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Top rated Bicycle Repair Services in Atlanta, Georgia

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Aztec Cycles

Bicycle Repair

Aztec Cycles is a stone-cold bicycle center that specializes in repairs and upgrades for cyclists. With over 20 years of experience, they’ve seen it all – from front brakes to rear ones. They can adjust your brake pads or replace them if needed. They can also fix any issues you might be having with cables by adjusting the tension on those as well as checking the sproids which are located just under the pedals. If there’s something that needs repairs like worn-out tires, then don’t worry because this team also offers tandem tune-ups alongside recumbent bike adjustments.

Email Reply

Thank you so much for your email. 
Our suggestion for your 6 bikes is for the following:

Scheduling a mobile service would be the way to go, that way you could go over everything with the service technician at one time. This will alleviate multiple calls to the shop for different reasons. Also, he would possibly be able to repair all the bicycles at one time versus having them at the shop and having to wait a longer period of time to get them all ready at the same time. Another great thing about the mobile service is that if he does have to take any of the bikes to the shop to finish the repair, the bicycle will be returned to you at no additional cost outside of the cost of the repair. 

You can book that mobile service on our website

For your throttle grip shifter, there are a multitude of reasons why it is tight to shift. Some of the main reasons are that it needs to be re tensioned, may need a tune up, or an overhaul. Once the technician takes a look at it, he will be able to show you as well as explain the reason for the difficulty in shifting. 

For your E-Bike, that is not a problem, please be advised that we will only work on the bicycle components of the E-Bike.  

Please let us know if you have any additional questions for us, we look forward to hearing from you soon.

Address: 901 Main St, Stone Mountain, GA 30083

Cycology Bike Shop

Bicycle Repair

The Cycology Bike Shop is a family-owned business that provides bikes and services to the people of Hiram, Georgia. The shop has an extensive inventory including mountain bicycles, road riders including cyclocross, and urban-styled BMX as well. All products purchased at this store come with free unlimited standard tune-ups.

Email Reply


Thanks for reaching out to us. Here are the answers to your questions:

Whenever I tell you to drop off your bikes will end up being a really busy time. Please come by during our regular business hours and we will start the process of getting your bikes “road worthy.”. We operate on a first come first served basis.

We will need to see the bike to assess the issue. There are a number of possibilities of the cause but we will not be able to tell until we can put our hands on the bike. Please note – we do not charge for assessing issues and estimates.

With regard to e-bikes, we can work on the bicycle components of those products, but we will not work on motors, wiring, etc.
Please let me know if you have any other questions.


We look forward to your visit.

Address: Hiram, GA 30141

Decatur Bikes

Bicycle Repair

Decatur Bikes is the go-to store for all your cycling needs. They offer a large selection of bikes, including those specifically designed to suit different types of terrains like mountain biking and road riding! The staff here are professional cyclists themselves who can answer any questions you might have about how certain models work. They’re also very helpful when it comes time to make repairs on an existing vehicle rather than buying something new, which saves you money too. If this sounds good, then come by now because they’ve got what’s best suited for you just waiting in their shop.

Address: Decatur, GA 30030

Free-Flite Bicycles

Bicycle Repair

Free-Flite Bicycles offers a vast selection of bikes for every skill level. You’ll find everything from BMX to cyclocross, as well as bike parts or accessories in this store. They also provide technical services like repair work on your own ride if needed. This local Atlanta business has been around for 38 years already since it first opened its doors – not only does Free Flite offers great deals, but they also give back by supporting racing clubs that help kids get into biking across North GA and beyond.

Address: Atlanta, GA 30328

Fresh Bike Service, Inc.

Bicycle Repair

Fresh Bike Service, Inc. is a Roswell, Georgia-based bike shop specializing in bicycle maintenance and repair needs. With over 45 years of experience, they have taken care of entry-level service bicycles through high-end models with great success. The company also offers classes on how to fix your suspension problems as well as clinics for those looking into purchasing new wheels or tires, among other things, which are conducted at their own facility near Big Creek MTB Park every year during December only, so call them today before slots run out.

Email Reply

You are welcome to bring them by on the weekend without and appointment. During the week we ask that you book an appointment on our website.

Most likely hard to shift because of rusty oxidized shifter cable.

As far as the ebike, we can only work on Shimano ebikes for liability reasons so I am not sure if we can assist you on that one. Just let us know.

Address: Roswell, GA 30076

Intown Bicycles

Bicycle Repair

Intown Bicycles is the one-stop-shop for all your cycling needs. With a comprehensive range of services, they can fix anything from tune-ups and overhauls to transmission cleaning. Past clients praise their kind staff who are always willing to help out without expecting any payment in return – just doing what’s right by you ensures our business will keep growing strong over time.

Address: Atlanta, GA 30306

Kinetix Cycling

Bicycle Repair

Kinetix Cycling is the go-to spot for professional bicycle maintenance needs in Chamblee. The technicians are equipped with a vast knowledge of repairs and services, including bike builds or tune-ups to wheel installations. They can handle anything your legs might need! See them today if you want an awesome ride that’s always running smoothly at competitive prices too.

