Bicycle Repair Shops in Austin, Texas

We contacted 15 Bicycle Repair Shops in Austin, Texas and hand-picked the best for you to choose from.

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The following list of Austin Bicycle Repair Shops has been compiled based on expert reviews and feedback from other customers.

Top rated Bicycle Repair Services in Austin, Texas

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ATX Bikes

Bicycle Repair

ATX Bikes has been around since 2008, and they are dedicated to servicing all types of bikes. Store hours for this company are Monday through Friday from 10 am – 6 pm, with Saturday service beginning at 9 am sharp. The basic tune-up package costs $50 while major repairs will set you back about 90 dollars depending on what needs fixing or if it’s time for an overhaul, then it’ll probably be 180 bucks, so don’t take too long deciding because these prices and deals won’t last forever.

Email Reply

Thank for the email.

Any of our business hours are good times to drop the bikes off. I won’t know why the bike is difficult to shift until I have the opportunity to look at it.

We can work on e-bikes, but not the electrical parts.

The best way to initiate the repair is to just drop off the bikes so we can begin the task of assessing them and creating estimates for each bike.


Address: Austin, TX 78749

Austin Bike Farm

Bicycle Repair

The Austin Bike Farm is your one-stop-shop for all things related to bicycles! With a vast inventory of new and used bikes and comprehensive mechanical rebuilding services at affordable prices ($200 – $275), they’ll have you pedaling around town in no time. They also offer major tune-ups starting around $100 for those who need more than just oil changes that can include anything from replacing parts like tires or tubes to adjusting bars and stems. Their minor adjustments will run about 30 bucks each – so don’t worry if it doesn’t seem quite right because our mechanics can easily fix your problem.

Address: Austin, TX 78752

Bicycle World

Bicycle Repair

Bicycle World is your one-stop-shop for all of your cycling needs. With seven locations in Memorial Area, it’s not hard to find this store on any corner near you! You can even get “next day service or it’s free” with their quick turnaround time and affordable prices that won’t break your bank either. They are open 10 am – 7 pm Tuesday through Friday, Saturday until 5 pm, and Sunday noon until 5 pm. Services include sports tune-ups at $49 per side, while pro tunes are at 99 cents per mile plus tax. Meanwhile, an overhaul will set anyone back only 199 bucks, so go ahead and visit now.

Address: Austin, TX 78704

Bikealot Bicycle Shop

Bicycle Repair

Austin’s Bikealot Bicycle Shop offers basic tune-ups, bicycle building, and repair services. The $50 package includes a visual inspection of your ride as well as an oil change for those who need it! If you’re looking to get more out of their visit with them, then that’s where they excel – their additional fees will make sure everything is perfect before they go on their way again, such as wheel work assembly check or washing up pesky bugs from your last biking trail.

Email Reply

We are scheduling appointments over the next 1-3 weeks right now.
It sounds like your shifter is not working well because of parts that need to be replaced like cable and housing.

We can give you a time and repair estimate once you send in a photo of each bicycle you want repaired.

We do not however service electric bicycles or any bicycles sold through department stores like Academy or Target.

We do work on brands sold through bicycle shops like, Kona, Trek, Specialized, Marin & more.

We are happy to check out photos or give feedback on brands if you have any questions.

If you are bring on a bicycle for a flat change it would have to pass a basic safety inspection and still require an appointment. If the bicycle needs more work than a flat change we would provide an estimate for the other work needed and required before we change a flat.

We also have tubes and spare parts we would be happy to help with if you for the electric bike or any department store bikes if you decide to pursue repairs on those bikes.

Let us know and send in those photos if you want us to help get the bikes rolling.

Address: Austin, TX 78745

Buck’s Bikes

Bicycle Repair

The staff at Buck’s Bikes is ready to help you find the perfect bike for your needs. They carry name-brand Mountain, Road, and BMX bicycles in addition to adult tricycles. All repairs are estimated to be free-of-charge with a basic tune-up costing $55, while major services will set users back only 75 dollars. Not bad when compared against other shops that often require higher costs due to their expertise level or equipment used on bikes which can sometimes range into hundreds rather than just tens like our shop does.

