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Top rated Private Investigators in Denver, Colorado
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Top Rated Private Investigators in Denver

Ace of Spaces Investigations, Inc.

Private Investigators

Ace of Spades Investigations is a private investigation firm that offers services to the greater Denver area and throughout America. All their employees are licensed, giving you peace of mind for your family’s safety with real-time verification during each search process. Their investigations can also provide information on where someone has been located recently and any assets they may possess.

Address: Boulder, CO 80302

Advanced Professional Investigations

Private Investigators

Advanced Professional Investigations is a professional and reliable agency in Castle Rock that provides timely reports for all of your needs. The team works closely with attorneys and individuals who witnessed an act related to insurance defense cases such as workers’ compensation claims. They can also provide stalking analysis when needed.

Address: Castle Rock, CO 80104

Angel P “Eyes”

Private Investigators

The company Angel P “Eyes” is a state-licensed private investigation agency in Brighton that operates with honor, honesty, and integrity. They help clients find the truth of rumors about cheating spouses or children born out of wedlock. They also conduct nationwide locations to check their loved one’s activities and covert surveillance for evidence purposes if needed.

Address: Brighton, CO 80601

Braddy Investigative Group

Private Investigators

The Braddy Investigative Group is a company that specializes in the latest techniques and technologies to deliver accurate results. They offer various services, including medical malpractice surveillance and contestable death investigations for private citizens or businesses. Their due diligence tasks cater to those looking into something on behalf of someone else.

Address: Denver, CO 80224

Bright Star Investigations

Private Investigators

With offices in Denver and Colorado Springs, Bright Star Investigations offers various services. These specializations include surveillance on an individual or place to investigate background checks for employment opportunities and social media investigations into spouses’ pasts which may affect their present state when they go missing. The company prides itself on its tactics and technology used throughout each case handled.

Address: Denver, CO 80237


Private Investigators

Co-Investigators is a private investigation firm specializing in background checks and surveillance operations for individuals or corporations looking to protect themselves against threats like infidelity. They also work on investigations into other legal matters, such as corporate wrongdoing, which can lead to criminal defense work if necessary. All team members have their licenses and strive hard each day ethically and legally wherever needed.

Address: 1600 Broadway, Denver, CO 80202

Copper Investigations

Private Investigators

Copper Investigations is one of Denver’s best private investigative companies, an innovative company that offers private investigative services to individuals and businesses in the Denver metro area. They have an extensive background and our experience that will meet your needs, whether a simple research request or a very complex investigation.

Address: 1515 Wynkoop Street, Denver, CO 80202

The professionals at Davis & Associates are focused on providing the best background screening available. They have offices across America, including one just outside Denver in Colorado. The company’s goal is to help property managers and hiring executives to find essential information about tenants or job applicants to maintain a safe environment for everyone living there.

Address: Denver, CO 80218

Denver Private Investigations

Private Investigators

Denver’s Private Investigations is a top-of-the-line, professional private investigation and consulting service in the Denver area. They’re trained to conduct research interviewing activities that will get you any information relevant for some instances. These include locating missing persons or identifying theft at home, tracking someone who has temporary disappearances from their life (like lovers), and proving whether an affair took place between two people based on surveillance footage.

Address: 14109 East Hampden Avenue, Denver, CO 80231

Flatirons Private Investigations

Private Investigators

Flatirons Private Investigations is a leading agency in Broomfield known for its excellent track record. They cater to individuals and organizations, providing surveillance and location of missing persons or background checks- all with accurate superior service. Flatirons Private Investigations collaborates closely with attorneys who build cases so you can feel confident about your investment when choosing them.

Address: Broomfield, CO 80021

HDS & Associates

Private Investigators

HDS & Associates is a Littleton-based private investigation and security firm that strives to provide the best services possible. They are members of ASIS International, which allows them access to some law enforcement databases and other membership benefits such as networking opportunities for business owners in their industry and professionals who work within it. They also have joined the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals, so you can be sure your organization’s safety concerns will receive attention without hesitation.

Address: Littleton, CO 80120

Investigative Resources

Private Investigators

If you need any type of private investigation done, Investigative Resources is the one for all your needs. They have more than 35 years in business and can easily handle anything from witness location to interviews. These professionals’ skills will give clients peace of mind knowing that an expert has uncovered everything about what happened.

Address: Denver, CO 80202

Metro Intelligence Agency

Private Investigators

Metro Intelligence Agency offers clients peace of mind with exceptional services and performs tasks such as fraud investigation, asset searches, background checks, pre-employment screening, and process service. The team also specializes in locating missing persons, relatives, old friends, or witnesses who cannot speak for themselves so they can be found quickly by law enforcement.

Address: 5125 S. Kipling Parkway – Suite 340, Littleton, CO 80127

Metro Private Investigations LLC

Private Investigators

Metro Private Investigations is a Colorado-based agency specializing in domestic and extensive city surveillance. They provide peace of mind for their clients with skilled investigators using their skills to investigate infidelity cases, child custody issues, or missing person reports, among others. The main goal at Metro Private Investigations is to ask all those important questions so we can get you what’s going on.

Address: 1550 Larimer Street, Denver, CO 80202

Night Moves of Denve

Private Investigators

Night Moves of Denver can get the job done when you need to find out what’s going on with someone. Our team has experience in surveillance work and skip tracing. We also provide pre-employment screenings for professionals looking into new positions before they start working at their clients’ organizations – all while keeping an eye out if anything happens during these investigations.

Address: Wheat Ridge, CO 80034

Republic Investigations

Private Investigators

Republic Investigations offers an array of services to fit any need, working with clients of all sizes. Services include employment checks and infidelity surveillance. They also provide missing person locate service for a fee on request. The company’s rates are competitive while delivering exceptional results at every turn.

Address: Denver, CO 80209

Rick Johnson & Associates offers a range of services tailored to your specific needs. Services include gathering evidence and information in civil cases, insurance claims, or family law concerns, all for those who need help with complex issues.

Address: Denver, CO 80218

If you need help with any legal matter, Roland Process Service & Investigations is here for the job. The company has a local and global reach, and their experience includes backgrounds within finance and law- they can handle anything from summonses to garnishment papers.

Address: Denver, CO 80246

Ross Investigators

Private Investigators

When bad things happen, it’s good to know some people will look for the truth and do what needs to be done. Ross Investigators is one of those agencies that offer services in Denver, Colorado because they believe everyone deserves justice. You can go here for issues such as infidelity, wrongful death, financial fraud, environmental crime, public corruption, and similar cases.

Address: Denver, CO 80203

Strappelli Investigative Services

Private Investigators

Strappelli Investigative Services has a nationwide reach with the capability of providing high-end services for cases that demand it. The founder is well-versed in private investigation, criminal justice, and criminology, giving her an edge when working on complicated matters or trying witness interviews where accuracy will matter most.

Address: Denver, CO 80214

True Lies Investigations

Private Investigators

True Lies Investigations is a local Colorado-based company that provides professional investigation services. The agency helps clients perform background checks on job applicants, examining their education records and driving history to ensure they are qualified prospects before hiring them or notifying authorities if necessary. They also offer premarital investigations of any kind– catfishing cases included.

Address: 4610 South Ulster Street, Denver, CO 80237

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Top rated Private Investigators in Denver, Colorado
Connecting People with the Best
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