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Top rated Tattoo Shops in Bend, Oregon
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Top Rated Tattoo Shops in Bend

Mum’s Tattoo Studio

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Angela Kephart first established the shop in 1998 before moving to California. The studio was kept open while she was in Venice Beach and then Laguna Beach, where she still worked as a tattoo artist. Angela had the chance to work alongside the world-famous Bugs, one of her tattooist idols. Now back in Oregon, Angela runs her shop with the help of other skilled tattoo artists.

Address: 19 NW Greenwood Ave, Bend, OR 97703

Founded in 2009 by Kristopher “KJ” Brown, Anchors and Ink is Bend’s second-oldest tattoo shop. The downtown shop combines the talents of local tattoo artists in a clean and modern studio. It offers many styles of tattooing. Whether clients want traditional or neo-traditional, realism or sacred geometry, black and grey or color, Anchors and Ink have got it covered. All the artists are Oregon-licensed and certified.

Email Reply

This type of tattoo isn’t personally my style, but my girlfriend Maia who I also work with is interested in taking on this project. Her contact info is

I will answer your questions the best I can and provide you with as much information as possible regarding tattoos, just in case you’re new to them.

All of us at DICE ENT are licensed through the state of Oregon. Just as a fun fact, OR. actually has the most strict licensing laws compared to other states, although, it is still good to look into the quality of work that the individual artist puts out as well as the cleanliness of the shop.

Tattoo prices can vary depending on what you’re getting of course. Color for example takes a bit more time. Something like this could be between $100-$250 I give a lot of room when quoting just because I don’t have a design in front of me.

When it comes to tattoo inks, I will say that nowadays inks tend to all be vegan, but I wouldn’t really say organic. Tattoo inks do tend to have certain metals in them to make different colors, this also is why tattoos are “permanent”. I will include an example of some ingredients, these may or may not be accurate to all inks/brands.

The reason I say “permanent” is because our body does slowly metabolize the ink over time, this is why tattoos fade/age. Tattoo ink particles are known to have been found in lymph nodes due to our white blood cells trying to get ride of the foreign ink.

As far as skin irritations from ink, some people do have reactions to certain colors, mainly reds (I’ve never had a client with an issue as of yet). A patch test could probably be done, but might not show what would happen when it’s in the dermis. It’s hard for me to claim that tattoos won’t cause irritation, because it’s a foreign substance in the skin, it doesn’t belong there. I personally have plenty of tattoos that will get small spots of irritation, such as a raised slightly itchy line or small bit of color this is so minor it doesn’t affect my way of life in the slightest and goes away after an hour or less.

Another thing to look out for when getting tattooed is derm. Derm, also referred to as “second skin” or “saniderm”, is what is applied after a tattoo to cover the traumatized skin. This helps speed up the healing and is a product I love using in my clients although if you’re allergic to adhesive I recommend just asking for regular plastic wrap to avoid any reactions.

I hope this info helps you understand a little more about tattoos. I know it sounds like a lot of scary info, but people have been getting tattoos for thousands of years. Within the recent years of tattooing since the 1900s, that we’ve been able to record, everything has become way more sterile and quality. In my opinion tattoos are completely safe and there are studies that say tattoos can help boost the immune system as well as filter out UV radiation from the sun in the case of a lot of coverage.

Address: 925 NW Wall St unit g, Bend, OR 97703

Monolith Tattoo Studio

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Thanks to the consistently high-quality tattoos, the professionally licensed tattooists’ creative artistry, and the clean and fun atmosphere, the shop is known as Bend’s best tattoo studio. Monolith is proud to boast its eclectic artists capable of a variety of styles. Looking for photorealism? Or do you prefer traditional? Perhaps you’re looking for geometric black work or maybe a large-scale color piece. Monolith can provide the perfect artist to realize your vision.

