs as well as group workshops where they work together toward common goals.

Address: Bellaire, TX 77401

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Top rated Speech Therapists in Houston, Texas
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