Address: Austin, TX 78759

Clown Dog Bikes

Bicycle Repair

If you’re looking for a great place to buy your next bike, look no further than Clown Dog Bikes in Austin. The shop’s top three mechanics have over 50 years of combined experience. They regularly train younger employees to follow along with them into retirement or continue serving customers at this iconic location long after it becomes someone else’s turn! You won’t find better service anywhere else – their deluxe tune-up package costs just $70 because these guys know what makes things right, which are quality parts and labor priced affordably without sacrificing expertise.

Address: Austin, TX 78705

Cycle Progression

Bicycle Repair

The mechanics at Cycle Progression in Austin, TX, pride themselves on offering personalized service and doing things that larger shops won’t always do. The company’s team can build custom bicycles and service existing ones that need repair – all for a price you’ll find affordable. A tune-up is priced between $60 – $120 depending on how much work it needs done, but we can assure you it will be of top quality after service if it’s an entire overhaul.

Email Reply

We would be happy to help you get these bikes fixed up. You are welcome to drop the bikes off at your convenience, We are about a week out on service currently but we will get to them as quickly as possible.

We are currently short on storage space, could you potentially bring three of the bikes in at a time and then swap them out with the other three when we finish up the service? That would be a big help to us as we are pretty close to maximum capacity at the shop.

The issue with the grip shifter could be dirty/gunked up cable and housing which is a relatively easy fix but it is hard to say without seeing the bike in person.

What is the issue with the E-bike? We work on any kind of bike but I don’t have the specific tools to work on every E-bike motor so it is best to take it to an authorized dealer of that brand if you are having issues with the motor function.

Anything other than that we should be able to take care of.

Address: Austin, TX 78751

JJ’s Mobile Bicycle Repair provides bicycle repairs in customers’ own homes. The company owner has ten years of professional experience as a mechanic and will travel to any location within Austin, TX, for work. The customer describes our services as “client-friendly and affordable” with convenient hours that fit everyone’s lifestyle. Our seasonal tune-ups are $50, while yearly ones cost only 60 dollars. There is also a group discount available if three or more people schedule together.

Address: Austin, TX 78751

Nelo’s Cycles

Bicycle Repair

Nelo’s Cycles has been at the forefront of bicycle innovation since it opened its doors in Austin more than 30 years ago. They offer road, triathlon, and mountain bikes for all types of wheels with professional repair services by trained mechanics who are available early to make sure you get your bike back on track quickly.

Address: Austin, TX 78759

Pedal Power Bicycles

Bicycle Repair

Pedal Power Bicycles is your local, family-owned Georgetown business selling bicycles and providing repair services. Every new bicycle purchased at the store comes with one free break in service within the first six months to make it easier for you on those long bike rides. The shop’s mechanics all hold factory certifications for the brands they sell, so you don’t need to worry about the service quality you’ll be getting at Pedal Power Bicycles.

Email Reply


You can drop off bikes for service anytime. The usual turnaround time is about a week. When you drop them off, the service writer will go over each bike with you to get you a quote for the services needed.

Weekends can be busier and with several bikes, we sometimes request that you leave them for quotes but we won’t do any work until you’ve approved.

We do not service E-bikes. Please let us know if you have any other questions!

Our hours are Mon-Sat 10-6, Sun 12.5.

Address: 2617 I-35, San Marcos, TX 78666

Revolution Mobile Bike Repair offers a wide range of services, from basic tune-ups to major installations. They are available for both road cycling and mountain biking in Austin’s Travis County as well as Williamson or Northern Hays Counties at your request. The company owner has over six years of experience repairing bikes with certification by Shimano – so you know that any work will be done right when it comes time for repairs on yours.

Address: Austin, TX 78750

Texas Cycle Werks

Bicycle Repair

Texas Cycle Werks is a family-owned and operated Austin bicycle shop that has been serving the cycling community for over 30 years. The store offers mountain and road racing as well as lifestyle bicycles at competitive prices with their basic tune-up retuning your bike to perfection, costing only $45. You can also opt for more extensive services, including adjustments on brake pads or chain tension/racial check-up wear if needed before they give it an overall security check through proper lube points, which are all included in their packages.

Address: Austin, TX 78735

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