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Top rated Tailors  in Denver, Colorado

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Anna’s Tailoring

Dress Alteration And Tailors

Anna’s Tailoring has been a trusted name in the community for 20 years. They can fix anything from dresses and gowns, suits, and sports coats to activewear outerwear – all at competitive prices! With a professional staff that is always ready with repairs on demand, you know this place will be around long after its competitor down the street closes up shop.

Address: Denver, CO 80110

Capitol Hill Tailor

Dress Alteration And Tailors

Capitol Hill Tailor is the place to go if you need custom clothing. From formal wear, such as nightgowns and wedding dresses for special occasions or business attire like suits that will get any job done – Capitol Hill Tailor has what your heart desires! Customers praise this shop’s prompt turnaround time with quality garments delivered right on schedule every visit no matter how many times they come in contact with either restoring old jeans into beautiful accessories again or making new ones from scratch using only high-end fabrics available nowadays.

Address: 1211 East 9th AvenueDenver, CO 80218

CH Studios Custom Clothier

Dress Alteration And Tailors

CH Studios Custom Clothier is the place to go if you’re in need of custom-tailored clothing. The company offers shirts, suits, and more for men or women with different styles that will turn heads on every street corner! With old-school techniques mastered by experienced hands, this spot has everything it takes to make any customer happy – they guarantee that you won’t be disappointed when your order arrives at home.

Address: Lakewood, CO 80232

Cherry Creek Custom Tailor

Dress Alteration And Tailors

For over 35 years, Cherry Creek Custom Tailor has been serving the Denver area with excellent customer service. The tailor shop specializes in alterations and tailoring clothes for both men and women, as well as wedding dresses that can be custom-made just how you want them! You’ll find more than 350 fabrics to choose from at this local favorite spot – so come see them today before your next big event or a night on the town while they’ve still got space available at the last minute!

Address: Denver, CO 80206

Denver Tailoring & Alterations

Dress Alteration And Tailors

Denver Tailoring & Alterations provides a wide range of services for those looking to have their clothing tailored or altered. They can get it done from leather, silk, wool, cotton, or polyester! The company also offers custom suits with a fast turnaround time that are sure to look great and feel awesome as well, thanks in part due to its softness, which allows you to be comfortable walking around all day long at work. The staff is always friendly, welcoming, and ready, so come check them out today!

Address: Denver, CO 80222

Denver Tailoring and Alterations, LLC

Dress Alteration And Tailors

If you’re looking for professional tailoring services, Denver Tailoring and Alterations is the place to go. Not only do they have top-notch professionals that can help with any alterations needed – their customer service also ensures your satisfaction 100%. The shop carries fabric in addition to garment sewing supplies like needles and thread, so customers always feel well taken care of while shopping!

Address: Denver, CO 80209

Duman’s Custom Tailor

Dress Alteration And Tailors

Duman’s Custom Tailor is a one-stop-shop for all of your custom clothing needs. With an extensive fabric selection and affordable prices, this tailor shop has quickly become the go-to place when it comes time to make sure you look sharp in front of any client or boss!

Address: Denver, CO 80203

Erol’s Tailoring

Dress Alteration And Tailors

Erol’s Tailoring offers a wide range of professional tailoring and apparel alteration services for men’s clothing throughout the Denver Area. This family-owned shop has been serving the community for over 27 years, focusing on adjusting hems in jeans or slacks and repairing vintage clothes that are bespoke or ready to wear (RTW). They also resize existing articles so you can wear them again! The company also provides mending upon suits and repairs nonworking buttonholes while replacing any lost ones. Nothing will be left undone if your favorite shirt needs hemming in their shop!

Address: 314 Columbine StreetDenver, CO 80206

Icon Suit

Dress Alteration And Tailors

Icon Suit is the only place to go if you’re looking for custom suits that will fit every aspect of your personality and style. From classic cuts like bespoke or tailored ones and more contemporary styles like Brioni Jackets – they’ve got it all! With over 20 years of experience under his belt in designing wardrobe essentials right, General Manager Angelo Tatsu Ogata knows what he’s doing, making him one seriously qualified professional in tailoring.

Address: 220 Steele StreetDenver, CO 80206

Lowry Alterations

Dress Alteration And Tailors

Lowry Alterations is a family-owned business that has been delivering high-quality service for 20 years. They specialize in modifying formal wear, pants or jeans combinations, and dresses to make them fit perfectly. They also do alterations on household items such as shirts or blouses with a quick turnaround time at affordable prices!

Address: Denver, CO 80230

Machete & Sons

Dress Alteration And Tailors

Machete & Sons is a tailor shop that provides suits, jackets, and other Denver area clothing. They were founded by designer A.J Machette with nearly ten years of experience working on high-end fashion designs for NYC brands like Liz Claiborne before coming to fruition with his own line at hand-tailored price point where you can find muslin fits available too!

Address: 5650 Washington StreetDenver, CO 80216

Maras Custom Tailors

Dress Alteration And Tailors

The Denver Tailor Shop, Maras Custom Tailors, has been serving the people of Colorado since 1985. The store offers more than 500 fabrics for custom suits with options like Italian Weaves and Scabal USA, as well as providing customers with 400 different types of shirts to choose from, including Egyptian Cotton or Sea Island Fabric when it comes time to make their own shirt alterations at home! You can also opt-in for fast service if you’re looking to get your clothes fitted quicker than usual!

Address: 288 Clayton StreetDenver, CO 80206

Master Tailors

Dress Alteration And Tailors

Master Tailors is a well-established business in Denver, Colorado. They have been providing tailored services for men and women since 1994 with an emphasis on personalization according to clients’ needs – whether it’s tuxedos or suits! Their skilled staff can fix issues such as loose threads or hems that are caused by wear and tear, so you don’t need another tailor job at home since they do all these repairs here first class while also accepting drop-offs from our customers who want their clothes fixed too as soon as possible!

Address: 349 South Colorado BoulevardDenver, CO 80246

TwentyOne01 Dry Cleaners

Dress Alteration And Tailors

TwentyOne01 Dry Cleaners is a family-owned and operated business that has been providing the best service for over 20 years. They offer both tailored clothing services such as dress reworking, alterations on suits or skirts, and preservation of bridal gowns by offering steaming treatments to make them wearable after an unfortunate dry cleaner incident!

Address: 2101 Market StreetDenver, CO 80205

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