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Top rated Real Estate Agents in Deerfield Beach, Florida

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Alex Platt

Real Estate Agents

Alex Platt, a real estate agent with over ten years of experience in the industry is committed to serving clients’ needs. He works as both an investor and developer while also teaching home buyers about bidding wars that can happen between multiple bidders on one property.

Address: 101 North Federal HighwayBoca Raton, FL 33432

Dominick Rivera

Real Estate Agents

Dominick’s work as president and broker at Realty Standard has been a key player in the service for property buyers and sellers throughout Deerfield Beach. He specializes primarily in residential properties, but also offers valuable insight into market conditions that may impact your investment or luxury home goals.

Address: 361 East Hillsboro BoulevardDeerfield Beach, FL 33441


Real Estate Agents

Find-A-Home is committed to helping its clients find the perfect home for them. Whether you’re looking into buying your first house or just want more information on how mortgage loans work, this company has got what it takes.

Address: 330 South Powerline RoadDeerfield Beach, FL 33442

Greg & Charli Lynn

Real Estate Agents

Greg and Charli Lynn of Lynn Realty Group are the top real estate experts in Boca Raton. They specialize in single-family homes, condominiums, and waterfront properties but also have experience selling luxury properties too.

Address: 306 East Palmetto Park RoadBoca Raton, FL 33432

Jennifer Sanford

Real Estate Agents

Jennifer Sanford, is a real estate broker for the Deerfield Beach metro and surrounding areas. She has more than 15 years of experience in her field which includes both rentals as well selling properties that are available to purchase or lease! Her listings cover new developments with features such as 24-hour security cameras at your disposal alongside fitness centers.

Address: 1121 South Military TrailDeerfield Beach, FL 33442

Juan M Acevedo PA

Real Estate Agents

Juan Acevedo is a real estate agent with extensive knowledge of the market and personal commitment to help home buyers in Deerfield Beach find their perfect place. He assists clients through every step, from contract negotiation all way until the closing day – he even helps you short-sell or forecloses if necessary.

Address: 200 East Palmetto Park RoadBoca Raton, FL 33432

Julie Adler Mahfood

Real Estate Agents

Julie Adler Mahfood, a real estate professional in Deerfield Beach and the surrounding areas and represents home buyers and sellers of coastal properties. She is commended by former clients for being responsive to their needs while helping them through buying process; she’s also involved with several charities such as Lighthouse-A Glow.

Address: 1750 North Federal HighwayPompano Beach, FL 33062

Karen Rothstein

Real Estate Agents

Karen Rothstein is one of the most knowledgeable and experienced Realtors in all South Florida. Her expertise has helped home buyers find their dream properties, while also teaching sellers about what they need to offer prospective clients so that you’re confident your property will sell quickly.

Address: 400 South Dixie HighwayBoca Raton, FL 33432

Karen Sneed

Real Estate Agents

Karen Sneed is a local Realtor in the Deerfield Beach metro who has been helping people find their perfect home for years. With her extensive knowledge of this area and all its available real estate services, she can help you with everything from finding your dream house or condo to negotiating on behalf of yourself.

Address: 1200 North Federal HighwayBoca Raton, FL 33432

Rochelle LeCavalier

Real Estate Agents

Rochelle LeCavalier, a real estate agent who specializes in South Florida residential properties for international celebrities and members of royalty. She’s been working as an expert since more than 15 years ago when she gained experience through dedication to professionalism that has helped her succeed.

Address: 444 East Palmetto Park RoadBoca Raton, FL 33432

Saperstein Group

Real Estate Agents

The Paul Saperstein Group is a real estate company that specializes in the probate, staging, and luxury homes for people living here at Deerfield Beach. They also handle residential sales as well as first-time homebuyers who are looking to buy their dream house or property under difficult circumstances such as distressed properties; they can help you find what suits your needs best.

Address: 3200 North Military TrailBoca Raton, FL 33431

VIP Homes Group

Real Estate Agents

VIP Homes Group has been working with ONE Sothesby’s International Realty since 2004. The agency can connect buyers and sellers to local home inspectors and interior designers for a better price on their mortgage or purchase of land, estate planning services, including virtual tours, so you get the feel without leaving your house.

Address: 200 East Palmetto Park RoadBoca Raton, FL 33432

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