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Top rated Magicians in Denver, Colorado

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If you’re looking for a Littleton magic show that will entrance your guests and leave them in awe, look no further than the Amazing Dave Elstun. With his lifetime of experience as an entertainer Mr. Elstun can bring any event or party alive with laughter from start to finish – he has been seen on TV ( filming movies)and performing at casinos all over Las Vegas.

Address: Littleton, CO 80123

Magician and entertainer Gregg Tobo offers a variety of stage shows, including up-close magic tricks for your personal VIP experience. From small gatherings to large corporate events with clients like Boulder International Fringe Festival or Grant Family Farms he’ll make any event memorable.

Address: Lafayette, CO 80026

Whether you’re looking for a birthday party or corporate event, Black Platinum Illusions has the perfect entertainment solution. They bring their two decades of experience in magic to audiences across Thornton and offer close-up acts as well.

Address: Littleton, CO 80128

Chad Wonder


Chad Wonder is a Denver based magician who provides fun and memorable interactive magic shows for children of all ages. He offers birthday parties, adult entertainment at companies or events with his unique brand charm that will make you forget about any worries in your life.

Address: Lakewood, CO 80232

Dennis Michael


If you’re looking for a magician who can make any performance fun, entertaining and engaging then look no further than Dennis Michael. The skilled performer has been performing since his early 20’s when he first got onstage at age 3 in an adult magic show which led him down the path to becoming one of Colorado’s top magicians.

Address: Centennial, CO 80122

Denver Kid Magic


Denver Kid Magic is an Englewood magic group backed by years of practice. The magician has entertained thousands with his tricks and balloon art for kids’ birthday parties as well as corporate picnics or events, weddings ,and other private parties; he also offers “The Magic Of Reading” show that helps encourage children to read more often at libraries & schools.

Address: Englewood, CO 80110

Erica Sodos


For over 25 years, Denver’s Erica Sodos has been entertaining audiences with her magic. From stage performances at conventions and festivals to private events like parties or conferences in addition mentalist shows that combine psychic abilities alongside tricks she learned from famous illusionists like David Copperfield.

Address: Denver, CO 80205

Jeff Jenson Magic


Jeff Jenson is a professional magician who provides entertaining magic shows in the Denver area. He has performed all over the world for resorts, conventions and universities with his focus being on upscale performances consisting either 10-minute act or full evening 60 minute stage show featuring cutting edge illusions like mind reading & comedy routines close up Sleight Of Hand tricks as well.

Address: Denver, CO 80219

Mile High Magicians’ Society is a magical group that offers services in the Denver area. The society’s monthly meetings allow members to practice, perform and discuss current events with other top magicians from around Colorado; they also gather at Children Haven for extra-curricular activities like lectures or socializing.

Address: Denver, CO 80227

Scott McCray


Magician and funny man Scott McCray has been entertaining audiences for over 30 years with his wit, magic tricks, close up illusions- you name it. From corporate events to private parties; he’s done them all. Whether providing stage shows or acts as delicious surprise giveaways at festivals – no one can resist good old fashioned entertainment from this pro.

Address: Lakewood, CO 80214

Shawn Preston


For almost two decades, Denver’s favorite magician has been providing corporate event entertainment with stage shows of magic and more. From mentalism to music hall performances in addition his standard strolling routine Shawn Preston is sure not only entertain but also amaze you.

Address: Denver, CO 80219

Brandon K Parker is a professional magician and specializes in shows for small gatherings to large corporate functions. Services include stage magic, parlour performances with an emphasis on close up illusions that can be done right at your table oranywhere else you want.

Address: Denver, CO 80021

Brandon K Parker, the creator of Denver’s Magic Show has been offering stage performances in that city for almost 10 years. His services range from small gatherings to large corporate functions including parlour magic shows and up-close conjuring with an emphasis on wedding/reception ceremonies where he can also provide entertainment by customizing each performance per your exact needs.

Address: Denver, CO 80202

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