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Top rated Tattoo Shops in Eugene, Oregon
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Top Rated Tattoo Shops in Eugene

The Parlour Tattoo

Tattoo Shop

As a result, our firm has been providing high-quality, professional tattoos to the residents of our lovely valley since 1996, all of which are executed in a safe and hygienic setting. Aside from being conveniently located at the intersection of 11th and Willamette in the center of downtown Eugene, The Parlour Tattoo offers lots of parking as well as complimentary Wi-Fi. From first-time tattooers to seasoned tattoo veterans, and everyone in between, our tattoo studio’s tattoo artists provide a broad variety of tattooing methods that may be used to create beautiful tattoos. Everyone may benefit from the great variety of tattooing methods offered by our tattoo artists.

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Do you guys specialize in these kind of tattoos? -No we do not specialize in those kinds of tattoos.

And how much does it cost to get a tattoo like that? -Our shop minimum is $100 and our artists charge $200 per hour.

Is it possible to get colors in the tattoo, like in the example? -It is possible to get color in your tattoo.

What ingredients in the ink you’d use for the colors in the tattoo? – We use all different kinds of ink, purchased from reputable sources.

Does color ink causes an itchy rash? – Everyone’s skin is different, but we do not use inks that would regularly cause rashes.

Can you perform a patch test? – You can discuss a patch test with your artist in a consultation.

4. Are you a licensed tattoo artist? – Every artist that works in the shop is licensed.

5. In case you did some single-line tattoos, can you share some examples? – Feel free to take a look at our artist portfolios on our website,


Address: 1097 Willamette St, Eugene, OR 97401

Northwest Tattoo

Tattoo Shop

Those looking for a professional, northwest-themed setting with a clean, high-end tattoo and fine art gallery can choose Northwest Tattoo as a terrific option. GreenSoap, Ryan Beauchamp, and rarespider are just a few of the artists that have found a home at the gallery, which was founded by visionary artist Max VK and opened its doors in 2016. Northwest Tattoo is a fantastic choice for anyone searching for a professional, northwest-themed workplace with a clean, high-end tattoo and fine art gallery. Northwest Tattoo is located in the heart of downtown Portland.

Address: 142 E 13th Ave, Eugene, OR 97401

As a result of the work that we’ve done so far, the results have been overwhelmingly good. As a result of our dedication over many years to creating a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere in our studios, we have been able to accommodate a wonderfully diverse team of workers, as well as a diverse clientele base and a broader community at large. The outcomes obtained so far have been fairly satisfactory in light of the amount of work put forward thus far. It is our primary obligation to guarantee that the health and safety of everyone is constantly maintained. Our studio may not be the best fit for you if you are unable to comply with all of the regulations given above or if you are unwilling to help us in doing so.

Address: 525 E 13th Ave, Eugene, OR 97401

Black Label Tattoo

Tattoo Shop

Eugene’s high-end tattoo studio is known as Black Label Tattoo Collective (BLTC). Every day, under the direction of the most talented tattoo artists in the business, we aim to produce magnificent tattoo art. We specialize in any style imaginable, from blackwork to full color, traditional to mixed aesthetics. We can create whatever you can dream. The best artists in the business will tattoo you at Black Label, whether it’s our founder Alec Turner or one of our carefully selected artists. Our talented artists are often invited to national and international conventions, where they get further training and have the opportunity to network with industry experts.

Address: 2911 W 11th Ave B, Eugene, OR 97402

Next-Level Tattoo Artistry that is personalized to the specific needs of each and every customer. From the plain and serious to the hilarious, offbeat, and spontaneous, there is something for everyone… Let us assist you in commemorating your tattoo, no matter how large or little it may be. Tattoos that are done in a single stroke are known as single stroke tattoos. We offer a large number of pre-designed pieces by our artists that can be tattooed once and only once by one of our tattoo artists. Please swing by the studio or get in touch with us via our Artists page if you are in the area and would want to view some of our unique, one-of-a-kind items.

Address: 304 River Rd, Eugene, OR 97404

Black Lotus Tattoo

Tattoo Shop

Dr. Julien’s Black Lotus Tattoo in Eugene, Oregon is a group of tattoo artists that are committed to offering a one-of-a-kind and high-quality tattoo experience. In addition to extensive training and certification, each of our tattoo artists is skilled in a variety of techniques, including cover-ups, portrait and floral tattooing; black and grey shading; watercolor shading, line work; brush style shading; old school shading; and a variety of other techniques, all in their own distinct styles. Our 100 percent Satisfaction Guarantee ensures that our customers walk away with a tattoo that is really unique and individualized, and that it was produced by the best body artists Eugene has to offer on each and every transaction.

Address: 1011 W 6th Ave, Eugene, OR 97402

Positive Ink Tattoos

Tattoo Shop

POSSIBLE INK TATTOOS was started in 2010 by Craig Kennedy, a Christian tattoo artist/artist, with the intention of creating a tattoo shop where everyone would feel at ease and comfortable. According to kval news, it is one of just six in the nation and the only one in the Northwest. Craig Kennedy has a collection of black-and-gray trophies, as well as photographs, among other things. Craig achieved an A+ on his final test, which he took after two years of art school. Mr. Kennedy has been tattooing for more than 16 years and received his training at a private tattooing vocational school in California. Creating custom artwork, like as portraits, is something Positive Ink Tattoos does really well.

