Best Web Designers in Burbank, California

In the vibrant city of Burbank, California, where creativity blossoms and innovation reigns, a multitude of web designers are crafting digital realms that captivate, engage, and convert. Navigating through this diverse landscape of talent, businesses embark on quests to uncover the designers who resonate with their vision, embodying the prowess to bring their online aspirations to fruition. This article unfolds as a map, guiding you through the intricate pathways of Burbank’s web design terrain, unveiling treasures of design mastery that promise to elevate your online presence to realms of elegance and effectiveness. Journey with us as we explore, analyze, and celebrate the artisans of the web who call Burbank their home, offering you a tapestry of choices, each thread woven with precision, passion, and a profound understanding of the digital aesthetic.

In the digital theatre, your website performs on the world’s vast stage. It’s where first impressions are forged, and narratives of what your brand embodies are narrated. A well-crafted website is a symphony of design elements and functionalities, harmonizing to offer visitors an experience that resonates, informs, and leads to meaningful actions. Burbank’s canvas of web designers is rich with diverse strokes, styles, and specialties, each contributing to the creation of online masterpieces that echo the uniqueness of each business.

Top Rated Web Designers Burbank

1. Just Digital

Just Digital, stationed in the heart of Burbank, stands as a beacon for small business owners and entrepreneurs, guiding them to heightened realms of online visibility and conversion success. Specializing in crafting web design masterpieces, the agency meticulously tailors each website to resonate with the unique vibrancy and demands of various industries, ensuring a user engagement experience that captivates and converts. At its helm, Hugo Fernandez navigates the agency’s journey with a wealth of knowledge and visionary leadership. Since inaugurating Just Digital in 2012, he has illuminated the marketing landscape, authoring “The Client Acquisition Blueprint,” a tome enriched with marketing wisdom and strategic insights.

2. Polaris Marketing & Consulting

Polaris Marketing & Consulting is a dedicated firm located in the Burbank metro, extending its services to the neighboring areas as well. Specializing in crafting websites optimized for mobile use, they focus on boosting organic traffic and enhancing conversion rates for businesses. The professional team at Polaris doesn’t stop there; they also offer search engine optimization services, ensuring that businesses amplify their online visibility effectively across various search engines. At the helm is Jenni W., the company’s founder and CEO. With a robust background spanning over 15 years, Jenni brings a reservoir of marketing industry experience, ensuring that clients benefit from tried-and-tested strategies and insights.

3. 5D Spectrum

5D Spectrum is a multifaceted digital agency based in Burbank, specializing in weaving business strategies with e-commerce solutions to craft and sustain robust digital experiences. The agency extends a spectrum of services such as web design and development, social media marketing, video production, animation, and photography, tailoring its expertise to meet the unique needs of its clients. Their adept designers focus on creating websites that flourish seamlessly across various platforms, ensuring compatibility with browsers as well as Android and iOS mobile devices. They offer a suite of branding services encompassing the development of compelling digital content, crafting distinctive logos, and cultivating a profound understanding of the client’s brand in relation to their competitors.

4. Merx Forum

Merx Forum has been a prominent player in Burbank’s digital landscape since 2017, diligently crafting websites and mobile applications that resonate with innovation and functionality. Specializing in the utilization of Sketch, a potent graphics editor, the agency seamlessly integrates a diverse array of content such as images, articles, and videos into client web pages, enhancing their appeal and engagement. At the helm of this dynamic agency is CEO and co-founder, Tigran Paremuzyan. With a rich background as a senior PHP developer at Codics, a reputable software production company, Tigran brings a wealth of expertise and a bilingual proficiency in Armenian and Russian, fortifying the agency’s multicultural and multifaceted approach to digital solutions.

5. Counterintuity

Counterintuity specializes in designing websites specifically tailored for nonprofits, public agencies, and like-minded businesses across Burbank and nearby regions. This digital marketing firm excels at partnering with clients, transforming their visions and concepts into actionable, strategic plans. Their approach is dynamic, constantly evolving and adapting campaigns to meet the ever-changing landscapes of trends, customer feedback, and specific client requirements. The team’s portfolio is both diverse and impressive, boasting successful website designs for notable entities such as Golden State Gymnastics, Pasadena Symphony and POPS, East Hollywood Business Improvement District, Griffin Black, and the Global Organ Donor Education Network. Their expertise lies in crafting digital platforms that resonate with the unique needs and objectives of each client, ensuring a robust online presence that effectively communicates the core values and missions of the organizations they collaborate with.


SYSNOVO stands as a pillar in Burbank’s digital landscape, specializing in custom website design and digital marketing, dedicated to serving the local community with precision and expertise. Tailoring their offerings to meet the nuanced needs of small businesses, they craft comprehensive website packages that encompass essential elements like Google Maps listing, on-page SEO, and email installation. Their proficiency doesn’t end there; SYSNOVO dives deeper into the digital realm, delivering intricately designed complex websites, native applications, and robust e-commerce platforms, each stage meticulously handled from analysis and planning to testing and launch. Their portfolio gleams with successful projects, showcasing collaborations with notable names such as entrepreneur Milan Kordestani, AMK Films, and California Hospice.

