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We contacted 9 tattoo shops in Hillsboro, Oregon and hand-picked the best for you to choose from. is a website that connects people with the top experts in their area. The hunt for the perfect tattoo shop is difficult, but it’s even more challenging when you can’t find these services. That’s why we created this site.

The following list of Hillsboro tattoo shops has been compiled based on expert reviews and feedback from other customers.

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Top rated tattoo shops in Hillsboro, Oregon
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Top Rated tattoo shops in Hillsboro

Breaking Ink

Tattoo Shop

The Breaking Ink team was created in 2012. It’s grown significantly; it’s now home to six experienced and dedicated tattoo artists. Nestled within a metro area containing more tattoo shops per capita than anywhere else in the U.S., this studio has the skills, standards, and abilities to make it stand out from the pack. Breaking Ink is all about breaking conventions and barriers and challenging the norms. Expression and imagination are fundamental, driving the artists to provide clients with unique, customized body art.

Address: 230 NE 2nd Ave Suite C, Hillsboro, OR 97124

Cypress Tattoo Studio

Tattoo Shop

Mickey Warner comes from a family of professional artists and was an apprentice of the master tattooist Donald Deaton at Sea Tramp Tattoo School. Warner has been a licensed professional tattooist since 2002 and pulls inspiration from a wide range of artistic influences. These include Greek, Roman, and Norse mythology, tribal spirituality, Buddhism, Hinduism, Michelangelo, Japanese-style tattoos, and so much more. Clients looking for a unique body art masterpiece should make an appointment without delay.

Address: 315 E Main St Ste 303, Hillsboro, OR 97123


Tattoo Shop

Customers wanting to get inked at a private, relaxed studio should make a stop at Mo’o Manu. The shop’s professional, licensed tattoo artist has 26 years of experience. The studio’s portfolio includes various art styles to truly help clients’ imaginations to run free. These include sacred geometry, Polynesian tribal, traditional, minimalism, fine-line, stippling, portrait, realism, and more. The studio specializes in custom designs and is perfect for clients wanting unique body artwork in a clean, safe environment.

Email Reply

Do you guys specialize in these kind of tattoos? – I do not specialize in any particular style, I’m eclectic is my style. And how much does it cost to get a tattoo like that? Size – 3×3 inches – The cost will be $100-150 What ingredients in the ink you’d use for the colors in the tattoo? – My black ink is not vegan but my color inks are. Can you perform a patch test? I cannot do a patch test Are you a licensed tattoo artist? – I am a licensed tattoo artist. In case you did some single-line tattoos, can you share some examples? – I have an online portfolio on IG @moomanutattoo. Examples of my work can be found there.

Address: 203 E Main St, Hillsboro, OR 97123

Olde Oak Studio

Tattoo Shop

Dustin Kendig isn’t just a tattooist but an artist. At Olde Oak Studio, clients are in safe yet creative hands. Kendig has been a professional tattoo master for over 10 years and an artist for over 20 years. They bring a unique, imaginative eye along with their extensive knowledge to create fantastic tattoos. All bookings are made through email. View Dustin’s work on Instagram by clicking the buttons below.

Address: 2900 SE Cornelius Pass Rd Suite 863, Hillsboro, OR 97123

Destination Ink is a tattoo and body piercing studio committed to providing clients with a sterile yet friendly atmosphere. Customers feel comfortable, safe, and inspired at Destination Ink. The artists strive to provide the best possible tattoo and piercing services. All styles of tattoo are catered for, and there’s even a permanent makeup service. The shop is open Tuesday through to Saturday, 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM, and is by appointment only.

Address: 2401 NE Cornell Rd, Hillsboro, OR 97124

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Top rated tattoo shops in Hillsboro, Oregon
Connecting People with the Best
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