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Top rated Nutritionists in Chicago, Illinois

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Allison B. Shudnow, MS RD LDN is a Dietitian-Nutritionist who has helped people overcome eating disorders by using proven therapy techniques like cognitive behavioral modification to help them learn healthier habits for achieving greater wellness in their lives.

Address: Chicago, IL 60602

Coral Nutrition Coaching


Coral Nutrition Coaching offers personalized, customized plans to help people live healthier and happier lives. Whether customers suffer from chronic illnesses or just need a little assistance losing weight, the company’s experienced Dietitian Nutritionist will develop targeted strategies for them that include more energy/vigor as well as confidence-boosting food guidance in order to reach their goals.

Address: Chicago, IL 60615

FEED is a company that offers personalized nutritional counseling for children and adults to help them stay healthy through every stage in life. They provide services such as grocery shopping, cooking lessons at home or restaurants if needed.

Address: Chicago, IL 60657

Health Loft


Health Loft is a clinic that offers to examine and correct the meal plans, habits of clients. It has different options for weight loss as well athletic fitness goals like preventative measures which are tailored specifically towards you.

Address: 160 North Wacker Drive, Unit 201Chicago, IL 60606

JEM Nutrition Services


JEM Nutrition Services are the go-to for anyone who wants to live a healthy lifestyle. Whether you need help losing weight or just know how hard it can be when your body doesn’t feel right, they’ve got an answer.

Address: Chicago, IL 60611

Karen Raden MS RD CCN


Karen Raden MS RD CCN is an expert in nutrition and wellness who has the knowledge to help you achieve your goals. She offers custom packages for individuals, athletes or people with chronic disorders that are tailored towards balancing food into a healthy lifestyle – whether it’s just weight loss or something more substantial like changing eating habits entirely.

Address: Northbrook, IL 60062

Katie Goldberg, a Chicago-based dietician and nutritionist offers customized nutritional counseling to treat issues like diabetes or heart disease. She also provides medical consultation for professional athletes as well as those looking at diets.

Address: Chicago, IL 60647

Luscious Life Nutrition


Luscious Life Nutrition is a nutrition company with thousands of satisfied customers. They offer customized plans, cooking classes and more to help people live healthier lives. The owner has been in the industry for over 20 years so you can trust that their services will provide real results- not just hope or false promises.

Address: Chicago, IL 60645

Mary Ann Hodorowicz, is a registered and licensed dietitian with certifications in diabetes education who provides nutritionist services to clients living near Chicago’s Chicagoland area. Her complete package of turn-key materials make it easy for aspiring healthcare providers like you.

Address: Palos Heights, IL 60465

Miss Alexa Nutrition


Miss Alexa Nutrition is a nutritional counseling service that provides services to the Chicagoland area. The goal of this business venture was restoration through changes in diet and lifestyle, which are achieved by meeting with clients on video or phone call and even live in person.

Address: Oak Lawn, IL 60453

An expert nutritionist is on the phone with you. You need help eating better, living healthier and enjoying optimal health at every stage in life? Nutritional Concepts Inc., a company that provides personalized service for weight loss or just wanting to learn more about healthier cooking options can provide this assistance.

Address: Northbrook, IL 60062

Renee Clerkin RD


The dietitian and nutritionist Renee Clerkin RD has a mission to heal people from the inside out by providing them with customized nutritional counseling, food sensitivity testing for chronic illness such as headaches or fatigue-related disorders that could be caused by your regular eating habits.

Address: Chicago, IL 60647

Roche Dietitians L.L.C.


Roche Dietitians L.L C., a Riverside wellness company with friendly and professional staff is here to help you achieve better health through the healing power of food! They provide individualized plans for any customer who needs it including obesity treatment, allergies relief, or chronic fatigue management.

Address: Chicago, IL 60546

With its team of dieticians and trainers, Sport Wise Nutrition is the ultimate guide to living your best life. Whether you’re an athlete looking for more energy or just trying to lose weight; if it has anything about nutrition in general then they can help.

Address: Chicago, IL 60647

Sustaining Nutrition


The experts at Sustaining Nutrition provide customers with expert, non-judgmental nutritional counseling and advice for every stage of life. Their passion is teaching people how to eat better so they can manage their weight or find ways around chronic diseases like heart trouble.

Address: Chicago, IL 60614

Whole Health Longevity


Whole Health Longevity is the perfect place to find personalized wellness programs that will help you manage or lose weight, reverse chronic illness and improve your overall well-being. The staff at Whole Health are experts in nutrition who have a diverse background working with people from all walks of life so they can provide an individualized approach towards achieving optimal health.

Address: Highland Park, IL 60035

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