Best Web Designers in Santa Rosa, California

The picturesque city of Santa Rosa isn’t just home to sublime vineyards and the historic Railroad Square. It’s also a hotspot for some of the most talented web designers on the West Coast. In this guide, we’ll dive deep into what makes Santa Rosa’s design scene unique, providing you with insights to make informed decisions when selecting a web designer for your next project.

Santa Rosa’s journey into the limelight of web design began much like its vineyards: with seeds of passion, nurtured by innovation and growth. Over the past decade, we’ve seen a surge of tech startups setting up shop here, driving demand for world-class digital aesthetics. While globally, web design trends might revolve around minimalistic palettes or flashy animations, Santa Rosa has carved its niche. The city mirrors its inherent blend of rustic charm and modern sophistication in its digital designs, a trait unique to this Californian gem.

Top Rated Web Designers Santa Rosa

1. smallnormous

Smallnormous, hailing from Santa Rosa, is more than just a web design and marketing agency. With over 40 years of combined marketing experience under their belt, the team is a maestro in an array of coding languages, including WordPress. But they’re not just about pretty websites. They craft responsive and eye-catching sites, infused with SEO elements to give them a leg up in search engine rankings. And if branding is on your agenda? They’ve got you covered, from logo designs to full-blown corporate branding. Whether you’re in hospitality, business, or technology, Smallnormous has been there, done that. Dive in and let them make your brand shine.

2. Dan Gilbert Art Group

The Dan Gilbert Art Group: A renowned name in Santa Rosa, they’ve been crafting impeccable website designs and development solutions for businesses for over thirty years. Their specialty? Creating bespoke websites, intricately designed to cater to individual client requirements. What’s more? They incorporate essential tools and features: think memberships, enrollments, user-friendly e-commerce setups, detailed user profiles, and sophisticated search functions. And let’s not forget those essential forms and reports. No device left behind either – their sites are primed for tablets, smartphones, and everything in between. The brains behind the operations, Dan Gilbert, isn’t new to the game. He’s been a dynamic force in the creative world, weaving his design magic across various sectors since the late 1970s.

3. West County

West County has been a go-to name for top-notch web design in Santa Rosa and neighboring areas since 1994. They’re not just about aesthetics; they’re about functionality. Their designs seamlessly adapt to different devices, from tablets to smartphones. But wait, there’s more! They also boost businesses’ online presence with killer digital marketing strategies. We’re talking engaging content writing, impactful email marketing campaigns, sharp search engine optimization, and bespoke website development. At the helm is the seasoned CEO, Chris Frost, boasting a solid 15 years of programming prowess. Behind him? A squad of strategy-savvy thinkers, innovative web designers, and sharp IT experts ready to elevate any digital project.

4. Appy Marketing

Appy Marketing, owned by the passionate Kathleen Rhodes, is a woman-led venture nestled in Santa Rosa. They specialize in web design, crafting sites that not only boost a small business’s online presence but also magnetize the right clientele. Beyond just design, they’re pros at fostering genuine customer connections and ensuring stellar online reputations. Their repertoire doesn’t end there – they’re savvy with digital marketing too! Think SEO magic, seamless Facebook business page setups, and efficient pay-per-click campaigns. Since 2012, Kathleen’s tech-savviness has been evident. Her drive? An innate longing to find innovative solutions to intricate issues.

5. Laced Media

Laced Media, located in Santa Rosa, caters to businesses both locally and nationwide. They specialize in web design, seamlessly integrating essential elements such as sitemaps into websites. Beyond mere design, they perform comprehensive website audits, delving into competition analysis and server error checks, ensuring a top-notch web presence. But that’s not all. They also champion solutions in social media marketing, pay-per-click campaigns, and search engine optimization. Behind this powerhouse is Christian Mendoza, a veteran with a solid footing in the customer service realm.

6. WSI Smart Marketing

WSI Smart Marketing serves folks in and around the Santa Rosa metro. What’s their specialty? Crafting and shaping websites that boost a business’s online visibility, aiming to bring in more leads and sales. Their approach? First, they dive deep into understanding a client’s target audience and what the competition’s up to. They then pinpoint the client’s desires and objectives, whip up some innovative concepts, and keep a close eye on the outcomes. But that’s not all. This team also rolls out email marketing, nails search engine optimization, and takes charge of social media tasks. And just so you know, they’ve been rocking it since 2007.

7. Coding Pixel

Coding Pixel, based in Santa Rosa, boasts eight solid years in the software and app development industry. In that time, they’ve successfully delivered on over 600 projects. Their specialty? Crafting enterprise-level websites with the added perk of redesign options when needed. The tech wizards behind the scenes? A team of developers proficient in a myriad of front-end and back-end programming languages. They’re no strangers to content management systems either, deftly handling platforms like Shopify and WordPress. Some of their standout creations include Spaceloud, Trecco, Gamesaver, and Ebbsey.

8. JLE Creations

JLE Creations specializes in transforming the digital dreams of Santa Rosa businesses into reality. They offer a range of website services, including design, development, hosting, and email setup. Plus, they ensure the integration of SSL-certificates and take care of all maintenance needs. Notably, their web experts craft solutions that are not only SEO-optimized but also rich in mobile-friendly attributes and seamless social media linking capabilities. Founded by Jennifer Elias in 2016, the company boasts of her artistic flair, underscored by her arts degree. Beyond business, Jennifer generously offers her time to the Sonoma County Alliance Soccer and St Joseph Hospital as a volunteer.