Email Reply

Thank you for reaching out. I’d be happy to service your bikes.

I’m just a 1 man show with a very small bike shop that works by appointment, so my goal is to have bikes done very quickly once they are dropped off for their service appointment date.

I usually do not do service on e-bikes, but in your case I can make an exception if all that it needs is very minor service. I do not do any disassembly or reassembly (including not taking the wheels off an ebike) of motorized ebikes but I can do minor gearing/brake adjustments or lubrication of mechanical parts on an ebike.

To answer your question about the grip shifter being stuck and having heavy resistance when turning the shifter, it’s likely that it needs the inside of the cable housing cleaned and lubed from the point of the shifter all the way to the derailleur in which it’s connected to. In some cases the shifter cable may be partially broken inside the shifter and the cable just needs replacement. These are just a guess.

Thank you!

Address: Chamblee, GA 30341

Peachtree Bikes

Bicycle Repair

Peachtree Bikes is the Atlanta area’s one-stop-shop for all things bicycles. For over 40 years, they’ve been providing customers with premium products and first-rate service that will leave you satisfied whether your needs are basic or more complicated. Peachtree staff has expert knowledge on any type of bicycle or gear-related issue plus, if someone doesn’t know how to fix something themselves, then there’re plenty of other shops within 5 miles where such expertise can be found too. They also offer tune-ups, so come by their shop if your bike needs one.

Address: Atlanta, GA 30305

Reality Bikes

Bicycle Repair

Reality Bikes is a local bicycle specialist shop that has been serving cyclists of all levels for more than 21 years already. The company’s expert technicians handle services ranging from custom fitting to professional assembly and repair work, with high-end bikes being no exception! They are known throughout the area as they’ve achieved stellar ratings on Yelp while being involved in various charity and community programs too.

Address: Cumming, GA 30040

Roswell Bicycles

Bicycle Repair

The Roswell Bicycles is a shop serving novice and experienced cyclists in the area for more than 28 years. They are equipped with over 800 pre-built bicycles, as well as bike parts such as accessories or clothing from their vast collection at hand – all of which were named by the National Bicycle Dealers Association (NBDA) as one of America’s Best Bike Shops in 2015 due to the high-quality service they provide.

Email Reply

With six bikes we will definitely need to inspect them and schedule the service work. Ideally we would want you to drop them off during the week. The weekends consistently have high foot traffic and six bikes will take our team some time to assess and schedule.

As far as your grip shifter issue it could be a combination of things between the shifter itself or the cable. We can guide you further when the bike is here to look at.

We can service some E-Bikes, but it depends on the issue and we don’t service all brands. I might want some more info on that bike before guaranteeing any sort of service on it.

Hope this information helps and feel free to give me a call with any further questions.

Address: Roswell, GA 30076

Sixes Pit

Bicycle Repair

The Sixes Pit team is a well-established cycling business that has been providing customers with high-quality service for years. They offer new and pre-owned bicycles, including mountain bikes as well as road or urban models. They also provide installation of tires and pedals combo’s chain adjustment services, including cassettes derailleur cable adjustments, to name just a few services on their list. It doesn’t matter what type you’re after – this place will have something perfect available at the right price point for you.

Address: Canton, GA 30114

Smyrna Bicycles

Bicycle Repair

Smyrna Bicycles is your one-stop-shop for all things bike. They’ve got you covered, from tune-ups and repairs to cleaning services or downright new bikes. Their mechanics are experts in every type of service imaginable, from adjusting brakes and even derailleurs down right through changing tires with ease – you’ll be sure that any problem will get fixed here before it becomes an issue.

Address: Smyrna, GA 30082

Suwanee Creek Bicycles

Bicycle Repair

The Suwanee Creek Bicycles family has been in the bicycle business since 2007, and they’re still going strong! They offer new bikes for all your needs as well as repairs on whatever might be wrong with yours. The shop also specializes in flat fixes and tune-ups – so if you need anything done, don’t hesitate to stop by these guys first because nobody knows cycles like them around in this area.

Address: Suwanee, GA 30024

The Bicycle Doctor

Bicycle Repair

The Bike Doctor is a shop that caters to everyone from casual cyclists, professional athletes, and pro tour competitors all the way up through international teams. They offer services such as basic tune-ups for your ride at home or during training hours on race day if you need them. These include comprehensive overhauls with suspension rebuilds in order to make sure everything moves smoothly again even after an intense effort has already been put forth by theirselves – no matter what type of riding style it might be related to, like mountain biking, mountain hauling, or tubular gluing.

Address: Norcross, GA 30071

Westside Bikes and Supply Co. is a full-service bicycle retailer shop that’s been providing quality bikes to the Atlanta area since 1978, with an expert staff ready at any time for you. Needs, whether it be routine service on one of our many models available or advice about which type will suit you best based on what interests you the most. So stop by today if this sounds like something worth checking out.

Address: Atlanta, GA 30318

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