Email Reply

thanks for reaching out! We definitely have artists that would love to work with you! Are you thinking of a cat like the reference photo you sent over or something different? Final price will depend on what you’re looking to get and where, most of our artists charge $150 an hour and the time the tattoo takes could vary a bit from artist to artist! We do have artists that tattoo watercolor similar to the reference you sent over. Ingredients in the ink may vary from brand to brand, is there an ingredient that you’re trying to avoid? While your tattoo is healing you may experience some scabbing and itching, however it should not cause a rash. We can perform a patch test. All of our artists are licensed in Oregon to tattoo. None of our artists necessarily specialize in single line tattoos, however most of them have done them. I’d have to dive into their portfolios to find some examples if you’re interested although we do have 13 tattoo artists so it may be easier and more beneficial to get some examples from the artist you book with once we determine who’s the best fit.

Address: 61470 S Hwy 97, Bend, OR 97702

Bend Tattoo Company

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The Bend Tattoo Company is a professional tattoo studio focused on creating creative and artistic tattoo work right in the heart of beautiful Bend. Clients looking for a high-quality tattooing experience in a welcoming and positive environment should give the shop a call. No tattoo project is too large or too small. Their staff will be happy to answer any questions and give advice about tattooing or scheduling at their shop.

Address: ###C-Address-After/Search/###

Black Opal Tattoo

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The shop was opened by Bend local Kailah Bartolome in 2019 and has been serving the community with high-end tattoos ever since. The small studio is dedicated to providing a safe, discriminatory-free zone where clients can relax and enjoy exceptional tattoo artistry. Black Opal’s artists are all experienced and highly-skilled, committed to treating each client as an individual with specific needs and requirements. The shop is open Monday to Saturday by appointment only.

Address: 2600 NE Division St STE 104, Bend, OR 97701

Gold Standard Tattoo

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Gold Standard Tattoo is a Bend custom tattoo shop committed to providing clients with a safe, sanitary, and enjoyable tattooing experience. Each customer can expect only the highest standards of professionalism at Gold Standard. Not only is the tattoo artistry and quality outstanding, but the studio provides hospital-grade sterilization and cleanliness. Whatever the client’s preferred style or request, Gold Standard delivers superior results every time

Address: 1824 NE Division St suite c, Bend, OR 97701

Gorilla Tattoo

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Gorilla Tattoo opened in Bend in 2010. The studio is a space where clients and artists collaborate in a comfortable and welcoming setting. Each tattoo is a unique, high-quality piece of art that its wearer will be proud of for the rest of their life. Quality and health and safety standards are extremely important to Gorilla Tattoo. Their customers feel safe and in the best possible hands.

Address: 568 NE Savannah Dr, Bend, OR 97701

Umbra Tattoo

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Umbra Tattoo’s owner and professional tattoo artist, Bekah Carter, is passionate about her craft and art in general. The shop specializes in illustrated black and grey tattoos, elevating body art to the highest possible level. For clients seeking to express their imagination through their tattoos, Umbra will help them realize their project. The shop minimum is $100, and a $50 non-refundable deposit is required for all appointments. Call Umbra to discuss getting your dream custom design tattoo today.

Email Reply

Thanks for reaching out to Umbra Tattoo. Bekah can absolutely do single line tattoos. Though she can do water color work she much prefers to work with black and grey tattoos. She has been a licensed tattoo artist in Bend for 5 years and all her ink is hypoallergenic. No color of ink should cause an itchy rash if done utilizing sterile quality needles and ink by a licensed tattoo artist though there are many factors such as poor aftercare can cause healing issues with a tattoo. Her rate is $600 for full day sessions or $140 an hour for smaller pieces. Feel free to check out her pieces as she uploads to Instagram daily and weekly. Her username is Bekahcarter96. She’s currently booking for the end of February through March if you’d like me to get you on the books. I can also schedule you with a consultation to meet with Bekah and see if she would be a good fit for you within the next month. Thank you

Address: 1265 NW Wall St, Bend, OR 97703

Janelle Envy Tattoo

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Janelle Envy is a private tattoo studio where its owner Janelle not only works but lives. The shop specializes in a variety of styles, including animated tattoos and color realism pieces. It’s truly a tattoo shop where art is alive and vibrant. The client’s shapes and curves are taken into consideration, and each tattoo piece is unique to that particular individual. First-time customers can get in touch by email. Also, check out the studio’s website for more information.

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Top rated Tattoo Shops in Bend, Oregon
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