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Top rated Dress Alteration And Tailors in in City, Missouri

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Alterations & Custom Sewing LLC

Dress Alteration And Tailors

Alterations and Custom Sewing LLC is the best place to go if you are looking for quality tailoring. They have been serving Excelsior Springs with their excellent services since 1981, which makes them an experienced company that knows what they’re doing. Their prices will not break your wallet or wear your garments out quickly – ask any customer who’s already satisfied after visiting their shop.

Address: Excelsior Springs, MO 64024

Amazing Garment Repair

Dress Alteration And Tailors

Amazing Garment Repair has been providing high-quality garment repair for over 30 years. With the help of their expert staff, they are able to restore damaged clothing pieces back into working order by specializing in French Weaving and Overwearing Services, among other things. Clients can visit them at either the shop’s location or just by simply going online if you want guidance on how to best to do your own repairs with easy instructions given right by our tailors.

Address: Overland Park, KS 66212

Expert Tailoring and Alterations

Dress Alteration And Tailors

Expert Tailoring and Alterations is an expert in all things tailorable. They specialize in refitting and restyling garments for hard-to-fit types and other needs such as size perfecting or customizing shirts with their seamstresses who can create designs that will turn any heads at any event.

Address: Westwood, KS 66205


Dress Alteration And Tailors

Houndstooth is a tailor shop that offers sophisticated, handcrafted suits to clients in the Kansas City Area. The staff guides customers through fabric selection which includes over 600 options. They can also customize shirts, vests, or trousers as well. Houndstooth grooms at wedding events from casual backyard parties all the way up to elegant formal gatherings with their expert tailoring skills. Houndstooth also specializes in weddings and any other event where you need fine clothing customized like business meetings downtown followed by cocktails on Friday night – we’ve got them covered here because this isn’t just another ordinary store.

Address: 507 Walnut StreetKansas City, MO 64106

Larissa’s Plaza Tailor Shop

Dress Alteration And Tailors

Larissa’s Plaza Tailor Shop has you covered, whether it’s a business suit, wedding dress, or evening gown. The company offers custom tailoring and alterations featuring traditional hand-made as well as machine-made garments with special care for fine fabrics. They also specialize inefficient customer service to ensure that their clients always receive the best possible fit.

Address: Kansas City, MO 64112

Mia’s Bridal & Tailoring

Dress Alteration And Tailors

Mia’s Bridal & Tailoring is the premier destination for all your wedding dress needs. The company has over 20 years of experience in tailoring, offering assistance with finding that perfect gown or tuxedo rental while also providing bridesmaid dresses and other accessories for you to match it perfectly.

Address: Olathe, KS 66061

Moda Domani

Dress Alteration And Tailors

Moda Domani offers a personalized approach to style with services including wardrobe design assessments and custom tailoring for men or women from scratch at their convenience in various sizes. We are also restyling items of clothing on hands such as jackets and blazers by request, plus we offer an ultimate experience where clients can choose everything about how they look. The fabrics used on each garment are also passionately selected just right, so you always feel fantastic when wearing them.

Address: Overland Park, KS 66209

Paolini Garment Company

Dress Alteration And Tailors

Paolini Garment Company is a high-quality tailor shop that provides custom suits, shirts, and ties using fabrics worldwide. The company’s founder has an extensive background in business development for Fortune 500 companies. He brings to his work here at Paolino’s Garment Company, where each garment takes an average of 10 days before being made into your perfect suit or dress code accessory to ensure a high-quality fit.

Address: 1905 West 43rd AvenueKansas City, KS 66103

Pride Cleaners

Dress Alteration And Tailors

Pride Cleaners offers a wide range of services that can help you with anything from minor repairs to major adjustments. The experts at Pride Cleaners will take care of your clothing and any garment in need of proper cleaning and finishing before it’s delivered back into its original state. In addition, customers have access to pre-spotting options as well if they’re unsure what needs fixing on their own personal items – all without having an appointment necessary.

Address: Grandview, MO 64030

Slabotsky’s Menswear & Tailoring

Dress Alteration And Tailors

Slabotsky’s Menswear and Tailoring is a well-established shop in the Kansas City Area that provides high-quality services for both men as well as women. Customers are able to get their pants tailored with ease by expert tailors at competitive prices while also being greeted by friendly staff members who provide excellent service.

Address: Kansas City, MO 64106

Sue’s Tailor Shop

Dress Alteration And Tailors

Sue’s Tailor Shop is a local favorite for those looking to get their clothes tailored. Whether you’re coming in with alterations needed or just want some advice on what outfit would look best on your body type, this place has it all. They also offer fashion consultation and bridal party dress shopping services if that interests anyone out there at all.

Address: 15632 Barkley StreetOverland Park, KS 66223

Vali’s Tailor

Dress Alteration And Tailors

Vali’s Tailor has been a local Overland Park tailor shop since 1989. The one-stop service handles alterations for suits, dresses, shirts, and leather jacket adjustments with in-house tailors, who can even fix holes or damaged bridal wear. They also offer custom clothing made specifically to your specifications – perfect if you’re looking forward to wedding season coming up soon.

Address: Overland Park, KS 66214

Well Tailor

Dress Alteration And Tailors

Well Tailor offers a variety of services to ensure that each client’s wedding dress, suit, or prom dress fits perfectly. The tailor at Well Tailor does their alterations by hemming and adding bustle backs as well as detached capes from veils onto some dresses, which are altered specifically for these requests from clients who have asked them to not just alter the garment but to also cater it towards what they need to be done with refurbishing garments too. The tailor at this shop really knows how to make you look your best with just their skilled hands.

Address: 14383 Metcalf AvenueOverland Park, KS 66223

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