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Top rated Nutritionists in Denver, Colorado

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Active Fueling


Active Fueling is the go to place for those who want a nutrition clinic based in Denver, Colorado with services including consultations and more. They have professionals that can help you plan your meals or workout routine as well.

Address: Denver, CO 80237

Barbara White Nutrition Therapy has been providing quality care to the people of Denver since 1986. They help their patients establish healthy eating behaviors and beliefs by teaching them about nutrition, as well offering body image therapy that focuses on self-esteem improvement routines for those who need it most.

Address: Denver, CO 80224

Body by Emilee


Emilee Jones has been motivating, inspiring and building fit bodies for more than 15 years. She’s the owner of Body by Emilee in Denver which specializes fitness training, nutrition coaching as well as corporate wellness services to help you reach your goals.

Address: Denver, CO 80202

Cherry Creek Nutrition has helped countless individuals lose weight with their personalized advice and support. They offer a 3 session package, 10 week program that includes in-person counseling as well online sessions for those who prefer it; there’s also an option to have your body composition analyzed.

Address: Denver, CO 80206

The Clinical Nutrition Center is a medical weight loss clinic located in Greenwood Village, Colorado. For over 35 years they have helped the residents of Denver and its surrounding regions achieve their personal healthcare goals with individualized plans created by five registered dietitians who are all experts on nutrition counseling for heavy people or those wanting to lose excess pounds fast.

Address: Greenwood Village, CO 80111

EnCompass Nutrition LLC


EnCompass Nutrition LLC is a private practice that offers nutrition therapy to help people explore their relationship with food, themselves, and the world around them. They offer personalized discussions about what you’re feeling or thinking; self-exploration by way of educational activities like cooking classes & wellness workshops where we’ll teach how exercise can be both physical but also mental for those who need it most.

Address: Littleton, CO 80127

Healthy Nest Nutrition, LLC provides food solutions for optimal health. Their mission is to achieve nutritional balance and help their clients reach the best possible odds of living life fully with vitality by using powerful evaluation tools necessary assess patients’ status – which will determine what they need most in order achieve it.

Address: Denver, CO 80218

JR Dietetics, L.L.C.


JR Dietetics is a nutrition clinic that has been helping people break free from diets and binging for years. The staff strives to support those who have had trouble with the yo-yo effect, as well as offering genetic testing if you’re looking into losing weight quickly or trying out different healthy eating plans.

Address: Lone Tree, CO 80124

Maureen West, owner of the nutrition clinic in Denver Colorado offers personalized care to help you achieve your health goals. Her services include gut healing and detoxification programs as well as advice on what food is best suited for each individual’s body type with Lab analysis included.

Address: Denver, CO 80123

Melissa Preston counseling offers personalized care to address the needs of individuals with eating disorders, body image issues or an unhealthy lifestyle. They provide individualized treatment plans for everything from orthorexia and compulsive exercising all way through bulimia nervosa at their offices in Denver Colorado.

Address: Denver, CO 80203

Humans are social animals who need the company of others to feel fulfilled. Personalized Nutrition Concierges LLC offers Denver residents a personalized weight loss and nutrition program that caters specifically for their needs, providing them with everything from food guidance all throughout each week’s meals plan .

Address: 420 E 58th Ave Ste 128A-1Denver, CO 80216

Racer’s Edge Nutrition


If you’re looking for a nutritionist that will give your dietitian-grade advice and personalized attention, Racer’s Edge Nutrition is the place. They have affiliates who can work with athletes of all levels as well as those suffering from specific health conditions like bariatric surgery or vegetarianism – just ask them how they might be able to help.

Address: 3075 South Elm StreetDenver, CO 80222

RightFitt Nutrition & Fitness in Thornton, Colorado aims to ignite health and fitness. They offer individual coaching with Weight Loss plans for people who want a quick fix or those looking at long term goals like weight maintenance; they also have Project Me challenges where you can measure your progress towards success by measuring certain physical qualities.

Address: Thornton, CO 80234

SlimDown4Life, LLC


SlimDown4Life, LLC offers a health consultation service that includes weight loss coaching and nutritional counseling. The company is one of the best in Denver for providing these services with their expertise on how you can improve your lifestyle through food choices to make it easier than ever before.

Address: Greenwood Village, CO 80111

Vitalized Body, LLC


Vitalized Body, LLC is the answer for everyone who needs to lose weight or maintain their current figure. They offer customized nutrition plans that are tailored specifically around your health goals and lifestyle preferences including weekly weigh-ins so you can track success with ease.

Address: Littleton, CO 80120

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