Speech Therapists in El Paso, Texas

With so many Speech Therapists in El Paso, it can be hard to find the right one. But we’ve done all the research and hand-picked 9 that are truly qualified for the job.

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These El Paso Speech Therapists are the best of their kind. Their work is guaranteed to be top-notch, and you can’t go wrong with any business on this list.

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Top rated Speech Therapists in El Paso, Texas
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Top Rated Speech Therapists in El Paso

ActionCare Pediatric Therapy

Speech Therapists

ActionCare Pediatric Therapy is a wonderful place to take your children if they are having troubles with any area of developments. The team here has experience working on all sorts or conditions and will do everything in their power so that you can watch these kids grow into strong, confident individuals because it’s important too see what they’re capable off before putting their best foot forward as adults some day.

Address: El Paso, TX 79935

Avida Home Health, Inc.

Speech Therapists

Avida Home Health, Inc. offers a variety of services including home health aide and skilled nursing as well as occupational therapy for those who need it along with physical rehabilitation if necessary. The company also has a speech-language pathologist on staff to provide aid in communication disorders caused by tongue muscle paralysis or stroke.

Address: El Paso, TX 79903

El Paso Speech & Language Service Excellence, LLC provides a wide range of services including speech therapy and evaluations as well as other helpful therapies like oral motor assessments. With their experienced team, they aim to provide optimal recovery for clients so that you can return home or start working again more quickly.

Address: El Paso, TX 79902

Esperanza Children’s Therapy

Speech Therapists

At Esperanza Children’s Therapy, the therapists work with children to help them achieve their highest potential through speech and language therapies; occupational therapist services that promote fine motor skills or physical therapy which include therapeutic activities such as art projects.

Address: Anthony, NM 88021

Health Star Pediatric Rehab and Home Health is committed to providing the best possible care for children with special needs. They offer speech therapy, occupational therapist or physical therapist services that are customized according to your child’s specific requirements at competitive rates – all in a warm and friendly environment.

Address: El Paso, TX 79915

New Beginnings, a pediatric speech-language therapy practice in El Paso Texas provides services for children from 0 – 20 years old and their family’s needs. The team of professionals are available 24/7 with at home services as well as office or daycare treatments ensuring new beginnings.

Address: El Paso, TX 79936


Speech Therapists

OT For Tots is a clinic that caters specifically to children with disorders like ADHD, autism and sensory processing disorder. They focus on helping these patients develop skills in cognitive development (including learning how communicate), oral motor movement improvement among other things such as socialization or voice paralinguistic abilities which would allow them be more articulated.

Address: 1510 N Zaragoza Rd Suite A-12El Paso, TX 79936

Rio Grande Therapy Group

Speech Therapists

Rio Grande Therapy is changing the lives of children in El Paso, TX and surrounding areas with their multi-disciplinary approach to speech therapy. Services are offered at both home or school for those who need it most.

Address: El Paso, TX 79912

Speech Communications Therapies is a speech therapy facility that offers individualized care to people in the El Paso area. The therapists work on facial muscles and promote emotional, cognitive or social growth through their treatments.

Address: El Paso, TX 79907

Best Speech Therapists Near You

Top rated Speech Therapists in El Paso, Texas
Connecting People with the Best
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