7. Appail

Appail specializes in meeting the digital and IT demands of small and medium-sized businesses in Burbank. With a personalized touch, their adept engineers meticulously craft websites, ensuring each design is user-friendly, responsive, and customized to resonate with the client’s specific audience and industry. They prioritize essential elements, incorporating features that enhance visibility and accessibility, such as SEO pages, ADA plugins, and Google Webmaster tools. Appail’s versatile services seamlessly align with various sectors, providing tailored solutions for diverse fields like e-commerce, real estate, accounting, and healthcare. Their minimalist website package stands out, offering a streamlined yet effective approach to web design and functionality.

8. CHRS Interactive

CHRS Interactive specializes in bolstering the online presence of both small and large businesses in Burbank and nearby areas. With a diverse clientele including notable names like Sutter Health, Pillar, Pacific Charter School Development, and Prostate Cancer Foundation, they’ve cultivated a rich portfolio. Their expertise lies in designing and developing WordPress websites that effectively captivate and engage target audiences. The team doesn’t just stop at website creation; they extend their services to encompass website maintenance and PSD to WordPress theme conversion, ensuring that their clients’ websites are not only visually appealing but also run smoothly and efficiently.

9. Small Biz Web Design Studio

Small Biz Web Design Studio specializes in serving clients in and around Burbank, offering a range of digital marketing solutions tailored for small to medium-sized businesses. Their services encompass web design and development, ensuring sites are mobile-responsive and integrated with CMS via WordPress. The team is a diverse mix of professionals, including WordPress designers, coders, website optimizers, search engine analysts, and PHP developers, all bringing a wealth of expertise to each project. They have a proven track record of success, having worked with a variety of industries such as legal firms, dental clinics, real estate companies, and debt collection agencies, showcasing their versatility and ability to meet different clients’ needs.

10. Backhouse Media

Backhouse Media, a steadfast presence in Burbank since 2005, specializes in crafting meticulous website designs fortified with robust HTML 5 and CSS 3 technologies. Their adept team ensures that websites flourish across various devices, enhancing accessibility and user engagement. Tailoring unique landing pages, they focus on amplifying conversion rates, ensuring that each visitor’s journey is streamlined and compelling. Diving deeper into the digital realm, Backhouse Media extends its expertise to encompass a spectrum of digital marketing services. From conjuring engaging Facebook advertisements to the strategic management of Instagram and Twitter accounts, their approach is both comprehensive and nuanced.

11. Theta Media Group

Theta Media Group originated as a sound studio, gradually expanding its creative horizons into graphics, publishing, and web design. In a strategic approach, the agency fosters close collaborations with Burbank clients, ensuring a deep understanding of their brand identity, needs, and objectives. Integral to their offerings are comprehensive website care plans, available in three tailored packages: standard, premium, and elite. Each package is meticulously crafted to include essential services such as core code updates, bug fixes, site backups, technical support, and website optimization, ensuring that every website is maintained with utmost precision and efficiency.

12. webVDEO

webVDEO stands as a beacon in online marketing and web design, dedicated to empowering businesses in Burbank and beyond. With a meticulous approach, they transform clients’ websites into powerful conversion engines. Their strategy is comprehensive, focusing on understanding the website’s purpose, objectives, and target audience. They craft user-friendly interfaces, enhance content for optimal search engine performance, and vigilantly monitor websites to rectify any shortcomings swiftly. As a recognized Google Partner, webVDEO boasts a history of successful collaborations, including notable names like Tree Case Management, Dreams in Detail, The Hardy Law Firm, and Tukatech. Their mission is clear: to elevate websites into formidable tools that drive business success through enhanced functionality and strategic optimization.

Criteria for Choosing a Web Designer

Selecting a web designer is akin to choosing an architect for your digital estate. Various facets shimmer in the spectrum of considerations that guide this choice:

Expertise and Specialization: Seek designers whose skills align with your vision, ensuring a foundation of knowledge that suits your industry and objectives.

Portfolio and Previous Work: Dive into their realms of creation, exploring the worlds they’ve built to gauge alignment with your aesthetic and functional preferences.

Client Reviews and Testimonials: Listen to the echoes of past collaborations, allowing the experiences of others to illuminate the pathway to your decision.

Pricing and Value for Money: Balance your budget with the value offered, ensuring that the investment blossoms into a website that fulfills its role with elegance and efficiency.

Navigating the Future: Staying Updated and Relevant

The digital realms are ever-evolving landscapes where relevance and freshness are the winds that sustain visibility and engagement. Guidance will blossom in this section, offering perspectives on maintaining a website that breathes the freshness of contemporary trends, technological advancements, and evolving user expectations.


Our journey through Burbank’s web design wonders aims to leave you enriched, informed, and inspired. Armed with insights, perspectives, and a curated showcase of the city’s finest, your pathway to choosing a web designer promises to be a voyage of clarity, confidence, and excitement towards a vibrant online presence.

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