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Top rated Magicians in Los Angeles, California

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Carl Christman


Magic in the San Diego area is more than just a job for this accomplished entertainer. It’s his passion, which he brings to every performance through wit and creativity that will have you laughing from beginning until end. If your next event requires some magic tricks performed by an expert magician who knows what makes people laugh then look no further.

Address: Hollywood, CA 90028

Christopher T. magician is an entertainer who specializes in children’s magic but can also do adult shows for those looking to laugh and be amazed by his hilarious routines. His Beyond Look Don’t See book has been an international success, with fans all around the world- even if you don’t know how it’s done he’ll make sure your kids will love them.

Address: Long Beach, CA 90803

David Minkin has been performing magic for over 15 years and is considered one of the world’s premier close-up acts. His style, which he brings both authenticity as well artistic beauty to his routines while also being breathtaking in its own right makes it highly entertaining with unforgettable moments that will leave your audience members speechless.

Address: Los Angeles, CA 90028

You won’t find a more family-friendly entertainer than the Fiesta Fantastic Entertainment magicians! They have been working at Disneyland for years, so you know their shows will be clean and friendly. You can book them to perform on your next birthday party or special event.

Address: Buena Park, CA 90620

Jersey Jim Comedy Magician has been performing across the country for over ten years. He’s known as a great entertainer who captivates audiences of all ages, including birthday parties and kids shows to school programs or library events – you name it.

Address: Los Angeles, CA 90066

Joseph Tran is a one-of-a-kind entertainer who can captivate an audience with his blend of magic, humor, and personalized connection. He trained as both magician AND performer (theater major). But it’s not just about him on stage: you’ll also get amazing tricks right out of your seat.

Address: Northridge, CA 91343

Justin Willman


Justin Willman is the stage name of an illusionist and comedian based in Los Angeles, California. He’s made a name for himself within both entertainment circles as well as those involved with magic by being hilariously funny while also keeping audiences interested through his unique routines that use modern techniques – all without sacrificing any kind humor or inventiveness.

Address: Los Angeles, CA 90048

Michael Stellman


Michael Stellman has been a full-time magician for over ten years. He performs in the Los Angeles area and is known to make TV appearances, film roles as well voice Over work that will captivate audiences of any age.

Address: Los Angeles, CA 90038

Misty Lee Magician


Magician and voice actress, Misty Lee is a professional magician who has been successful in her career as an entertainer for the past 10 years. She performs across America from theaters to late night shows including performances with Second City Training Babies (Chicago). Her tricks will leave you terrified but amazed.

Address: Burbank, CA 91506

Nick Paul is a magician and comedian who has performed for companies all around the world, including Fortune 500 corporations. His shows combine magic with comedy to create an unforgettable experience that will leave you laughing from start-to-finish.

Address: Hollywood, CA 91601

Pop Haydn


Pop Haydn’s variety show is both captivating and refreshing. His act combines Victorian gentleman personalities with mind-bending magic, which he performs on stage or close up for audiences of all ages at corporate events like your next birthday party. You’ll be hard pressed finding another entertainer who can make such an impression.

Address: Los Angeles, CA 90065

Imagine the thrill of being surrounded by magic as you watch two magicians perform tricks that are impossible to see anywhere else. Now imagine this happening at your next event, whether it’s for family or company. Rafael and Katia have been performing all over southern California with their breathtaking show full catering to any age group.

Address: Los Angeles, CA 90063

Riccardo Berdini


Italian magician, Riccardo Berdini is an international illusionist with shows to suit all needs and preferences. His performance can be tailored for you on any platform including birthday parties or weddings – even corporate events. You’ll find him at Magic Castle where he performs regularly in Hollywood.

Address: 1210 North Cherokee AvenueLos Angeles, CA 90038

Rmax Goodwin


Innovative, charming and athletic Rmax Goodwin has been performing for years. His shows range from the private event to sold out tours across America! If you’re looking for an unforgettable experience that your guests will talk about long after they’ve left then hiring this guy is definitely worth considering.

Address: Los Angeles, CA 90065

Taylor Hughes


If you are looking for a magician to amaze and surprise your guests, Taylor Hughes is the perfect fit. He can turn any event into an unforgettable experience with his close-up magic or larger stage shows that will delight everyone in attendance.

Address: Los Angeles, CA 90028

The Arty Loon Show


You can’t make this up, folks. The Arty Loon Show is located in Whittier and services all of the surrounding counties with a show combining comedy mixed into magic for any occasion. They also feature an incredible Halloween-themed performance as well as their charming Christmas specials – so don’t miss out on these amazing performances.

Address: Whittier, CA 90601

The Magic Ian Tour


Ian, a professional magician and illusionist who performs throughout all of Orange County California. He has toured the country delivering an unforgettable show that will amaze audiences any age. Satisfied clients say Ian is wildly entertaining with his strolling magic tricks including fire-based performances as well comedy interaction between him & audience members.

Address: Anaheim, CA 92806

The Wacko Show


Have you always wanted to perform magic tricks for audiences of all ages? The Wacko Show is a traveling performance that appears throughout the Los Angeles area. His original routines are guaranteed entertaining, and he specializes in birthday party entertainment as well.

Address: Los Angeles, CA 90064

Tom Ogden is a renowned magician who has entertained royalty and celebrities alike. He was voted Parlour Magician of the Year by Magic Castle two times, in addition to having more than 30 years experience performing on stage or close up performance throughout America’s West Coast region where he specializes mainly with strolling routines for both children and adults alike .

Address: Hollywood, CA 90028

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