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Top rated Speech Therapists in Baltimore, Maryland
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Top Rated Speech Therapists in Baltimore

Baltimore Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation was established in 2004. Over the last 14 years, they have grown to become one of Maryland’s largest therapy service providers with 150+ multi-disciplinary staff members who are dedicated at fostering improvements for patients’ lives by providing excellent care despite any obstacles put before them.

Address: Baltimore, MD 21224

Charm City Therapy

Speech Therapists

What’s not to love about Charm City Therapy? They’re a pediatric speech therapy facility that provides their services in-home or at the clinic location. The therapists understand how stressful it can be when your child begins seeking for help. So they strive to make sure each patient feels welcomed and comfortable from the start to finish. Clients have access in flexible schedules like yours; parents will also find them very accessible via phone or email. There really isn’t anything more you could ask for as a parent than what these wonderful people offer upfront (and beyond).

Address: Baltimore, MD 21208

Cypress Creek Therapy Associates, LLC is a treatment and rehabilitation facility located in Severna Park, Maryland that was recognized as a National Practice of the Year by Advanced Magazine.

Address: Severna Park, MD 21146

Kinder Speak, Inc.

Speech Therapists

Kinder Speak, Inc. was established in 2006 by Maura White MSc-CC SLP who graduated from two separate courses at Loyola University Maryland 1997 and 1999 . The company provides their speech therapy services to patients dealing with challenges associated with Developmental delays cognitive disorders like autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Address: Glen Arm, MD 21057

Simply Speaking Therapy Services LLC., provides speech therapy services to help children with the challenges of articulation delays, expressive issues and language base learning disabilities. They offer a variety treatments that are customized for each individual’s needs in order achieve their maximum potentials MSA: Simply speaking therapies is dedicated towards improving communication skills by using techniques such as); Group Play sessions( extinction burst), Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) fluency program which teaches kids how they communicate through pictures instead words).

Address: Baltimore, MD 21286


Speech Therapists

If you’re looking for a speech pathologist company located in Baltimore, look no further than SpeechLeap. They specialize in evaluations and treatments to help children overcome language difficulties as early onset programs start before age 3 with emphasis on vocabulary development through articulation practice exercises that work hand-in glove with parents’ input into personalized treatment plans based off of current research findings.

Address: 1700 Reisterstown RoadPikesville, MD 21208

The Maryland Therapy Network

Speech Therapists

The Maryland Therapy Network INC. is a world-class organization committed to helping patients lead normal lives since their founding in 1992. They specialize not only to provide children with speech language evaluations and therapies, occupational therapist services such as sensitivity training for those who suffer from autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or Asperger’s Syndrome but also physical therapy on site at our Bel Air location.

Address: Bel Air, MD 21015

The Therapy Spot of Baltimore

Speech Therapists

The Therapy Spot, located in Baltimore Maryland specializes exclusively for children. They provide individualized attention to their patients and services were created a way as help them overcome the challenges associated with communication difficulties or birth defects; academically struggling student’s need not apply.

Address: Baltimore, MD 21208

Total Speech Therapy

Speech Therapists

The therapists at Total Speech Therapy are committed to providing superior care for those in need of their services. They use an individualized treatment plan that has been specifically designed based on each client’s needs, which enables them get the highest quality help they deserve while easing conditions including autism or developmental delays among others listed above . With extensive knowledge and experience required just like you would want it if your child had any special educational requirements then this team will be able take great pride when helping ease these difficulties.

Address: Baltimore?, MD 21218

Trellis Services

Speech Therapists

Trellis Services is a unique company located in the heart of Maryland that has been providing children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and their families since 2001. With over 500 clients, they have helped many people reach this full potential through various forms therapy such as ABA services or early intervention programs like Love2Learn which can be done before school starts if you’re having trouble adjusting socially during late night hours due to things like lack interest groups etc., afterschool tutoring.

Address: Sparks, MD 21152

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Top rated Speech Therapists in Baltimore, Maryland
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