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16th Street Theater

Acting Classes

16th Street Theater is a local theater in Berwyn that features productions of all kinds. They have performed Into the Beautiful North and Muthaland and other stage shows! The North Side Park District designed 16th street for residents with outdoor recreational areas providing opportunities to enjoy leisure time while fostering family values among community growth – all of which promote enhanced quality of life within any space.

Address: Berwyn, IL 60402

Black Box Acting Studio

Acting Classes

Black Box Acting Studio is dedicated to training actors to work hard and be fearless. They are located in Chicago. They offer three training programs designed for actors interested in making connections, learning how they work best, and most importantly – being fearless on stage or camera! They have the Academy, which is their five-month intensive conservatory program where you will get hands-on experience as well as opportunities with professionals from all around Chicago.

Email Reply

Thank you so much for reaching out with your interest in training with us! Please find answers to your questions below:

– We teach our proprietary technique, The Black Box Method, which is a combination of Meisner & Viewpoints. In our STUDIO, we train students over the course of three levels, B1: Human Behavior, B2: Power of Imagination, and finally B3: The Professional.
– We do not offer student tours, however, we do conduct a B1 Enrollment Interview to get to know you and your goals better and answer any questions you may have about our program.
– In our STUDIO training, there is not a final performance. Classes are focused on learning and practicing the technique.
– All instructors are trained in teaching our proprietary curriculum, which again, consists of Meisner & Viewpoints-based exercises.
– Instructors are always readily available to answer questions about the industry either over email or after class.

If you are interested in enrolling, our next class is scheduled to begin this weekend. You can learn more about class logistics here.

Hope this helps and please let us know if you have any other questions!


Address: Chicago, IL 60647

Carolina Improv Company

Acting Classes

The Carolina Improv Company is a premier training and entertainment company that offers improv classes to aspiring actors, performers, or anyone who wants to learn how to perform in an environment with unconditional support. They also provide soft skills business training programs for businesses that are customized depending on what’s needed by the client – whether it’s help getting new employees up to speed through coaching sessions, performing gigs at your office celebrations, or providing shows tailored specifically towards entertaining audiences. Lastly, they also offer free open mic nights where you can watch teams practice their skills!

Address: Chicago, IL 60613

Chicago Improv Studio

Acting Classes

The Chicago Improv Studio is dedicated to creating solid players with a deep understanding of improvisation in all its forms. Whether you are looking for training, classes, or just some good laughs – this studio has something that will suit your needs! The Carolina Improv Company is a safe space for anyone who wants to try their hand at being funny. You’ll find unconditional support and respect among our team because we all work together on stage or in practice sessions toward shared goals!

Address: Chicago, IL 60618

CiC Theater

Acting Classes

Improv at CiC Theater is the perfect way to get your night started right! There’s something for everyone with four classes, including The Scene and Show, which teach you how to perform stage performance while still being interactive with other actors on-site or off-site. You’ll be able to perform in front of an audience without feeling too self-conscious about what they think. This theater has been known as “a friendly space” where people come from all walks of life because, let’s face it, nobody wants boring stuff when comedy awaits them just around every corner!

Address: Chicago, IL 60613

Improve Resource Center News is a Chicago-based acting academy with classes dedicated to scene work. They offer various programs for aspiring actors, such as the Laying The Foundation and Core Improv Program, designed to make you more comfortable on stage or screen by improving your confidence when performing authentic moments of spontaneous dialogue from any situation imaginable! They also have game-like activities to create dynamic performance pieces, called “the premier place” by many people who attended these events!

Address: Chicago, IL 60640

Joe Hall Dancers & Center

Acting Classes

Joe Hall Dancers & Center is a dance studio in Chicago, IL, that offers affordable and accessible classes for all different types of dances. Their wide range of genres includes ballet and modern jazz dances like their signature style designed by Joe Hall, which combines classics with today’s trends idiom making it unique among other studios around town!

Address: Chicago, IL 60660

Laugh Out Loud

Acting Classes

Laugh Out Loud is the perfect place to find your next favorite comedian. You can take classes with some of today’s most famous stars or learn from our many talented improvisers in Schaumburg, Illinois! We offer both intermediate and advanced performance courses, so there isn’t anything that Laughing Out loud won’t do for you when it comes down to your comedy entertainment needs.

