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Top rated Bicycle Repair Shops in San Jose, California

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Bronson Silva Cycles

Bicycle Repair

You can find Bronson Silva Cycles in the heart of San Jose, California. The shop’s owner is a certified bike mechanic known for his hand-built frames that range from inexpensive bikes to high endurance racing models with carbon fiber parts! Customers are always welcome at any time, so stop by today if you need anything done or want some advice about what kind would best suit your cycling needs.

Address: Campbell, CA 95008

Calmar Bicycles

Bicycle Repair

The San Jose, California-based Calmar Bicycles knows how to take care of its customers. With certified mechanics and analysts who have UBI (Unified Bike Industry) certification from DT Swiss Madeforms and USCF (Union Camp), they can guarantee that any fit related problems will be rare in your experience with them as long as you come into contact for service packages like The Weekender Package which includes a one year exchange on anything needed within the first 30 days after purchase alongside some other minor repairs costing just $90 bucks total instead of getting you to spend over three times more when buying things separately.

Address: Santa Clara, CA 95050

Cognition Cyclery

Bicycle Repair

Cognition cyclery offers a wide selection of products, including Abus and Knog. They also have extensive experience in bicycle repair with mechanic services available for those who need them as well! The store’s owner is excited about the new developments coming up at their location, which will make it easier for customers like you looking to get your bike tuned up or customized by experts knowledgeable enough not only with fixing but also in preventing problems at an affordable rate before they happen at all.

Email Reply

As a fair warning we only work on Specialized e-bikes so if you are having issues with your electronic parts on a different brand e-bike we do not touch that.

With that being said, we can work on the mechanical aspects of bikes and we work on all non-electrical bikes from other manufacturers. Please let us know if you have any further questions.

Thanks so much.

Address: Mountain View, CA 94041

Fast Bicycle

Bicycle Repair

Fast Bicycle is the Bay Area’s go-to spot for new and returning cyclists alike! The staff at this San Jose bike shop have a combined experience of 40+ years repairing all makes and models, specializing in cutting edge technology like Specialized or Giant Bikes. You’ll find nothing but high-quality components here; they even host weekly group rides as well so you can get your cardio fix while enjoying scenic views.

Email Reply


Anytime, we are open from 10-6 M-F, 10-5 Sat, Closed Sun.
Could be the cable, could be the function of the shifter since they
are made out of plastic.

We do not work on the electrical side of the ebike but the mechanical
side is no problem.


Address: San Jose, CA 95116

Got Bikes?

Bicycle Repair

Got Bikes is a bicycle sales and rental company in the San Jose, California Metro Area. The shop offers services such as tune-ups and adjustments to installations on bikes or accessories like helmet racks for your ride! They also sell clothing that’s perfect if you’re looking out for some new gear while exercising at one of our many nearby gyms; they have other rides available, too, so don’t forget about getting started with shopping here today!

Email Reply

Good Morning, Walk in’s are welcome.

Once you drop off the bikes a quote is given after a quick inspection.

Once completed a text will be sent stating the total and that the bikes are ready for pick up.

Address: San Jose, CA 95120

La Dolce Velo

Bicycle Repair

La Dolce Velo is a bike shop in the San Jose, California Metro Area comprised of experienced cyclists and coaches; their maintenance departments are all Di2-certified mechanics. The staff at La Dolce Velo will assist you with minor tune-ups to major overhauls on your equipment, as well as providing training for those looking into starting cycling or improving their already developed skills. They also have special events throughout each week, including “waffles” rides held every Sunday morning!

Address: San Jose, CA 95126

Palo Alto

Bicycle Repair

Palo Alto Bicycles in the heart of Silicon Valley is a well-established bike studio founded back in 1930. The company sells various types of bicycles, such as cross bikes hogging up fat tires to hybrid models with additional battery power for longer trips on roads without much signage available. They also offer road and tandem versions so users can choose how far away from the traffic they want their ride. In addition, they also have a Bosch Certified Service Center where you’ll get all your EPS needs taken care of as quickly as possible!

Address: Palo Alto, CA 94301

Shifty Cycle is the best place in San Jose to get your bike fixed! They’ve been working on bikes for over 25 years, and they’re licensed, insured, and certified by UBI – so you know it’ll be a seamless experience. You can also pick up some tips or alignment suggestions while checking out their affordable services like tightenings, cranksets, degreasing, or drivetrains.

Address: Gilroy, CA 95020

The Bicycle Outfitter

Bicycle Repair

The Bicycle Outfitter has been selling top-notch bicycles to residents of San Jose, California, since 1972. They offer a basic tune-up package for $80 and significant tune-ups at higher price points with complete overhauls costing not more than three hundred fifty dollars! The shop also sells bikes that vary by type, such as road, mountain, cyclocross, urban, comfort, and ride on cruiser models. Customers can also learn from their best technicians about how they maintain these different models during maintenance workshops hosted often as part of their services!

Address: Los Altos, CA 94024

Trail Head Cyclery

Bicycle Repair

Trail Head Cyclery is your one-stop-shop for all things cycling. They offer repairs, servicing, and overhauls on wheel build to custom forks. They’re also experts in suspension pivots! With an extensive selection of bikes from major brands like Specialized or Giant as well as other top makers worldwide like Ibis, there’s sure to be something here that will meet whatever needs you might have – whether it means getting back out there after a race or after missing some training sessions!

Address: San Jose, CA 95124

Valencia Cyclery

Bicycle Repair

Valencia Cycles is a bicycle shop that’s been selling and repairing bikes in the San Jose, California Metro Area since 1985. They’ll provide fast service on almost every make of bike – however, they don’t sell adult ones or BMX models because those would be too difficult for someone who isn’t properly trained! The staff is very helpful, so if you need guidance choosing which one suits your needs best, ask them anything about bicycles, including what type might work best for your ride!

Address: San Francisco, CA 94110

Wheel Away Cycle Center

Bicycle Repair

Wheel Away Cycle Center is a family-owned bike shop based in Campbell, California, established back in 1963. The business continues to meet the needs of its local community with flat tires and repairs as well as chain upgrades for both bikes and motorcycles! Customers praise Wheel Away’s employees’ knowledge because when it comes time to make your next purchase from them, you won’t regret buying anything here since they’ve got what you need, all at extremely affordable prices!

Email Reply

Hi, Thanks for reaching out for this repair work.

Our repair schedule is filling fast with the n\weather we’ve had.

The grip shifter can be hard to rotate because the cable is dirty, or the shifter is dirty, or the cable is routed wrong.

Unfortunately, we do not do any work on any E-bike that is not Specialized.

I hope this helps. Please let me know if I should book your appointment. Thanks again.

Address: Campbell, CA 95008

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