Address: 1754 W 11th Ave, Eugene, OR 97402

Tattoo By Design

Tattoo Shop

Welcome to Eugene’s oldest tattoo shop, which has been in operation since 1899. We’ve been in business since 1985 and have built a solid reputation for offering expert and safe tattooing to our clients. Tattoos are used to both memorialize and mark the beginning of significant transitions in our life. Specific tattoos that have a positive impact on people’s lives are of particular interest to us. These include tattoos that represent positive influences in one’s life such as heritage and family, one’s spirituality and philosophical beliefs, development, transformation, and discoveries – images that have meaning for the individual. Discuss our designs with us, as well as how we can assist you in bringing your ideas to life or how we can build something exclusively for you and your needs.

Address: 671 Lincoln St, Eugene, OR 97401

It is situated on Willamette Street in the center of downtown Eugene, just across the street from the historic McDonald Theatre. As well as amazing tattooing performed by professional tattoo artists, we also provide a broad range of lowbrow and underground original paintings, drawings, sculptures, books, and prints, as well as a diverse collection of unique lowbrow and underground artwork. In addition, we provide a selection of innovative tattoo designs. At our company, we attempt to maintain a welcoming and comfortable workplace at all times, while also encouraging people to be creative and have fun. Our family extends an invitation to you to visit us and acquire some inspirational inked jewels on your skin as well as some rad wall art for your home or office.

Address: 1022 Willamette St, Eugene, OR 97401

Alliance Tattoo and Gallery, located in the center of downtown Eugene, is a tattoo shop and gallery that provides a wide range of tattoo treatments. In addition to conventional tattooing methods, Alliance Tattoo also specializes in cutting-edge contemporary tattooing techniques. Our tattoo artists are well-versed in a wide variety of tattoo styles and can design whatever you desire, from precise Black and Grey Realism to bright and vibrant Neo-Traditional to anything in between. Contact us now to schedule an appointment. Take a look at the portfolios of our artists and get in touch with them personally to discuss the possibility of having them play live at your event.

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Legacy Ink

Tattoo Shop

Find the perfect tattoo for your ideal self. You have unlimited flexibility to do anything you want, whenever you want, and from any location you choose. INK WITH A HISTORICAL CONNECTION Tattoo, located in Eugene, Oregon, is a cutting-edge tattoo business that is recognized for its innovative designs and personalized tattoo work. This tattoo shop distinguishes itself from the competition by providing a pleasant and laid-back environment, as well as providing an exceptionally high level of customer care to customers. Our tattoo artists will work with you to design the tattoo of your dreams, no matter how little or large the tattoo may be in terms of size.

Address: 45 Silver Ln, Eugene, OR 97404exper

Leslie Brewer Tattoos

Tattoo Shop

In the almost two decades since she began her professional tattooing career in 2000 and earned her certification as a medical aesthetician, Leslie Brewer has collected a huge amount of knowledge and experience in the area of medical aesthetics. She has worked as a medical aesthetician since 2016. The tattoo artist has not only traditional tattooing skills, but also cosmetic and paramedical tattooing abilities, which distinguishes him or her from other tattoo artists. It is possible to have scar healing, vitiligo concealment, 3-D nipples, and a variety of other procedures performed at the facility, in addition to a variety of other surgeries.

Address: 2420 W 11th Ave, Eugene, OR 97402

Mild Bill Tattoo

Tattoo Shop

Bill, raised on the east coast in the city of Philadelphia. Following high school, the artist attended the Art Institute of Philadelphia, where he studied graphic design and advertising. Bill moved to Oregon in order to pursue a degree in visual art at the University of Oregon. Bill went on to work as a tattoo artist, company owner, and lecturer, which allowed him to further develop his creative ability. Over the course of his more than three decades in the profession, the beautiful artist has seen everything. His favored tattoo style is full-color realism, which he has done many times. Besides refining cover-ups, Bill is also focused with making them seem as natural as possible compared to the originals. The artist feels that tattoos are an excellent medium for documenting profound and lasting memories, and he develops and produces works of art that are both beautiful and meaningful.

Address: 1021 Maxwell Rd #2, Eugene, OR 97404

Garden Of Ink

Tattoo Shop

Once a student enrolls at Garden of Ink Tattoo School, we are committed to ensuring that they graduate with the knowledge, skills, and equipment required to launch a successful career in the field of creative tattooing. Every part of its operations must be carried out in a safe, tolerant, and professional manner in order to be considered successful. Students are required to spend the majority of their time as working apprentices studying the fundamentals of tattooing and doing essentially nothing else other than that. They are treated as though they are in such a privileged position as they really are.

Address: 21 S 6th St, Cottage Grove, OR 97424

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Top rated Tattoo Shops in Eugene, Oregon
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