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Bay Ridge Bicycles

Bicycle Repair

Bay Ridge Bicycle World is the go-to spot for all your biking needs! They sell mountain bikes, triathlon gear, and more. You can get help from their knowledgeable staff or place an order online with same-day shipping available on every purchase – no matter how big it may be!

Address: Brooklyn, NY 11209

Bellitte Bicycles

Bicycle Repair

When the great depression hit, New Yorkers started looking for more cost-effective modes of transportation. This allowed Bellitte Bicycles to shift its focus toward bicycles only – which is what they sell at this store! You can get tune-ups and repairs here as well; package deals start around $70 (including accessories).

Address: Jamaica, NY 11432

Bicycle Planet

Bicycle Repair

Bicycle Planet in Syosset is a one-stop-shop for all your biking needs. From tubes and tires to chains or pedals, they even sell clothing! They offer professional bike fittings, which will help keep your ride ready and looking good. And if that’s not enough – there are local trail maps available online, too, so riders can find their next adventure on land or water without leaving this website.

Email Reply

Come on in anytime. Weekdays are generally better. We are open every day 10-6 except for Tuesdays (closed)

The flats we can fix on the spot, anything else will require some time. We can also give a free estimate on each bike as you wait.

I hope that helps!

Address: Syosset, NY 11791

Bicycle Repairman

Bicycle Repair

The Bicycle Repairman is a New York-based bike shop specializing in repairing everything from standard bikes to high-end bicycles. The mechanic has over 30 years of experience and repairs from all types, including velominchers, road racing models, and mountain biking squirrel cage conversions! They offer professional fitting services for $40 if you’re buying one off their stock list. You can also save money by purchasing directly through them at an additional discount of $200. If this sounds like what you’re looking for, head straight down 6th avenue towards 59 Street, where we are located right next door.

Address: Astoria, NY 11101

Bicycle World

Bicycle Repair

Bicycle World is a bike shop located in Mt. Kisco with over 600 bikes for you to choose from, including riding shoes and helmets! They offer professional fittings if needed, with an experienced employee available at all times of day or night. The employees are knowledgeable about the products they sell, so you can make sure to get what’s best suited for your needs!

Address: Mount Kisco, NY 10549

Bicycles NYC

Bicycle Repair

Bicycles NYC is the go-to spot for new and seasoned cyclists alike. Whether you need a tune-up on your bike, some parts installed, or want to buy some gear that will make life easier while riding – this shop has got it all! With knowledgeable staff members ready at all times of day, there’s no question that they’ve got it all covered for you!

Address: New York, NY 10075

Bike Stop Astoria

Bicycle Repair

Bike Stop Astoria is the only place to go if you need any bike repair. Their technicians have over 40 years of experience working on BMXs and mountain ranges up through tandem bicycles! They also sell brands like Trek, Diamondback, Schwinn – which means they know their stuff when it comes down to how these machines work best. You can purchase parts online or at their shop located right by Queens Boulevard station, along with bike apparel in case anything happens while you’re out riding.

Email Reply


Would you be able to send some photos over of the bikes so that I could maybe give rough pricing.

As for issues with shifting I wouldn’t be able to give you a reason without seeing the bike just because there could be various reasons as to why this problem is happening.

Whenever you want to come in and drop them off would be fine, I wouldn’t be able to give accurate turnaround times without seeing the bikes and knowing what work needs to be done.


Address: Astoria, NY 11103

Echelon Cycles

Bicycle Repair

Echelon Cycles is the leading bike shop in New York. The store typically has 500 bikes on display and sells accessories like helmets, clothing, or parts to keep your ride running smoothly! You can also order online for quick delivery right when you need them most.

Email Reply

If you can bring 2 at a time that will work better, and we have to see the bikes to know the problem.

We also don’t really deal with E-bikes unfortunately, so you’ll have to go to people who deal with those.

The only thing we can do for the E-bike is a flat fix.

Address: New York, NY 10014

Enoch’s Bicycles

Bicycle Repair

Enoch’s Bicycles is a shop specializing in renting and repairing bicycles. Customers can rent bikes through Splinster or make reservations on their online page at the store. They also offer basic tune-ups starting at around $60 and overhauls for more expensive repairs like framework or accessory installation services, to name just a few of these types available here!

Address: New York, NY 10018

Fulton Bikes

Bicycle Repair

Whether you’re looking for a new ride or need some adjustments, Fulton Bikes can help. They sell bikes and accessories and offer services, including tune-ups with their professional staff of cyclists who are experienced in all types of terrain! You’ll find that the website has an extensive catalog which allows customers easy access to what they want – whether it be one specific product or bulk of item just within this site.