9. TIV Branding

TIV Branding, nestled in the heart of Santa Rosa, is a cherished family-run agency with a rich 20-year legacy. Representing local businesses, their talented crew, boasting web developers, graphic artists, and branding maestros, consistently teams up to craft stunning websites, revitalize digital brands, and strategize effective marketing blueprints. Their expertise doesn’t stop there! They’re ace players in the realms of social media ads, SEO, digital campaigns, and even classic marketing. Their portfolio? Impressive. They’ve proudly served names like Sonoma Vinegar, Calistoga Wine Tours, and Motion Analysis.

10. Social Media Ninjas

Social Media Ninjas serves the Santa Rosa community and its adjacent areas. They specialize in crafting website designs that align perfectly with a business’s brand and their customers’ preferences. Not only that, but they ensure full compatibility by performing comprehensive cross-browser tests on popular platforms like Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Opera. Additionally, the team at Social Media Ninjas excels in managing various social media platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Their main goal? Boost customer interaction and tap into a broader audience base. Some notable names from their clientele list are Santa Rosa Gutter and Joe Linn Massage.

11. Already Set Up

Already Set Up assists businesses in Santa Rosa in carving out effective online strategies, ensuring they shine brightly in the digital world. They specialize in website design, content creation, email campaigns, PPC, SEO, and bolstering media relations – all tailored to captivate the right audience. What’s more, for those looking to boost their leads and see a rise in conversions, they’ve got online monetization solutions just for that. Dive deeper and one will find a team with over 40 years of combined expertise in the industry. But that’s not all! They also offer website hosting and ace the game with their media production and distribution prowess.

12. Sonoma Web Solutions

Sonoma Web Solutions has been crafting tailor-made website designs in Santa Rosa for over a decade. Specializing in fully bespoke designs, their seasoned team collaborates closely with clients’ marketing departments, ensuring the website embodies the distinct brand and image of each business. Beyond design, they delve into keyword research, optimize loading speeds, and foster link-building with pertinent pages, all to boost the site’s prominence in the crowded market. Their portfolio boasts collaborations with auto repair centers, chiropractic clinics, and popular bookstores.

13. Planeteria Media

Planeteria Media, based in Santa Rosa, boasts over 20 years of expertise in web development and marketing. They dive deep into understanding a client’s business, brand, and target demographics. With this knowledge, they craft a tailored website strategy. The talented team crafts a distinctive user interface, ensures flawless programming for the site, and enhances it for peak performance on both mobile and standard devices. What’s more? They deploy powerful SEO techniques to propel the site up the search engine rankings. Notably, their portfolio includes collaborations with government bodies and nonprofit organizations.

14. Sleepless Digital

Sleepless Digital assists entrepreneurs in and around Santa Rosa. They specialize in both traditional and digital web design, allowing clients to effectively showcase their products and services. Beyond web design, they offer a comprehensive suite of services, from branding and marketing strategy to SEO, copywriting, and video production. Need print materials? Their team crafts detailed manuals, standout signage, and eye-catching print graphics. Notable clients include Pain & Performance Solutions and The SLG Group. With over two decades of experience, they’ve solidified their reputation in the industry.

15. The Engine is Red

The Engine is Red primarily serves those in the Santa Rosa vicinity. They offer comprehensive web design and development services, empowering businesses to share their narratives and captivate their intended market. On top of that, they extend a helping hand in app development and branding for clients. Notably, this firm’s excellence hasn’t gone unnoticed; it’s been showcased on major media outlets including AdAge, Inc. 5000, CNN Money, and Entrepreneur. Their clientele? Well, it’s impressive. They’ve collaborated with big names like Rombauer Vineyards, Swinerton Builders, and Medtronic.

16. Tara Winkler Graphics

Tara Winkler Graphics aids businesses around Santa Rosa in boosting their online footprint. They specialize in web design, tailoring the hues, visuals, typefaces, and the entire aesthetic to align with a client’s vision. Besides crafting design elements for online ads, social media headers, and avatars, they produce eye-catching graphics for promotional items like flyers and brochures. What’s more, they offer a blend of hand-sketched and digital custom illustrations suitable for books, bulletins, magazines, and product wrappers.

17. PBHS, Inc.

PBHS, Inc. specializes in crafting web designs tailored for dental practices in Santa Rosa. Diving deep into each client’s mission, they ensure the website resonates with the unique requirements of dental offices. They produce sites that shine on mobile devices, adhering strictly to ADA standards. Not only that, they ensure compatibility with screen-readers and text-to-speech tools, ensuring everyone, including those with disabilities, can navigate seamlessly. What’s more? They amp up patient conversion rates by integrating specialty-focused, peer-approved clinical content and captivating videos. And here’s a feather in their cap: PBHS, Inc. boasts an exclusive endorsement from the ADA Member Advantage.

Types of Web Design Services Offered

Beyond standard websites, Santa Rosa offers a plethora of design services:

Custom Website Design: Tailored solutions ensuring your digital presence is uniquely you.

E-commerce Websites: Seamless online shopping experiences that engage and convert.

UX/UI Design: Creating interfaces that aren’t just pretty but intuitive and user-friendly.

Mobile App Design: Transforming ideas into functional and sleek mobile applications.

Tips for Working with Santa Rosa Designers

To ensure a smooth collaboration:

Define Clear Objectives: Outline your goals, target audience, and desired outcomes.

Be Open to Suggestions: These designers bring a wealth of experience. Trust their expertise.

Provide Feedback: Constructive feedback can be the bridge to your perfect design.


Santa Rosa, with its rich tapestry of culture, innovation, and art, is undeniably a treasure trove for web design talent. Whether you’re a local business or hail from afar, this city promises a digital design experience that is both memorable and effective. Dive in, and let Santa Rosa’s best guide your brand to digital brilliance!

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