Dress Alteration and Tailors in Los Angeles, California

We contacted 15 Dress Alteration and Tailors in Los Angeles, California and hand-picked the best for you to choose from.

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The following list of Tailors has been compiled based on expert reviews and feedback from other customers.

Top rated Dress Alteration and Tailors in Los Angeles, California

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Alwani’s Tailoring

Dress Alteration And Tailors

Alwani’s Tailoring has been a Los Angeles tailoring shop for more than 20 years, and their experience in custom-made suits is second to none. With over 100 fabrics from which you can choose your perfect outfit from or alter an old one up with some new details, they’ll ensure that no detail goes unnoticed!

Address: Los Angeles, CA 90066

Art Lewin Bespoke

Dress Alteration And Tailors

Art Lewin’s bespoke tailoring service in Los Angeles is a one-of-a-kind experience for anyone who wants to stand out from the rest. He consults with clients and creates personalized suits that are hand-cut by his skilled staff, ensuring high-quality construction with every detail taken into account, such as personality or posture, while still maintaining an appropriate style – all at affordable prices!

Address: Los Angeles, CA 90015

Custom Clothiers, Inc.

Dress Alteration And Tailors

Custom Clothiers, Inc. has been a Los Angeles tailor for over 50 years, and they are confident in their ability to provide clients with high-quality clothing that will last from generations past as well! Not only can you buy custom suits or shirts made just how you want them, but there are also designer fabrics available. If this isn’t immensely fulfilling your needs yet, then make an appointment today at home so they can make your request!

Address: Los Angeles, CA 90067

Denim Revival

Dress Alteration And Tailors

Denim Revival is a Los Angeles tailor specializing in altering and repairing denim garments. They offer custom design services as well as repairs from waist tapering to chain stitching, including new or vintage Levi’s jeans for customers who want it done right at home!

Address: Los Angeles, CA 90048

El Charrito Tailor Shop

Dress Alteration And Tailors

The El Charrito Tailor Shop is a Los Angeles tailor that specializes in charro and mariachi outfits. The company offers many different costume models with your choice of embroidery, fretwork, and accessories for your outfit fashioned by skilled craftsmen who have over 20 years of experience in excellent service, all at competitive prices!

Address: Los Angeles, CA 90033

George’s Tailoring

Dress Alteration And Tailors

George’s Tailoring in Los Angeles is a tailor that specializes in trousers and alterations. They will alter anything from wedding dresses, suits, and tuxedos to jeans, shirts, jackets, slacks, skirts, and dresses for affordable without sacrificing quality workmanship. Their customer service has been highly praised by many clients who value their expertise when it comes time for major wardrobe updates!

Address: Los Angeles, CA 90025

Greg Chapman

Dress Alteration And Tailors

Greg Chapman is the Beverly Hills tailor offering executive tailored clothes to business clientele. He provides custom-tailored clothing made by individual tailors developed with an inspection system that produces consistent, perfect-fitting garments at various price points and multiple label lines for his customers’ needs. All this while expediting their process into something streamlined!

Address: Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Jamie Castaneda Custom Tailor and Western Wear

Dress Alteration And Tailors

Jamie Castaneda Custom Tailor and Western Wear is a Los Angeles tailor who has created wardrobes for artists like Bob Dylan and Merle Haggard, who proudly wears the title “last of the cowboy.” This tailor also offers custom creations made for any occasion that can be delivered within three days.

Address: North Hollywood, CA 91601

Johnathan Behr Bespoke Clothiers

Dress Alteration And Tailors

Johnathan Behr, a Los Angeles-based tailor whose work can be seen in many television and film productions such as Mad Men and 50 Shades of Gray, is known for his British-inspired suits made from superior Italian fabrics. With over 25 years of experience within this industry, he combines exceptional taste with unparalleled customer service to create one-of-a-kind garments that are a perfect fit for every client!

Address: Los Angeles, CA 90036

Nudie’s Rodeo Tailors

Dress Alteration And Tailors

Nudie’s Rodeo Tailors is a Los Angeles tailor specializing in Western-style costumes and suits and custom embroidery. Nudie’s Rodeo Tailors was founded by the world-famous Rhinestone Cowboy, known for the distinctive outfits he fashioned out of stars like Elvis Presley and ZZ Top, who proudly carries on this family tradition by offering one-off suits that can be made just how you want them – from hand-tailored pieces to rent wardrobes and even cars!

Address: Newhall, CA 91321

Saverio Pisano Patternmaker and Tailor

Dress Alteration And Tailors

Saverio Pisano, the Los Angeles-based tailor, and clothier with over 65 years of experience in custom apparel production, have an extensive lineup of designers. The experienced one-stop shop can provide pattern-making assistance as well as grading patterns digitally for making your own mark on prototypes that are ready to produce at short notice!

Address: Los Angeles, CA 90036

Tarpy Tailors

Dress Alteration And Tailors

Tarpy Tailors has been the go-to for custom uniforms in Los Angeles since 1930. The tailor carries a complete line of stock clothes with pants, blazers, and shirts to fit any need – from pilots at heart who want their own personalized look or when you just need something quick on those busy days when you’re traveling around town!

Address: Los Angeles, CA 90045

Woody Wilson Fine Clothing

Dress Alteration And Tailors

Woody Wilson Fine Clothing provides custom-tailored suits, shirts, and jackets for men in Los Angeles. The tailor offers a choice of over 10K fabrics to ensure they have the perfect fit with their bespoke process that starts from measuring clients right down to our tailors who are experts at crafting each garment by hand using high-quality materials while paying attention to detail just like how it would be done if you were wearing one yourself!

Address: Beverly Hills, CA 90211

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