Address: Brooklyn, NY 11238

Julio Bicycles

Bicycle Repair

Julio’s Bicycles in Chappaqua is a family-owned bike shop specializing in repairing all types of bicycles, from ones with training wheels to competitive ones. The business offers basic tune-ups for $79, and deluxe packages explicitly tailored according to the needs and wants you have as an athlete who can range anywhere between $79 – $159. This shop is no doubt the perfect spot to find your next bicycle.

Address: Chappaqua, NY 10514

NYC Velo

Bicycle Repair

NYC Velo is a New York bike shop with locations on 45th Street and 2nd Avenue. The business offers repair services, bike rentals, and professional bike fittings. The company’s website has informational pages that describe a brief history of some of the bike brands the shop works with, and each company’s contribution to the industry. NYC Velo offers three basic tune-up packages but advises customers that each bike’s needs are unique, so prices may vary. NYC Velo also has an online store that sells custom apparel and accessories.

Email Reply


Thanks for reaching out to us.

Which of our 2 shops (East Village or Hell’s Kitchen) are you interested in visiting?

Concerning your bikes, I will need to know a bit more about what type they are and the condition that they are in before I can make any servicing suggestions.

Please note that we cannot evaluate, service, or store any e-bikes (throttle or power-assist).

Address: New York, NY 10003

Ride Brooklyn

Bicycle Repair

Ride Brooklyn is the only place you need to go for all your cycling needs. The shop offers bike rentals, repairs, and professional fitting services that will have you out on a ride in no time! Alongside their vast selection of bikes (both new or used), they also sell parts like tires so customers can get back up -and sprinting after any incident. They also sell accessories such as hats perfect for weather conditions while riding through rainstorms; apparel that includes clothing made by amazing brands like Castelli® or ISP® modal fabric technology explicitly designed for your comfort.

Email Reply

Hello ,

Thanks for reaching out! We would very much prefer to get the bikes in batches of no more than 2 at at time, just because of the volume of repairs that we already have coming in the door.

As far as the eBikes go, we can work on the bicycle parts but not the electrical parts (including any throttles).

Gripshifts are often tighter to shift than triggers, but sometimes it is possible to replace the shift cable and housing and make them a bit easier to use.

Let us know how you’d like to proceed!

Address: Brooklyn, NY 11217

Sid’s Bikes

Bicycle Repair

Sid’s Bikes has got you covered when it comes to biking needs. Whether your passion is road or mountain biking, they have the perfect bike for any occasion in both urban and rural areas of New York State! The technicians here also specialize in overhauls as well as wheel building services, including service packages that come equipped with unlimited bottled water along with on-hand food bars while you wait! They also provide professional fitting sessions if you need help finding your perfect fit or want advice about what size would be best suited for any activity.

Address: New York, NY 10011


Bicycle Repair

The staff at SPCARBON are experts when it comes to carbon fiber bikes. They offer services like tune-ups, adjustments, and repairs for all types of road or mountain bicycles, as well as flat tire changing on any type of bike within 24 hours! If you have a specific question about your ride that isn’t answered online, then don’t hesitate to contact them by filling out their contact form with whatever information is needed so they can get back to you as soon as possible.

Address: New York, NY 10038

Tony’s Bicycles

Bicycle Repair

Tony’s Bicycles is an experienced, well-established bike shop in New York City that has been providing high-quality service for over 40 years. The technicians at Tony’s are trained by major manufacturers like Trek and Cannondale to ensure they know how to fix your bicycle should you ever need them too. They offer repair services, including brake jobs as well as wheel repairs, handlebar adjustments, or suspension tune-ups depending on what type of ride suits you best – there isn’t anything they don’t do here, so give us a call today.

Email Reply


Any week day will be preferable. If you can drop them in 2 batches, 3 and 3, even better. But we can fix all 6 at once as well.

Please do not try to force the shifter into shifting, you might break it beyond repair. It could be 3 or 4 things to look for as to why that shifter is not responding the right way.

In that regard, we would need that bike physically in the store and on the repair stand in order to troubleshoot.

Let us know if you need further assistance.

Address: Astoria, NY 11105

Tread Bike Shop

Bicycle Repair

Tread Bike Shop is the go-to place for any bike repair needs you might have. They offer rentals, sales, and repairs with an emphasis on customer service that will leave your mind at ease whether it’s time to buy new wheels or just need help figuring out what size tires are best suited for your ride! Founded in 2010, Treads strives towards making sure each client has a positive experience here which starts before they even walk through our doors, thanks to their online catalog filled with basically everything you need.

Address: New York, NY 10034

Zen Bikes

Bicycle Repair

Zen Bikes is a one-stop-shop for all your biking needs. With mechanics who know their stuff and packing services to get that new bike shipped right away, there’s no need to go anywhere else than here! Their website also has an extensive catalog with reviews from customers and links leading elsewhere in the industry so shoppers can find what they’re looking for even faster than before.

Address: New York, NY 10011

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