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Top rated Nutritionists in Austin, Texas

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The practice of Austin Functional Nutrition is to use the latest available scientific research in order provide expert help for clients suffering from a variety of health conditions. They work closely with patients through holistic approaches that treat or mitigate their symptoms using nutrition therapy.

Address: Austin, TX 78739

Austin Holistic Fitness


Austin Holistic Fitness is the place to go if you want a holistic approach that builds well-being in both body and mind. Owner Jeremy Robinson has been coaching people for over 16 years, helping them achieve their health goals with his knowledge of physiology combined with individualized attention from him as your personal trainer.

Address: West Lake Hills, TX 78746

Bowman Gruber Nutrition


The nutritionists at Bowman Gruber Nutrition have decades of combined experience in treating health problems through the use proper eating habits and nutrients. They provide a personalized, holistic approach to managing weight issues including food allergies or sensitivities as well digestive concerns such diabetes & cancer treatment plans for athletes who need customized advice on how their bodies respond best.

Address: Austin, TX 78746

Eat Pray Lift is a wellness center located in Austin. Owner, dietician Lindsey Ray has been helping her clients with their health and personal Wellness for over 10 years! Her goal as an entrepreneur was to create personalized meal plans that are suited just right according to each client’s needs–including weight management or sports nutrition services if desired.

Address: Plano, TX 75025

iLiveWell is a quickly growing dietitian practice based in Austin, Texas. All of its consultants are registered and licensed to practice within the state of Texas – meaning they have all available certifications for your needs. These qualified professionals work with you individually on customized plans that address physical health issues such as addiction or diabetes while also addressing mental aspects like anxiety disorders or eating disorder symptoms.

Address: Austin, TX 78731

Keto Girl Nutritionist


Keto Girl Nutritionist is a private practice that offers personalized weight loss plans to help women lose pounds. The company was founded by Priscilla Blevins, an experienced dietician with both master’s degree in clinical nutrition and years of experience working as a part-time instructor for University In Austin’s College Of Health Care Administration—a position she held before becoming plugged into her keto passion full time.

Address: 5900 Balcones DriveAustin, TX 78731

Living Large Wellness


Living Large Wellness provides personalized support, accountability and guidance to clients in order for them to achieve their goals. The company offers goal clearings services that help people overcome challenges when they are trying reach particular nutritional or exercise requirements with assistance from an experienced nutritionist who has been there before alongside the client every step of the journey.

Address: Austin, TX 78702

Nutrition and Fitness Professional, LLC provides high quality nutritional counseling to clients in Austin. Services include personal training consultation as well as eating habits coaching for those looking at changing their lifestyle or gaining weight; they are also experts on vegetarian diets specific enough that you can follow them without sacrificing taste.

Address: 1907 N Lamar Blvd Ste 352Austin, TX 78705

Nuvitru Wellness


Nuvitru Wellness, a holistic wellness clinic in Austin specializes with digestive health and weight loss. The staff has eight registered dieticians to assist its clients through personalized assessments on nutrition plans for their specific needs – which includes lab testing from within the facility so they can provide accurate information about what you need.

Address: 108 Wild Basin Rd S Suite 250Austin, TX 78746

Pantry Medicine


Pantry Medicine is the only place you need to go when your body needs medical nutrition therapy. Dr. Lea Gebhardt, owner of Pantries has over 20 years of experience in providing personalized care for people with specific dietary requirements or food allergies– she’s seen it all.

Address: Austin, TX 78701

Passion 4 Fitness


The personal training sessions at Passion 4 Fitness are Designed for women over 50 who want to get in shape. Owner Karma Lewis provides one-on-one coaching, supplying any equipment necessary; past customers praise her professionalism and patience when working with clients .

Address: Austin, TX 78734

Path Nutrition


Path Nutrition provides a simple approach to nutrition, with staff members who are professional and informative. They have helped many people in the Austin metro area improve their general health by building non-restrictive plans that address root problems of diets without being too restrictive or difficult for them to follow through on – all while maintaining results-driven programs.

Address: Austin, TX 78703

Sparkman Nutrition, LLC


Sparkman Nutrition is the provider of choice for those in Central Texas looking to improve their general health. The practice has over 30 years experience and works with individuals, corporations, or other groups on wide range of concerns such as diabetes, cancer, weight management, gastrointestinal disorders, eating disorder and more.

Address: Austin, TX 78759

Thrive Wellness and Recovery is an innovative nutritionist business that offers clients in Austin, Texas as well long-distance phone calls via video conferencing. The company focuses on holistic health care to help people thrive both personally or professionally with their therapist Dr. Lauryn Lax who specializes extensively within gut immunity conditions such as autoimmune disease.

Address: 2324 E Cesar Chavez StAustin, TX 78702

Your Nutrition Guru


Your Nutrition Guru is here to help you learn how food can be an important part of your life. Dr. Brittany Crim has vast experience as a nutritionist and offers individual counseling sessions, group education classes on topics like the science behind dieting for weight loss or metabolism boosters depending upon what’s needed from each client.

Address: Round Rock, TX 78664

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