Private Investigators in Detroit, Michigan

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Top rated Private Investigators in Detroit, Michigan
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Top Rated Private Investigators in Detroit

ACS Professional Investigations

Private Investigators

When it comes to obtaining the best results for your investigation, there is no better choice than ACS Professional Investigations. This full-service firm has been providing quality service since 1997. It puts its expertise into working on cases involving insurance fraud, loss prevention (including inventory), legal issues like litigation or contract disputes, and domestic matters such as divorce mediation when you need an outside perspective most.

Address: 7195 Cooley Lake Rd, West Bloomfield Township, MI 48324

ASG Investigations

Private Investigators

ASG Investigations is a premier private investigation agency based in Michigan that has been providing clients with high-quality service for more than 19 years. With its wide coverage area, the team at ASGI specializes specifically in cases involving cheating spouses and infidelity, child support, and investigations to determine if there are any unpaid debts against you or someone else.

Address: 42815 Garfield Rd STE 208, Clinton Township, MI 48038

Bleu Wing Investigations Inc.

Private Investigators

Bleu Wing Investigations is a private investigation firm helping people with all their needs since 2002. They offer background investigations, surveillance work permit applications, and training for new employees.

Address: Detroit, MI 48226

Howard Kravitz & Associates

Private Investigators

Howard Kravitz & Associates has more than 40 years of experience in the industry. The company’s experts have appeared at hundreds of trials, including ones for products liability and medical malpractice. They also provide background investigations and GPS vehicle tracking services. In addition, there is an extensive list of other things this business can do, such as trial preparation (including appearance), general liability claims for fires/arson attacks, etc.

Address: West Bloomfield, MI 48323

Koda Group Inc.

Private Investigators

Koda Group is a Plymouth-based business that provides security and private investigation services in Ann Arbor, Canton, and Youngstown. They offer child welfare investigations to protect children from abuse or neglect, electronic surveillance with tracking devices like GPS monitoring systems, and missing person searches, including background checks on potential suspects so they can be monitored.

Address: Plymouth, MI 48170

Scott Lewis Private Investigations

Private Investigators

Scott Lewis Private Investigations is a Grosse Pointe Farms full-service agency.

Address: Grosse Pointe Farms, MI 48236

Sherlock Investigations, Inc.

Private Investigators

You don’t need to be a genius or an expert in detection. All you have to do is call Paul Dank at Sherlock Investigations, Inc., and they’ll take care of everything for you. The company specializes in insurance investigations-including surveillance services, internet profiles/profiling techniques used by criminals on dating sites, and asbestos claims interviews & examinations.

Address: Clinton Township, MI 48038

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Top rated Private Investigators in Detroit, Michigan
Connecting People with the Best
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