Address: Schaumburg, IL 60173

Piven Theatre Workshop

Acting Classes

Piven Theatre Workshop is dedicated to teaching its students the importance of voice and expression. They offer classes for young actors or adults looking at enhancing skills they already have and those who want more advanced training from professionals that can help them grow into successful performers with a strong creative spirit. This workshop provides quality instruction by encouraging creativity among all levels of student talent through exploration based upon individual needs.

Email Reply

Thanks so much for inquiring about our classes. Please check us out at our website for information on the current class offerings and methods.

If students are interested in coaching, we leave that up to them to discuss that with their teachers. There are pictures on our website and Yelp where you’ll be able to get a glimpse at our space.

We have a variety of youth classes that are performance based in the fall and spring and are by invitation or resume submission only. Adult classes for improvisation and scene may have the opportunity for a performance in a variety of ways depending on the ensemble and instructor.

Address: Evanston, IL 60201

Stacey De & Company School of Performing Arts is the largest music and acting school in Lisle, IL. It offers various performing arts lessons, such as vocal training, drum lessons, guitar lessons, acting classes, and piano coaching for kids or adults alike. This academy’s instructors have helped thousands begin their musical journey – all at competitive rates. Whether you’re just starting your band this summer or looking for more advanced classes like guitar theory sessions, Stacey’s got what you need.

Email Reply


Thank you for your inquiry about Acting Classes.  I have a couple of quick questions for you so I can best advise you on what we have to offer and if it would be a good match for what you are looking for in an acting class. 

Are these Acting Classes for you or your child?  We only have Children’s Acting Classes. We do have Adult private acting lessons. These are not classes but private 30 minute acting lessons. Our instructors will custom design a lesson plan based on your goals and how you learn. 

If you are looking for Adult Acting Classes I would recommend 
Wheaton Drama

Western Springs Theater

I know they have adult classes.

Let me know your thoughts when you have a moment. 

Address: Lisle, IL 60532

The Annoyance Theater and Bar is a Chicago-based comedy theater that also offers improv classes under the instruction of Artistic Director Mick Napier. His approach in teaching students focuses on revealing their voice through feedback, which he provides for each student to help them find themselves as an artist or performer within this world we live in today. The company’s philosophy focuses on individuals giving feedback and support to see themselves through creative voice enhancement – providing everyone here at our theater everything they need.

Address: Chicago, IL 60657

The Chicago High School for the Arts (ChiArts) is an art school that offers rigorous academic classes in addition to creative writing, music, and theater productions. This high-quality institution has produced countless artists who are now successful professionals across various fields, including film directing and acting. They’re proud of their commitment toward providing intensive preprofessional training, which can launch future successes early on.

Email Reply

Thanks so much for reaching out! To clarify, we are a performing arts high school, not an after-school program, so any acting classes that are taken at ChiArts are taken during the school day as part of the curriculum.

To answer your questions, you can view our scope and sequence for our Acting Majors on our website here. We are not currently holding in-person tours, but this is subject to change with new Covid guidelines. Until then, you can sign up for a virtual tour here or explore our Youtube channel to get an idea of the performance spaces available to students. Performance opportunities vary at the school, but we have both a Black Box and an Auditorium for students to perform in for audiences.

The style of acting teaching varies from teacher to teacher. To understand what exactly is being taught, I recommend checking out the scope and sequence I linked above. We also have a class called Professional Development for our Acting majors that goes over the business of acting, including college auditions, professional auditions, agents, headshots, resumes, etc.

I hope this helps and let me know if you have any other questions!

Address: Chicago, IL 60622

The Playground Theater

Acting Classes

The Playground Theater is an innovative Chicago-based comedy theater that takes a creative approach to help comedians fulfill their potential. The coaches at the company are committed not only to developing talent but also to exploring new ways for audiences of all ages to experience a live performance like never before! They also help students find their voice promote strengths through exploration and discovery – helping them build confidence in themselves as actors or writers!

Address: Chicago, IL 60657

Westside Improv

Acting Classes

Westside Improv is the place for you to get your laughter on! With classes and workshops that will teach any audience member how they can be an integral part of long-form improv or short-form comedy, this local studio has something, no matter what level of performer you are. We have professionals from all over come together, building connections while having fun on stage at their show. You can even watch long-form improv shows or take part in some ax-throwing action at our weekly Players’ Workshop Performance.

Address: Wheaton, IL 60187

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